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1.Where/how do you get a good rod? 2.Where do y..

katrinamap asks:
Added Mar 31st 2005, ID #24821

Question for Pokemon Sapphire

1.Where/how do you get a good rod?

2.Where do you find Latias?

3.How do you win the master rank when even though you keep on feeding your
Pokemon, of course it won't eat because it's in it's Max. point, but I taught it good moves and I was this(-) close to winning?

4.Where do I get a glacia? or that salamence?(i think this is the name)

5.How do you get to Rayquaza? Beat all trainers in the battle tower or what?

6.Do you get a Ponyta in Sapphire or Ruby?

7. Isn't Brandon Going to fight me again or he'll just sit there and think about his next place to catch a pokemon?

8. Where do you get the master ball? From the proffessor(sorry about the spelling) like in crystal?

9.What level does vulpix evolve?

10. How does Clamperl Evolve? (by level or trade)

11.(this is written but in a different way they ask for is there really an mirage island) Where is Mirage island (specifically)

12.What happens when you get all 3 regis?

13. For Pokemon Crystal, what happens when you get all the unknowns? (my friend tries to get them all, I think it's just for nothing but I was curious)
(hope you guys could answer them I'm dying to finish this game completeley (sorry for spelling)


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cooldude08 answered:
Added 31st Mar 2005, ID #43329

Answers to some questions:

2.He appears anywhere in Hoenn Region.

4.Glacia? If you mean snorunt, he is found in the shoal cave. Bagon is found in Meteor Falls.

5.Beat the Elite Four, then go to sky pillar.

6.You don't, You must trade from FR/LG.

8.You get it in the aqua hideout.

9.To evolve it, you need to use a Fire Stone.

10.By trade holding either a deppseascale or a deepseatooth.

11.Mirage island appears in route 130 in the water. (It appears by random)

12.Nothing happens

13.Nothing happens if you get all unowns.

Bronco11 answered:
Added 31st Mar 2005, ID #43350

Answer to 1st 3

1. On the right side of the Water on rote 118
2. He runs around
3. Good appeal combos


Bronco11 answered:
Added 31st Mar 2005, ID #43361

Answers to the rest

4. It is Glalie you are thinking of and it evolves from Snorunt at level 42. Salamence evolves from
Shelgon at level 50.
5. To get Rayquaza, beat the pokemon league go to Pacifidlog Town, go right then up, go in the Sky
Pillar ( you need the Mach Bike ) and solve the bike patterns. Rayquaza is at the top.
6. You can not catch a Ponyta unless you use an Action Replay.
7. If you have battled him in front of the Department Store, you can't fight him again.
8. No, you get the Masterball from the Team Aqua hideout.
9. Vulpix does not evolve by leveling up. You need to use a Fire Stone.
10. Clamperl evolves into either Huntail or Gorebyss. If you have a Deepseatooth it will evolve into
Huntail, but if you have a Deepseescale you will get a Gorebyss.
11. In the middle of Route 130.
12. Nothing special.
13. Nothing special.

Hope I have helped.

rpgman answered:
Added 1st Apr 2005, ID #43407

1. Head east out of Mauville Down to Mauville beach, then surf across the channel to the other side. Speak to the fisherman on the beach to obtain the good rod.
2. Latias is roaming around anywere after you defeat the elite four.
3.try just this(-) little much harder,.
4. Glacia evolves from snorunt which is found in shoal cave and salamance evolves from bagon which is found in one room in meteor falls.
5.No you must go to sky pillar. surf east from pacifidlog, look on your map if you are two spaces away from pacifidlog start trying to go up and you should find it
6. No
7. He just sits on his computer being lazy.
8. You get the master ball from Team Magma's or aquas hideout.
9. You nedd a fire stone.
10. Trade with deepsea fang or deepsea scale.
11. Not 100% sure
12. You geta more complete Pokedex but nothing special.
13.I think something happens but I don't know what.

