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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Cheats

Cheats and Tips for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Guide
Complete Mega Guide of Zelda Twilight Princess. Everything is covered from the walkthrough, to heart piece locations, poe guide, enemy and boss guid..
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Several cheats for you to try including filling up your magic metre, getting the moon pearl, beating the first boss and Four Swords unlockables.

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Four Swords Unlockables

Unlock Hurricane Blade:
Successfully complete the Riddle Quest

Unlock Riddle Quest:
Collect 10 Triforce medals
Unlock the 'Palace of the Four Sword' Dungeon:
Defeat Vaati's Palace on Four Swords then defeat Ganon in Link to the Past. When you have completed that go to the remaining hole in the Pyrimad of Power and bomb it.

Codebreaker Codes (North America)

Enter the following Codebreaker codes to enable the corresponding effect.
330039DA 0001
No Shield
3200233D 0000
Uncle's/Regular Shield
3200233E 0001
Red Shield
3200233E 0002
Mirror Shield
3200233E 0003

Free magic fillup.

When you're low on magic, go to the waterfall of wishing and throw in an empty bottle. When the fairy appears tell her you threw it in and she'll give you a free magic fillup. Hope it helps and please rate this.

Easy 300+ rupees

Items needed:
Ability to pick up small boulders (one of the gloves)
1 or 2 bombs.
When you begin the game, start in the sanctuary. Walk towards the cemetary. Enter the cemetary and look for the farthest northwest grave (should have 2 boulders in the way.) pick-up the boulders and throw them. Now walk up to the grave and push will fall through a trapdoor. When you hit the ground, you are in a dungeon. There are rats around you, but you wont have to kill them. Then, go to the west side of the wall and you will see a place where it will blow up. (there are 2 of these spots, north, and south, does not matter which you open.) blow them open, and walk inside. Either way you go, you see three pots in front. You can break them open, but all they have have are small he..

DARK KNIGHTS[Boss 1]: Hit this boss with arrows ..

DARK KNIGHTS[Boss 1]: Hit this boss with arrows then try to avoid his pattern it is BIG CIRCLE, SMALL CIRCLE and CHARGING IN A ROW. The last one will go red and try and stomp you dead, keep on doing a sword circle when he lands on you.EASY

LITTLE GARWO[boss 2]: when this boss comes out the snd dodge the rubble IT HURTS and try any weapon on him USE ARROWS ,SWORD and BOMBS.HARD

GARWO 2 [boss 3]: Hit his tail with the sword.

any where else you will bounce off.MED.

Aganim[Boss 4]: THUNDER BALLS;bounce em back at him TRIBALL THUNDER;Dodge em!


Get more magic

To get more magic, go to the dark world ( I think it is in the dark world) and look for a ledge with a well at the bottom of it.
Jump off the ledge into the well, and you should go into a fountain (not a fairy's fountain). Get out your magic sprinkles, and throw some into the fountain.
A guy will pop up, and put a "curse" on you. 1/2 should appear above your magic meter. The curse is a good curse that allows you to use half as much magic with magic items! Enjoy your new half meter!

Mario picture

If you are in Kakariko village look for a house with a red roof. Outside the house is a woman with red hair that calls a gaurd when she sees you. Avoid her and go into her house. There is a picture of Mario on her wall. If you pull on the picture 20 rubies will fall out. This really isn't a really helpful tip but it is kinda cool I guess...

Get the four Magic Jars

Here the ways to get the game's four Magic Jars. The 1st one, you can buy in Kakiro Village from the man selling bottles for 100 Rupees.
The 2nd is in the longest building in Kakiro Village. You have to enter from the top where there is no fence (you enter from the back so you can't see the entrance).
For the 3rd, you need to buy Zora's Flippers from the King Zora (or something like that) at the end of the Waterfall of Wishing.
Then go swim under the right side of Hyrule Castle's bridge and pick up the bottle sitting there. To get the 4th, you need to first give the Master Sword to the Smith brothers in the light world.
Then go to where the Smith's Shop is in the Dark world. There's a locked treasure chest there. Take it with you to the..

