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I'm a bit confused about when rockets launch. It h..

Dissecting_Tool asks:
Added Aug 14th 2004, ID #9046

Question for Pokemon Sapphire

I'm a bit confused about when rockets launch. It happens once a week or once everytime you beat the League, right? For awhile it said I had eleven rockets launched, then twelve (but I've had the game for over a year) and now it says I've got 9999 launched. It's been saying 9999 for awhile and hasn't changed although I've beat the League a few times since. What's going on?

I cannot seem to catch Regiice. I go into his cave, "talk" to the wall panel in the very back, then I sit and wait and nothing happens. I've waited for up to five minutes at a time. Am I doing something wrong?

A few weeks ago, I asked about changing the popular saying in Dewford town. When I first bought the game and had no clue that the popular saying might be needed later on, I made the saying some dumb phrase because I didn't know how to fully work it. I regret doing that now because I heard that you need the popular saying to be something like "Mudkip ball" or "Natural flowers" in order to catch a Feebas. Does one REALLY need to have the popular saying "Mudkip ball" or "Natural flowers"?

Is there any type of website that has a guide of Pokemon evolution? I would really like to find a list of every Pokemon and what it evolves into, what level it evolves at, and whether it needs to be traded or have a stone used on it to evolve.



pokefan2 answered:
Added 14th Aug 2004, ID #12855

1) Yes it only happens once a week. it has nothing to do with the pokemon league. And onc eit's at 9999 it can't change anymore.

2) Are you sure you are in Regice's chamber?

3) No the thing with changing the sayings is bogus just like getting to kanto and jhoto.

4) You don't need any other web site i'll tell you them now.

Treecko evolves inot grovyle at lv.16. Grovyle evolves into Sceptile at lv.36. Torchic evolves into combusken at lv.16. Combusken evolves into blaziken at lv.36. Mudkip evolves into marshtomp at lv.16. Marshtomp evolves into swampert at lv.36. Poochyena evolves into Mightyena at lv. 18-20. Zigzagoon evolves into linoone at lv.18-20. Wurmple evolves to silcoon or cascoon at lv.7 If it's atk is higher then it's def it will turn to silcoon. Vice versa for cascoon. Cascoon or silcoon evolve to Beutifly or Dustox at lv.12. Lotad evolves to lombre at lv.16-20 Lombre evolves into ludicolo by water stone. Seedot evolves into nuzleaf at lv.16-20 Nuzleaf evolves into shiftry by leaf stone. Taillow evolves into swellow at lv.16-20. Wingull evolves into pelipper at lv.25. Ralts evolves into kirlia at lv.16-20. Kirlia evolves into gardevoir at lv.36. Surskit evolves into masquerain at lv. 20-28 Shroomish evolves into breloom at lv.23. Slakoth evolves into Vigoroth at lv. 16-20. Vigoroth evolves into slaking at lv.36. Abra evolves into kadabra at lv.16. Kadabra evolves into alakazam by trading it. Nincada evolves into ninjask at lv.20. If you have an empty space in your party and the same pokeball you caugt nincada in, there will be a shedinja in the empty slot of your party. Whismer evolves into laudred at lv. 18-20. Loudred evolved into exploud at lv.40. Makuhita evolves into Hariyama at lv. 20-25. Goldeen evolves into seaking at lv.36. Magikarp evolves into gyarados at lv.20. Zubat evolves into golbat at lv.18. Golbat evolves when it becomes your friend. Tentacool evolves into tentacruel at lv.18-25. Aron ewvolve sinto lairon at lv.18-25. Lairon evolves into aggron at lv.42. Machop evolves into machoke at lv. 25. Machoke evolves into machamp by trading it. Meditite evolves into medicham at lv. 30-40. Electrike evolves into manectric at lv.26-28. Magnemite evolves into magneton at lv.18. Voltorb evolves into electrode at lv.18. Oddich evolves into gloom at lv.25. Gloom evolves into vileplume if you use leaf stone. If you use sunstone, it will become a bellosom. Doduo evolves into dodrio at lv.18-30. Gulpin evolves into swalot at lv.18-25. Carvanha evolves into sharpedo at lv.18-25. Wailmer evolves into wailord at lv.40. Numel evoles into camerupt at lv.32. Slugma evolve sinto magcargo at lv.25-30. Grimer evolves into muk at lv.18. Koffing evolves into weezing at lv.18. Spoink evolves into grumpig at lv.25-30. Sandshrew evolves into sandslash at lv.18-25. Trapinch evolves into vibrava at lv.40. Vibrava evolves into flygon at lv.50-55. Cacnea evolves into cacturne at lv.18-30. Swablu evolves into altaria at lv.18-35. Barboach evolves into whiscash at lv.20-28. Corphish evolves into crawdaunt at lv.32. Baltoy evolves into claydol at lv.30-38. Lileep evolves into cradily at lv.40. Anotrith evolves into armaldo at lv.40. Igglybuffi evolves into jigglypuff at lv.18. Jigglypuff evolves into wigglytuff by using a moon stone. Feebas evolves into milotic when you raise its beuty to maximum and then train it one lv. Staryu evolves into starmie by using a water stone. Shuppet evolves into banette at lv.18-20. Duskull evolve sinto dusclops at lv. 18-20. Vulpix evolves into ninetales by using a fire stone. Pichu evolves into pikachu when it becomes your friend. Pikachu evolves into raichu by using a thunder stone. Psyduck evolves into golduck at lv.25-30. Wynaut evolves into wobbefett when it becomes your firend. Natu evolves into xatu at lv.25. Phanpy evolves into donphan at lv. 20-30. Rhyhorn evolves into rhydon at lv.42. Snorunt evolves into glalie at lv.20-30. Spheal evolves into sealeo at lv.25-30. Sealeo evolves into walrein at lv.40-44. Clampearl evolves into gorebyss if you trade it while holding deepseascale. It will evolve into huntail if you trade it while holding deepseatooth. Chinchou evolves into lanturn at lv. 20-30. Horsea evolves into seadra at lv.25. Seadra evolves into kingdra by trading it when it's holding the dragonscale. Bagon evolves into shelgon at lv.30. Shelgon evolves into salamence at lv.50-55. Beldum evolves into metang at lv.20-25. Metang evolves into metagross at lv.45.

The ones I didn't name do not evolve.

blue_eyes_white_dragon answered:
Added 14th Aug 2004, ID #12873

For Rigice, just talk to the wall, and while you're waiting, decode it (it helps to pass the time).

Hope this helped


xebecer1913 answered:
Added 15th Aug 2004, ID #12925

On your first question, I'm just as puzzled as you.
You are doing the right thing-assuming you are in the Island Cave. If you are in the correct place, I suggest you go into the cave and bring up the braille inscription, then leave your sound on at a low volume and do something quiet untill you hear a click. If not, go to the correct ruin and try again.
No, any phrase works.
Not as far as I know, but if I can figure out how to post things on the User Submitted Hints Section I'll submit the list I'm finishing once it's complete.

sabooom answered:
Added 16th Aug 2004, ID #13100

You should forget about the rocket lauch thing if you want Jirachi . I have some AR codes for it.

1.Put in a new game called POKES.
2.Put in a cheat called M. Here is the code: A2E564FE
3. Put in a Cheat called Jirachi. Here is the Code: 89CF0941
4. turn on both cheats and you will find wild jirachi in the grass.

After You read the dots turn them off and then wait.

Guest answered:
Added 16th Aug 2015, ID #669063

There iz a mystery phrase for tht guy thn you go to lilycove for a mystery event but since itz expired it's useless


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