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What level do all Pokemon evolve on I really need Spoink, Gulpin..

Question asked by DakotahD14 on
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Question for Pokemon Sapphire

What level do all Pokemon evolve on
I really need Spoink, Gulpin, Zigzagoon, Surskit(if it does), Poochyena, Shroomish, Wingull, Nincada, Whismur, Makuhita, Zubat(and how to get crobat),

Sorry for spelling : )

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KIRYU01 answered:

Poochyena evolves at lv 18 & I'm not sure about this but I think sponk evolves at lv35 or 42

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Guest said: 3rd Jun 2013 | REPORT
ain't spoink evolve in level 32?
Guest said: 29th May 2014 | REPORT
36 lol
Guest said: 31st Jul 2014 | REPORT
lightazuriel said: 28th Sep 2014 | REPORT
to get a Crobat you should get a weak zubat like lvl.9 or lvl.8 in the Granite Cave and eventuly it will evolve into Golbat at lvl.25, and to Crobat at lvl.45 just try it.. xD one more thing, dont put it in a daycare center haha
cavaliercrazy18 answered:

I don't think I can give you an exact answer because it's been a while since I evolved those Pokemon but I'll give it my best shot.
Spoink-Grumpig(30-40) my guess lv.36
Gulpin-Swalot(30-40) my guess lv.36
Zigzagoon-Linoone(20-30) my guess lv.24
Poochyena-mightyena(20-30) my guess lv.24
Wingull-Pellipper(20-30) my guess lv.24
Whismur-loudred(lv.16) loudred-exploud lv.40
Makuhita-hariyama(20-30) my guess lv.24
Nincada is a bit different.I think it evolves at level 24.To get shedinja though you need to make sure that you have one empty slot in your party.Then when nincada evolves look at your party and there will be ninjask where nincada used to be and in the empty slot will be shedinja.I heard you need the same ball you caught nincada with also in your bag but I'm not sure if it is true.
Surskit-masquerain(20-30) my guess lv.26
Zubat evolves into golbat I think around level 28-36.I'm afraid I'm still trying to get crobat but I'm not having much luck.Hopefully someone will answer it for you AND me.Hope I helped.Oh,you didn't get any spellings wrong : )

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Guest said: 17th Jul 2012 | REPORT
wingull evolves at level 25
Guest said: 9th Feb 2013 | REPORT
With nincada, you actually need a normal poke all, not the one you caught nincada in for shedinja.
Guest said: 4th Mar 2013 | REPORT
Golbat evolves into Crobat when you level it up with maximum happiness.
Guest said: 3rd Jun 2013 | REPORT
you can let golbat hold snoothe bell (sorry for bad spelling) , mine evolved in lvl 32
D-Money answered:

In order here- 32, 26, 20, it does 22, 18, 23, 25, nincada-20, keep a spot open in your party and you also get shednija(ghost pokemon) which gives you another Pokemon, it's pretty cool, only has 1 HP and it has wonder guard ability(which means it only gets hit by supereffective moves), 20 then 40, pretty cool Pokemon at the end, 24, 22 and then through friendship, has to like you a lot, go here to find out about other Pokemon if you need to, and also see here to see how to get it's friendship up

Letterbomb answered:

Spoink: evolves into Grumpig at level 32
Gulpin: evolves into Swalot at level 26
Zigzagoon: evolves into Linoone at level 20
Surskit: evolves into Masquerain at level 22
Poochyena: evolves into Mightyena at level 18
Shroomish: evolves into Breloom at level 23
Wingull: evolves into Pelipper at level 25
Nincada: evolves into Ninjask at level 20 (keep extra space in party and have poke ball for Shedinja)
Whismur: evolves into Loudred at level 20. Loudred evolves into Exploud at level 40
Makuhita: evolves into Hariyama at level 24
Zubat: evolves into Golbat at level 22
Crobat: evolves from Golbat with friendship.

Tynasha answered:

Hey I have all your answers!

SPOINK evolves into GRUMPIG at level 32
GULPIN evolves into SWALOT at level 26
ZIGZAGOON evolves into LINOONE at level 20
SURSKIT evolves into MASQUERAIN at level 22
POOCHYENA evolves into MIGHTYENA at level 18
SHROOMISH evolves into BRELOOM at level 23
WINGULL evolves into PELIPPER at level 25
NINCADA evolves into NINJASK at level 20 and then into SHEDINJA after Nincada has just evolved when the player has at least one pokeball and a free space in the party
WHISMUR evolves into LOUDRED at level 20 and then into EXPLOUD at level 40
MAKUHITA evolves into HARIYAMA at level 24
ZUBAT evolves into GOLBAT at level 22 and then into CROBAT at level 0 if loyal enough. (Meaning Golbat will evolve if it trusts you a lot.)

Guest answered:

Shroomish evolves at level 23 and yes sirskit does evolve.

Guest answered:

If you want to know how to get crobat you max its happiness by:
Always walk with it behind you
Groom it in the Goldenrod underground tunnel
Never let it faint
If it is parilized,burned,frozen etc heal it to full hp and cure its parilicis ect

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Guest said: 10th Apr 2014 | REPORT
to make surskirtt evolve faster keep giving it a carbos every five minutes
Guest answered:

Torchic evolves into combusken at level 16

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Guest said: 6th Dec 2013 | REPORT
I actually have a Tochic and it evolved at Lv 15 or 10
Guest answered:

Or if you want to get Crobat give it a soothe bell
FYI Zigzagoon evloves at level 20
Also if you want a Gyradoes level up a magikarp to level 20

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Guest said: 10th Mar 2013 | REPORT
My magikarp evolved at level 18
Guest answered:

Torchic evolves at lvl 16 to cumbusken
Combusken evolves at lvl 36 to blaziken.

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Guest said: 23rd Aug 2011 | REPORT
yea its true
Guest answered:

Goalbat evolves at level 45.
Nicada evolves at level 20.
I hope I helped.

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Guest said: 20th Jul 2011 | REPORT
no you'r wrong magma leader maxie had a lvl:38 crobat the third time you battle him on ruby.
Guest answered:

I got your answers...
Spoink 32
Poochyena 18
Surskit 22
Zubat 22
Golbat Max Happiness
Wingull 25
Shroomish 23
Whismur 20
Loudred 40
Gulpin 26
Zigzagoon 20
Nincada 20
If you have a empty slot in party, than you can get Shedinja as long as you have a pokeball
Makuhita 24

shaggadelic91 answered:

Poochyena found on Rts:101, 102, & 103. Evolves at lv.18
Zigzagoon found on Rts: 101, 102, 103, 104, 110, 116, 117, 120, 121 & 123, & in Petalburg Woods. Evolves at lv.20
Nincada found on Rt.116. Evolves at lv.20 (if you have a pokeball in your bag and empty slot in your party you'll get a Shedinja as well as the Ninjask).
Wingull can be almost everywhere while surfing as well in the first few routes. Evolves at lv.25
Surskit found on Routes 102, 114, 117 & 120 (Grass), Routes 102, 111, 114, 117, 120 (Surf). Evolves lv.22
Shroomish found in Petalburg Woods. Evolves at lv.23
Gulpin found on Rt.110. Evolves at lv.26
Spoink found in Jagged Pass. Evolves at lv.32
Whismur found in Rusturf Tunnel all the time. Evolves into Loudred at lv.20 who evolves again at lv.40
Zubat found in most caves (Granite Cave, Meteor Falls, Victory Road, etc,). Evolves into Golbat at lv.22 who evolves again when it loves you (equip it w/ a Soothe Bell and use items on it).


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