Magic Meter Reduction

To get the 1/2 over your magic meter, you need the magic hammer.
Go to the blacksmith house (east of Kakariko), pound the peg down and jump into the hole. Go into the north hole and use the magic powder on the altar you find there. A bat will appear and cut your magic use in half.

Beat the first boss

Keep shooting arrows at them until there is only one left.
He will try to squash you.

How to get the moon pearl

You cannot remain as link in the dark world without the moon pearl. It is an essential item to get as you need to proceed through the dark world as link in order to beat the game. To get this you need to proceed to the top of the mountain. You may have noticed that you get to the highest point you can reach and cannot get on the ledge above you. Try and try as much as you can you can't get up right? Ok. So lets try it my way, it's simple really- step on the warp zone that you have found there and you will still appear as a bunny, however, go to your top left a little ways and you will come across to lighter couloured spots. Now-get this- all you have to do is use your mirror. You will be transformed back into link and be on the ledge. Proceed through the next palace as any other one. Now..

You know the mysterious pond that upgrades your ..

You know the mysterious pond that upgrades your boomerange and sheild, it fills magic and hearts. For magic throw in an ice or fire rod, for heats, throw in the master sword.(I only tried it with the lv 2 sword)By the way if you don't know where the mysterious pond is, go to the wishin well thing where you get more bombs or arrows, you go down in the whirpool and then you go strait up into a waterfall. And if you don't know where the wishing well is then you go to Lake Hylia and swim a way. If you don't know where Lake Hylia is, I can't help you it's too easy to find.

Boss 3

To beat boss 3 in the tower of hera slash his tail.
It's not easy though beacause it wiggles all over the place.

A more deatailed way to beat the 3 bosses in the light world

Boss 1: shoot it with arrows but use them sparingly as they can come in great use when your stuck in the corner.
(sorry not a good one I know)
Boss 2: This is the snake boss which has 2 other buddies all look the same and will dive in and out of the sand ....
Though before you go into the boss room make sure you have a full magic bar because if you have ventured off into the world and found the "ice rod" which has the ability to kill off theese snake pests with a fell 2 swoops but be careful as it will seriously drain your magic.
If you happen to run out of magic however make sure you have your sword fully charged and ready for the swirly attack thingy by holding down the attack button so that when the ground ripples you know where to strik..

Defeat the third boss in light world

Use your pegasis shoes and keep on ramming him till he dies

Free Medicine of Magic

To get a free medicine of magic go to the mysterious pond in the pyramid. If you throw in an empty bottle, the fat fairy will fill it with the medicine of magic.

How to beat Agahnim

When he throws fire balls at you, hit them with your sword or bug catching net to bounce them back. Dodge his tri-attack, and make sure you get out of the way for the lighting bolt. If you just run aroumd crazily waiting for his attacks, they`re unlikely to hit you. I hope this has helped someone out there! ^^

Rapid Spin Sword Technique

Did anyone know that there is a second sword technique. To get this sword technique you must first get at least ten medals in Four Swords. After you get the ten medals, go into the small house at the left base of the dark mountain. There will a person at the back of the room. Talk to him and he will give you a basket. He will then tell you riddles. You must figure out the riddles, then go and catch what you think the answer is with the butterfly net.

Master Sword location

You can actually get to the Master Sword before you have the three Pendants and the Book of Mudora but you can't pick it up and the writing is all in Hylian.

Frozen Foes

Ok, find an enemy, any enemy that can be frozen. Freeze the enemy with either the Ether medallion or the ice rod ( I would prefere an enemy that stalks Link ).
When he's frozen solid select the boomerang. Throw it UPWARDS. While the boomerang is away, lift up the frozen enemy. If done correctly, the enemy will take a hit from the boomerang on it's return.
This will somehow stun the enemy, and after a while he will be alive again ( he will still be blue ). After this, the enemy will be able to walk on water and phase through certain objects.
It's quite cool...hehe.
Also Link will be holding his hands in the air until he's hit

Something Funny: Make Your Enemy Talk

Note that this only works on Buzz Blobs, the jelly-like green enemies that electrocute you when you touch them. It also works in The Legend of Zelda: Link's awakening, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons by the way. First you'll need Magic Powder. Sprinkle it on a Buzz Blob and it will transform into a weird creature you can speak with and they'll always say some weird stuff. Be careful though, touching them will still hurt you!

