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How can I make my golbat evolve to crobat?

Question asked by popoys on
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Question for Pokemon Sapphire

How can I make my golbat evolve to crobat?

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cooldude08 answered:

You need to tame it until it trusts you.

Zelda Fan answered:

You need to make it like you give it rare candys and stuff.

Hope I help

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Guest said: 19th Apr 2016 | REPORT
i'm pretty sure it can evolve by level up
Guest said: 7th May 2016 | REPORT
Where do u get the luxury ball?
Guest said: 23rd May 2016 | REPORT
It evolves through leveling up with high happiness
Guest said: 19th Dec 2016 | REPORT
How can you check the happiness
Cross Stinger answered:

Make it friendly towards you....

ilovemissyelliott answered:

It has to be friendly with you.

spiral-man answered:

He will evolve when he is happy.

Gamefan2006 answered:

The Golbat needs to feel friendly with you. Keep it in the front of the party, don't let it faint, and let it win battles.

dark_blaziken answered:

When it trust you go to verdanturf and put golbat infront of your team and go to the house of the girl with a pikachu and she will say it trust you an level your golbat and BOOM a crobat

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Guest said: 22nd May 2020 | REPORT
Where is the lady with a pikhacu
whiplash234 answered:

You have to get it's happines level to the max you can do this by taking it to Pokemon centers leveling it up and giving it protiens and stuff like that

FaeMorte answered:

Well I didnt have to do anything. I caught it and not one level later it was a crobat. Maybe you guys are wrong.

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Guest said: 29th Apr 2011 | REPORT
Umm they are all right, yours was happy when it evolved
Guest said: 31st May 2012 | REPORT
I personally think golbat is a strong pokemon to have
Tinnier said: 9th Jul 2012 | REPORT
ironically they aren't wrong. probably a late response n all but yeah i'm a very knowledgable pokemon player and it evolves when it's friendliness is maxed. give it a soothe bell, make sure you raise it from ZUBAT up, and use it in battles the most and if you want it even easier catch it with a luxury ball. it should become a crobat in no time if you do at least most of those steps.
Guest answered:

make it happy give it rare candys and nayby at level urm 89 it will envolve cuase mynev envolved at level 90

Guest answered:

just get one lowest lv golbat and lv it up, give it berries to eat even it don't have any staus, maybe
and make it happy, if it very happy, the happy power in its heart will outburst and Boom! a crobat

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Guest said: 29th Apr 2015 | REPORT
cant give it any berries because I heard that if you give it berries it will lower it's happiness
Guest answered:

all you have to do is get the lowest golbat you can then give it rare candies and battle with it also give it berries.

Guest answered:

Ye are all a bunch of Pokemon loving geeks but I am to so I can't say that much. But my question is how to make evolve in soul silver? Please help it's a lvl 55 wht am I doing wrong?..... :(

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Guest said: 20th Jun 2014 | REPORT
It is the same in Soul Silver & Heart Gold/Silver & Gold as it is for Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald the best way to do it in my opinion is to catch a zubat early in the game evolve it and use it as your first party pokemon battle with it give it stay boosters win with it though do not let it faint much switch to a new pokemon or health item for help if you can't switch out to avoid fainting, gaining will severely set you back on your crobat goal just rock and roll like that for a decent while 8-12 levels and try to see how the lady in the house under battle tent in city after isle gym (2nd) and have golbat in front of your party if she says anything about it loving you text give it a rare candy or level up once more and boom crobat baby
Guest answered:

U need it to love you
Stop fighting!!!!!!!!!!!I'm with the kid that says you need A G-

Guest answered:

Glad to see you are trying to evolve your Golbat.
You evolve it by either trading or by giving it happiness just like evolving Pichu into Pikachu. Hope this helped!

Guest answered:

I have a golbat too triying to evolve it I feel your pain just level it up give it items then go to verdanturf town go in to the house in the southwest corner and you find out how much it loves you (put in the top of your party.)if it says something like,'it must love you a lot' then just level it up and then you have a crobat. P.S.I love Pokemon

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Guest said: 29th Apr 2011 | REPORT
actually im the guy who wrote this i forgot to write my name its mikeshock
Guest answered:

Ive done this and the best way would probaly have to be by catching a zubat, getting massages and let it defeat weak Pokemon and evolve it into golbat. Keep giving it massages and other stuffs like a few rare candies if you need but it's not neccessary.also walking with it makes it friendly but that doesn't mean just running up and down a route will evolve's easier to evolve if you've had it since the beginning. Its a drag getting it but it's worth it.

Guest answered:

In Pokemon pearl I got a golbat lv. 59 it dosent frickin love me and level up and boom crobat

Guest answered:

You just catch a low level gold bat go to ventaurf sorry for the spelling
And ask the girl in the very right bottom house put gold bat in the front of your party and if she says that it seems to be very it obviously likes you a whole lot just keep on giving it pokeblocks and keep leveling it up then it should evolve in no time. Just here to help. :D
P.S:to make it like you allways keep goldbat in front of your party and keep on moving around any place cause if you move around with it it will start to like you :D

Guest answered:

Golbat evolves in level 51 no by hapiness

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Guest said: 24th Mar 2012 | REPORT
My golbat is a lvl.54 it does not evolve
Guest answered:

I caught a zubat at level 7 and I trained it a lot, I put it at the first place of my party,gave it a few proteins and it never lost a battle. I went to the Pokemon center every time it was hurt and gave it berries to hold. It evolved in golbat at level 22 and in crobat at level 30. You know it will evolve when the lady in the house with the pikachu in Verdanturf tells you: It seems to be very happy. It likes you a lot.

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Guest said: 11th Nov 2014 | REPORT
my golbat evolved at level 57
Guest answered:

Give it soothe bell to hold. It will become happy fastly. This should be done along with never letting it faint for the whole day.

Guest answered:

You need to evolve it completey through love 100% mine evolved at level 35

Guest answered:

Hey guys,

Can I level Golbat by using the exp. Share? Or is it important that he fights himself? Has someone managed to do it with the exp. Share?


Tinnier answered:

The most effective things to do to get crobat, which some might find not worth it are the following: catch a zubat with a luxury ball. Give it a soothe bell and trainwith it. If it's too weak to fight full battles alone, it's ok to switch it out for a battle or two, as long as it WINS the battle, (finishes the last Pokemon off). Feed it poffins berry juice or w/e types of stat enhancing item they have on the game you want crobat for. I think it's pokeblocks or something for ruby/sapphire/emerald, poffins for diamond/pearl/maybe platinum, and I forgot what it was for soulsilver,heartgold, I think it's berry juice. And keep it in the first slot of your party, as well as compete in some contests or take it for walks if you can on that game and it'll definately evolve quickly. Mine only took 15 levels from the level zubat I had it to golbat 2 levels later then 13 more levels it was a crobat. Now it's a happy level 100 and in the PC with the other 300 or so legit Pokemon I trained and evolved.

KnockEmDead1996 answered:

Golbat evolves into a crobat through the stages of friendliness and happiness. If you are very friendly to your golbat and use it in battle a lot, it will begin to trust you and once it fully trusts you, it will evolve into crobat, which is one of my personal favorites.

I hope this helped.

Guest answered:

The best way to level it up is take it to the pet groomer a couple of times and level it up to level 23, at level 22 zubat will evolve into golbat. If you take it to the groomer a couple of times it should evolve again at 23.


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