Hope I helped

Paleokitty answered:
Added 1st Apr 2005, ID #43425

#1-I forget.
#2- You can battle and catch latias after you beat the elite four. Every time you enter a town or a building, it's location will change.
#3-Don't know.
#4- I know where to get salamence. You have to catch a bogon in the cave where you find dragon claw, evolve it to shelgon, then into salamence. Bagon evolves at level 30, Shelgon evolves at level 50.
#5-You can battle and catch rayquaza after you beat the elite four. I would take at least 50 ultra balls and about 40 great balls.
#6-No. Trade from FireRed or LeafGreen.
#7- He fights you in Lilycove, and I think that is the last place. but don't quote me on that.
#8-Complete your pokedex and then go to the people in the hotel. One of them will give you a master ball.
#9-Vulpix evolves with a fire stone, not by level.
#10-Clampearl evolves by using the sea scale or the sea tooth(I think they arre called that)
#11-Mirage Island is to the right of Picificlodge town, but you can only go there when it is visible.
#12-You just get them added to your pokedex I believe.
#13-I'm not sure. I can't even find them.

GameMaster453 answered:
Added 1st Apr 2005, ID #43458

Latias appears in random locations after you beat the elite4

About RAyquaza wwhen I said battle tower, I meant to say skypillar sorry when I posted that I made a mistake and put battle tower instead of sky piollar.

Lol sorry

Nothing happens when you get all 3 Regis

Vulpix evoles by fire stone.

strawberrygamer answered:
Added 5th Apr 2005, ID #44914

1) I don't remember. Sorry:(

2) She appears in the wild after you've beaten the Elite Four. She doesn't appear in one specific spot. (Latias is a female, by the way.)

3) I have no idea. Sorry:(

4) Glacia is the evolved form of Snorunt (Lv. 42), which is found in Shoal Cave, which is north of Mossdeep City. To get Salamence, catch a Bagon in Meteor Falls in the room where you find TM 02 (Dragon Claw). You need to evolve it into a Shelgon (I forget what level), and then evolve Shelgon into a Salamence (Lv. 50).

5) You can get Rayquazza once you beat the Elite Four. Surf either east or west of Pacifilog Town (I forget which direction), stay towards the top, and there should be an opening. Go in there and it will lead you to Sky Pillar. There, you should navigate yourself over the holes. (You need a Mach Bike for this).

6) No, you can only trade it from FireRed and LeafGreen versions.

7) No, I don't think so.

8) You get it in Team Aqua's hideout.

9) Vulpix evolves with a fire stone.

10) To evolve Clamperl, you must obtain either a Deepseascale or a Deepseatooth from the captain in Slateport City. First, I think you have to get something from the Abandoned Ship, I forget what, though. Once you give the captain whatever item you have to find, then you can choose either the Deepseascale or the Deepseatooth. Attach whichever one you pick to Clamperl and trade it. If you choose the Deepseascale, it evolves into a Gorbeyss, and if you choose the Deepseatooth, it evolves into a Huntail. There's not really a difference between them (except that they look different). They both know the same moves that the Clamperl you traded knew.

11) I think you have to get an Eon Ticket (I've seen it a Toys R Us one time) and slide it through an E-Reader, and you will be able to travel to Mirage Island. I'm not sure exactly where it is, but you can catch Latios in it (I think). What I'm telling you is a rumor I heard, so I'm not sure if it's true or not.

12) Nothing happens. They just get added to your PokÚdex.

13) I don't think anything happens.
Sorry if my answers weren't specific enough.
I hope I helped a littleSmile

Guest answered:
Added 8th Apr 2005, ID #45771

For Q 11 You dont get the master ball from the professor you actually get it at Team Aqua's Hideout

deck master answered:
Added 9th Apr 2005, ID #45908

2. Win the elite 4 then it will appear in random places.
9. Get a fire stone and use it on him.

tigerchic525 answered:
Added 10th Apr 2005, ID #46154

13)All that happens is the professor guy lets you print out their pictures


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