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How do you make Skitty evolve!!!!!?

Question asked by gotcha_back on
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Question for Pokemon Sapphire

How do you make Skitty evolve!!!!!?????!?!

My Skitty is already over Lv.40 and she still didn't evolve!! Pkmn Breeder Whats-Her-Name used to have a skitty and when I battled her again, she had a Dellcatty at Lv.25, am I suppose treat her al special and everything like what you to Eevee evolve into Espeon or Umbreon??!!!

Please! Neeeeed Heelp!!!!!!! and how do you catch Kyogre??

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Darkpokemaster1 answered:

Smart one! You need a moon stoon to evolve Skitty into Delcatty.

P.S. Cros Stinger you regi catching method rules!!!!!!!!

Pokechamp answered:

To evolve Skitty you have to have a moonstone which can be obtained from a cheat cartridge or in meteor falls.

To get Kyogre you have to have completed the 7 gyms out of the 8.

You then need to locate the Seafloor cavern (by using dive) you will have to do some puzzles with strength and battle a few team magma or aqua grunts. You will then face the chief of the team infront of the sleeping kyogre or groudon.

After you defeat him (a tip from me would be to save before battling the boss) you will need to go out of the cavern and the weather will have dramatically changed(severe rain on sapphire, severely warm on ruby). You need to go to sootopolis and go into cave of origin.

You will have to work your way through some different floors but eventually you will come to a little room with kyogre or groudon in the middle.

Again save before battling because this pokemon will be a great boost to your team. You do not need a masterball to catch it, although it is easier to use it you will need to save it for latios or latias. If you do not have one or want to save it buy about 50 ultraballs.

When in the battle keep fighting until you get it into the red, use a pokemon like altaria to get it asleep, and then keep chucking ultraballs at it.

If you run out use any other balls in your bag because i caught it very flukily with a pokeball.

Hope this helps.

Alan Webb answered:

Okay.. Skitty does not evolve on a level, you have to use a moon

Plus. To catch kyogre in the cave of origin, first get it's health down to red and use about 40 dive balls (put it to sleep) and you should catch it. See ya

darkboarder_77 answered:

Oh, please. Don't be telling me you haven't heard of a Moon Stone... and you don't need to spoil the kitten! Just give it a Moon Stone, and watch the kitty paws scratch it up.

Kyogre, okay... if you don't want all your Pokemon getting scratched-up, get a Shedinja by evolving Nincada, having at least 5 PokeBalls in your pack, and leaving a space in your Party. Don't delete Fury Cutter whatever you do-- you'll need it for Kyogre. Now, battle Kyogre. Send Shedinja out. Don't worry, not a single of Kyogre's attacks will hurt him, and that comes out of the Wonder Guard halo above it's head. When the health is low after multiple Fury Cutters, inflict it with a status ailment.

Try to catch it now.


Cross Stinger answered:

First of all, I'd like to thank Darkpokemaster1 (name?) for the comment.

Secondly, you trained that Skitty all in vain just to get it to evolve, when you just could have subjected it to the Moon Stone. You can obtain the Moon Stone in Meteor Falls.

Now, if you're talking Kyogre business, this goes even from the start of the game.
1. In the Petalburg Woods, you will come across a Devon researcher looking for a Shroomish (in the Trick Master's fifth puzzle you'll be asked a question like this), and then an Aqua Grunt will jump you. The researcher will reward you with the Great Ball if you pull the Grunt out of the way.
2. In the Rusturf Tunnel you'll find the researcher again, but this time the Grunt will have kidnapped Mr. Brimey's pet Wingull, Peeko. The researcher will reward you with another Great Ball for your trouble.
3. In Slateport City, you will speak to Dock in the shipyard, and he'll tell you to carry the Devon Goods over to Captain Stern. You'll find Stern on the second floor of the aquarium (talk to the Grunt that you busted and he'll give you TM46 (Thief)), and then two Aqua Grunts will jump you before Archie gives you a talking-to.
4. The Aquas will bum the Meteorite from Professor Cozmo in Meteror Falls, so stick around there for the show. Then, go to Mount Chimney and battle the Team Aqua Admin and Archie. If you topple Archie, he'll cede his Meteorite. Take the Meteorite back to Professor Cozmo in Fallarbor Town, and he'll repay you with TM27 (Return).
5. Travel to Mount Pyre's summit (start looking for a Chimecho) and locate Archie, who will have bummed the Blue Orb from the couple. That couple will give you the Red Orb for the time being.
6. Now things start to get hot. After you reach Lilycove City, locate the Hideout and speak to the Grunts; they will casually let slip that Archie is doing work in Slateport City. Travel back to Slateport and eavesdrop on the interview taking place in front of the Aquarium; Archie will take the megaphone and charge Stern to surrender the Submarine Explorer 1.
7. Return to the Hideout and locate the Team Aqua Admin. (Get the Master Ball on the way.) When the battle is won, the shadow denoting the stolen submarine will slink out of the berth.
8. Defeat the Mossdeep Gym and acquire HM08 (Dive) from Steven. Travel to Route 128 and locate the Seafloor Cavern. Traverse the cavern to the very end (no matter how much the boulders are standing in your way) and come to the Kyogre form. Archie will meet up with and charge you. When the battle finishes, Archie's Blue Orb will start to shine, and Kyogre will pop out of the cavern. When you return to the surface, a thunderstorm will ensue, and the Magmas and Aquas will bicker for a bit over how the situation could have been avoided.
9. Locate Sootopolis City and walk up to Steven and Wallace. They will walk with you to the Cave of Origin, and then you will be ordered to enter. The Cave of Origin spirals downward, so you should have no trouble getting around. (On the second-to-last floor, you'll pick up HM07 (Waterfall).) Save your progress on the ladder and come tête-à-tête with Kyogre. The Red Orb will shine, and Kyogre will charge you. (Don't use your Master Ball just yet; I captured Kyogre with just one Ultra Ball.)
10. Return to Mount Pyre and converse with Archie and the couple, who will take the Red Orb back.

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Guest said: 17th Aug 2016 | REPORT
when deos skitty evolve
Guest said: 17th Aug 2016 | REPORT
When you use a Moon Stone. Read the answer thoroughly.
Jirachi X answered:

You Need To Use A Moon Stone On Skitty(I Figgured this Out After My Skitty Hit Lv73

Guest answered:

To evolve skitty, use a moon stone on it. Kyogre can only be caught in sapphire and alpha sapphire, just go to sootopilis city and he will be in the bottom of the cave of origin, I used my master ball on him immediately after the battle between me and kyogre started, so you should too.


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