Added info to

Hi, It's me Creepglitch again. There was something I forgot to mention about my "Frozen foes" glitch in the hint section. I used that glitch on the SNES version of "A link to the past" and perhaps it doesn't work in the GBA version. If I doesn't work on GBA, then I'm really sorry.

Magic bomerang shovel trick

To dig in several spots at one time you need: the shovel, magic bomerang, and an open area once you have all these things you throw your magic bomerang..... once it reaches it's max distance press select and equip your shovel and after you close the menu emediatly press A to dig and there will be holes dug all the way along the path the bomerang returns to you in you may have to try this a couple of times until you can do it right.
P.S. This is a good trick to use when looking for hearts and magic potions.

Easiest way to beat the third boss

Make sure you have full hearts and the pegasus boots. Use the pegasus boot to run through the boos and hit the tail (you won't get hurt when you run through the boss with the pegasus boots). After you hit the tail make sure you don't fall off the edge, so change the direction you are facing to stop yourself. Do this as many times as you can until the boss is destroyed. (and for all those who used the spining attack to defeat the boss, sorry you never found this out sooner)

Chris Houlihan

this actually only works on the virtual console and original SNES version but im posting it anyway. In 1990 nintendo had a contest and the winner got thier name in a game. A person called Chris Houlihan won and his name was in this game. To find it start a game at the sanctuary and use the pegasus boots to dash to the secret shrub entrance east of hyrule castle. Instead of the usual you will be in a room of rupees with a message from Chris on the wall.

Easy life

If you have 1 or more bottles and the bug net and catch fairys
There easy life!!!!


Hearts filler

When you need more hearts filled, try hitting some trees. You have to have the pegasus shoes. Just run & hit a tree! Sometimes you will get a fairy, sometimes apples- each apple fills 1 missing heart. But also, sometimes you will get a grove of bees or jewels or other things. Good luck!

Beating the 6th dungeon boss in the dark world.

Vitreous is a two step boss. That means there are two steps to beating him. At the beggining of the battle Vitreous will be at the top of the screen with small eyeballs surronding him. Hookshot off the small eyeballs and then slash them with your sword 6 times to destroy each one. The eyeballs will come out four at a time and try and destroy you. Dodge them and continue to destroy them. Vitreous eye will turn bright when he is about to shoot lightning at you. Do your best to dodge them. Once the eyes have all been defeated you can begin the second part of beating this dungeon master. All you have to do is hit the giant eye itself. It will move around quite eratically, but once you have hit it a few times it will be defeated.(arrows might be a good idea for defeating the super eye). If ..

Unlock The "Palace Of The Four Sword" Dungeon :

Defeat Vaati's Palace on Four Swords then defeat Ganon in Link to the Past. When you have completed that go to the remaining hole in the Pyrimad of Power and bomb it.

Getting the moon pearl

To get the moon pearl get to the 3 dungeon on the mountain, and get the big key, when you get to the 6th floor step on a star pattern and go to the middle of the room. There should be a hole in the middle of the floor, go to the top left hand corner and drop down it to land on a platform with the big chest that you could not access from below. Inside is the moon pearl. You can now travel between the light world and the dark world and stay in your true form. A necceistty to beat the game.


Want to know a quick way to earn money? Of course you do ok .
Here is what you need to do you need to go to the town in the light world and the go to the portal right above the town.NOTE (you must have titans mit or hammer)youpick the rock up
Ect.the when in the dark world go back into town and go straig down look to your left there is abuilding with a ches in it go in.THIS IS THE QUICKEST WAY TO GET RUPEES.

Beat any dark world castle first.

Go to the first castle and when you get the treasure of the castle get out and go to the next castle.
Then repeat untill you are at turtle rock.


There are was of getting items before you can use them like the magic cape you can easily get it by going to the point of finding it in the dark world and use the mirror and you must have the pegasus boots to obtain the cape.

Fill magic metre

If your magic metre is low, instead of using a bottle of magic, go to the Waterfall of Wishing and throw in your Fire-Rod or Ice-Rod. Tell the fairy it's yours and she will fill your metre.

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