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The Urbz : Sims in the City Cheats for Gameboy Advance

We have 8 cheats on Gameboy Advance
We also have cheats for this game on:   PlayStation 2   Xbox   Nintendo DS   GameCube

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Do things quicklyAdded 9 Feb 2013, ID #13853
Don't you hate tit when you are waiting for your sim to finish cleaning the toilet/shower or making his/her bed?

Clean the toilet/shower or make your bed BUT!!!
Press "B" right after you start that task!

Fast Rep Group pointsAdded 28 May 2007, ID #10837
This cheat is helpful but USE SPARINGLY! If you do it a lot it won't work as well. To gain rep points fast go to the group's leader. For those of you who don't know the leaders here they are:

Richies: Luthor Bigbucks. Find him in Glasstown or near the Museum

Artsies: Roxanna Moxie. Find her in the circus or near the flea market.

Nerdies: Polly Nomial. Find her in the school, flea market, or the coffee shop near the flea market.

Streeties: Darius. Find him in the flea market or near the clubhouse.
To gain rep points find one of the leaders and simply talk until it goes to relationship 100. If the leader is already at 100 say something they DON'T like and then something they DO like. Exit the conversation and it will say you got a rep point. If you keep exiting and talking it will keep saying you are getting rep points but if you check you will notice your not. This is a great way to get rep points to unlock clubhouses. PS. I realized a few days ago that the leaders will not move in with you no matter what your relationship is so don't bother.

Happy cheating!
Colors, Rep Goals, and MoreAdded 15 Feb 2007, ID #10296
First, you can change the colors of a few of your household items... Here are the colors:
I think that's it. You can change the colors by walking up to an object and pressing R or L.

Second - here are each group's Rep Goals for you:
Artsies: Recycle 100 pieces of trash*
Advance all the way in the Comic Explosion minigame
Bake a strawberry tiramisu

Nerdies: Advance all the way in the Dr. Max Stat minigame
Make a petrified wood chess piece
Give 15 bog frogs to the deputy

Richies: Own 30k in household stuff
Advance all the way in the Moogoo Monkey minigame
Have 10k in funds

Streeties: Advance all the way in the Hoops minigame
Seriously annoy Daddy Bigbucks (Rel -50)**
Convince Ewan to join them as a Streetie

*You have to have 100 pieces of trash before you recieve the Artsie's goals, and give them to the jail guy afterwards, because all the trash disappears once Roxanna tells you them.

**After you beat the game, you can find Daddy Bigbucks on the small sector of Paradise Island from 12-1:00 am. I know he's on that little island, I'm just not sure about the time.

In the tunnel at the jail, between 6 and 7 am, a ninja appears. He will sell you skill smoothies, (1 skill point, $999) a slip of paper, ($999) and a rosebud smoothie. (gives $2,222, costs $100) Another thing is that nuclear rods appear at Moon Base Zeta sometimes.
ClubAdded 5 Nov 2006, ID #9617
The password to club izzle is "bucket"
Unlock Secret DensAdded 21 Jul 2006, ID #8683
Store items in secret dens which are unlocked in the following areas by completing the following tasks.

Garbage Can:
Located Left of King Tower - Reach top relationship with Phoebe Twiddle

School Bus:
Located South of Thrift Shop - Reach top relationship with Giuseppi Mezzoalto

Cinema Booth:
Located Left Door in the Cinema - Reach top relationship with Theresa Bullhorn

Sea Cave:
Located North of Bumper Cars Mini Game - Reach top relationship with Ewan Watahmee
Added 7 Aug 2005, ID #6110
You and a linked up friend are are able to get the same thing as each other. All you have to do is auction the item then save on the game that got the item and on the other game, don't save. Save on both games BEFORE you trade.

P.S. When auctioning the item, the person who's item it is, press and hold Down on the D-pad.

Fellow cheater,
RobbedAdded 7 Apr 2005, ID #4749
Okay this isn't really a cheat but...ok. In phone home(the telephone booth in sim quarter) there is a door right behind you if you go in you will see a guy for half a second then he will disapear. When you go back to your house he will have robbed it unless you have night ninja security but the burglar alarm isnt good enough you WILL be robbed unless you have night ninja security I have tried it time and time again.

Happy losing valuable stuf!
Heidi ShadowsAdded 9 Jan 2005, ID #4059
You can buy cheats from Heidi Shadows every night at 2am in the top right corner of the carnival and in the passage leading to the bayou (in the jail) at 6am.

You can only buy the same cheat once a night.

If you buy a rosebud for 100$ you get 2995$ and you can buy a skill point for 999$.

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