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Does anybody know what colour the shiny Hoenn Poke..

Naythan asks:
Added Oct 1st 2004, ID #11722

Question for Pokemon Sapphire

Does anybody know what colour the shiny Hoenn Pokemon are?

Also sorry to those who answered my other question Kyogre hasn't got Water Spout, it has Ice Beam.


Cross Stinger answered:
Added 1st Oct 2004, ID #17219

1. Treecko: cyan body, red tail, pink torso
2. Grovyle: cyan body, red leaves, pink torso
3. Sceptile: cyan body, pink abdominal stripe, red spores
4. Torchic: red wings, yellow body, grey talons
5. Combusken: ivory body, red hood, maroon legs
6. Blaziken: maroon torso and arms
7. Mudkip: purple body, pink fin
8. Marshtomp: purple body, pink torso and cheeks
9. Swampert: purple body, gold cheeks and scales
10. Poochyena: gold body, blue eyes
11. Mightyena: gold body, blue eyes
12: Zigzagoon: maroon marks
13. Linoone: maroon marks
14. Wurmple: purple hood
15. Silcoon: ivory cocoon
16. Beautifly: purple marks
17. Cascoon: green cocoon
18: Dustox: brown eyes and wings
19. Lotad: teal lilypad, purple body
20: Lombre: teal lilypad and marks, lime body
21. Ludicolo: teal lilypad and marks
22. Seedot: red body
23. Nuzleaf: black body, red marks and underside
24. Shiftry: maroon body, gold mane highlights
25. Taillow: teal wings, gold marks
26. Swellow: teal wings, gold marks
27: Wingull: green marks
28. Pelliper: green marks
29. Ralts: cyan hood
30. Kirlia: cyan hood and legs
31. Gardevoir: cyan hood, underside, and arms
32. Surskit: black body
33. Masquerain: gold and grey wings, green body highlights
34. Shroomish: red spores
35. Breloom: red hood, legs, and spores
36. Slakoth: purple body
37. Vigoroth: ivory body
38. Slaking: ivory mane
39. Abra: light body
40. Kadabra: light body
41. Alakazam: brown head, magenta torso
42. Nincada: gold body
43. Ninjask: gold body and wing highlights
44. Shedinja: tan body and halo
45. Whismur: pink body, green ears and toes
46. Loudred: purple body
47. Exploud: purple body
48. Makuhita: light body, red hands
49. Hariyama: grey hands, red torso piece, light body
50. Goldeen: gold highlights
51. Seaking: gold body and highlights
52. Magikarp: gold scales
53. Gyarados: red scales
54. Azurill: green body
55. Marill: green body
56. Azumarill: orange body
57. Geodude: gold body
58. Graveler: brown body
59. Golem: maroon shell
60. Nosepass: gold body
61. Skitty: bright red marks
62. Delcatty: red ears and hood
63. Zubat: green body, pink wings
64. Golbat: green body, pink wings
65. Crobat: pink body, green wings
66. Tentacool: dark body highlights, green jewels
67. Tentacruel: green jewels
68. Sableye: grey body, orange eyes
69. Mawile: purple hood
70. Aron: tan underside, red side
71. Lairon: teal body, red eyes
72. Aggron: teal body, red eyes
73. Machop: brown body
74. Machoke: brown body, blue marks
75. Machamp: brown body
76. Meditite: red torso
77. Medicham: cyan hood and legs
78. Electrike: cyan body
79. Manectric: tan marks, grey body
80. Plusle: bright red marks
81. Minun: teal marks
82. Magnemite: tan body, no charge indicators
83. Magneton: tan body, no charge indicators
84. Voltorb: blue top
85. Electrode: blue bottom
86. Volbeat: purple body, cyan hood
87. Illumise: gold hood
88. Oddish: green body
89: Gloom: orange leaves, green body highlights
90. Vileplume: green body highlights, orange petals
91. Bellossom: evolve Gloom with Sun Stone
92. Doduo: gold talons and feathers
93. Dodrio: gold talons and feathers
94. Roselia: gold body, purple and grey flowers
95. Gulpin: red leaf, teal body
96. Swalot: red whishers, teal body
97. Carvanha: green and turquoise body
98. Sharpedo: purple top side
99. Wailmer: purple body
100. Wailord: purple body
101. Numel: tan body, blue spots
102. Camerupt: tan snout and calderas, black body
103. Slugma: grey body
104. Magcargo: purple body, brown shell
105. Torkoal: Fiery Path
106. Grimer: green body
107. Muk: green body
108. Koffing: grey body, purple smoke
109. Weezing: grey body, purple smoke
110. Spoink: pink body, black pearl
111. Grumpig: yellow body
112. Sandshrew: light yellow body
113. Sandslash: light yellow body, red spikes
114. Spinda: green spots
115. Skarmory: tan scales, green wingspan
116. Trapinch: blue body
117. Vibrava: red wings
118. Flygon: gold wing highlights, blue spots
119. Cacnea: maroon spikes, tan body
120. Cacturne: maroon spikes and hood, tan body
121. Swablu: gold body
122. Altaria: gold body
123. Zangoose: blue marks, red claws
124. Seviper: green marks, teal fangs and tail mark, magenta eye mark
125. Lunatone: blue eye
126. Solrock: red body
127: Barboach: gold face and fins
128: Whiscash: red whiskers and backside
129. Corphish: pink body
130. Crawdaunt: gold body, pink scales
131. Baltoy: gold body, teal highlights
132. Claydol: gold eyes
133. Lileep: green stalk
134: Cradily: purple stalk
135. Anorith: tan abdomen
136. Armaldo: tan body, red scales
137. Igglybuff: pink body
138. Jigglypuff: lavender body
139. Wigglytuff: lavender body
140. Feebas: grey body
141. Milotic: gold scales, cyan mane
142. Castform: grey body, gold eye highlights
143. Staryu: gray body, blue jewel
144. Starmie: cyan body, pink crest, blue jewel
145. Kecleon: blue abdominal stripe
146: Shuppet: cyan body
147. Banette: cyan body
148. Duskull: maroon cloak
149. Dusclops: maroon torso
150. Tropius: lime leaves, bronze body
151. Chimecho: green body, orange marks
152. Absol: maroon face, tail, and highlights
153. Vulpix: yellow body
154. Ninetales: grey body
155. Pichu: gold body
156. Pikachu: gold body
157. Raichu: red-orange body, brown cheeks, darker ears and marks, tan tail
158. Psyduck: cyan body
159. Golduck: cyan body
160. Wynaut: purple body
161. Wobbuffet: purple body
162. Natu: lime body, gold wings
163. Xatu: lime body, gold highlights on wings
164. Girafarig: cyan spikes and nose
165. Phanpy: cyan body
166. Donphan: tan body, brown grooves
167. Pinsir: blue body, tan thorns
168. Heracross: purple body
169. Rhyhorn: maroon body
170. Rhydon: tan body
171. Snorunt: blue and gold cloak, red eyes
172. Glalie: pearl white body, red eyes
173. Spheal: purple body
174. Sealeo: purple body
175. Walrein: purple body
176. Clamperl: purple shell, gold head
177. Huntail: green body
178. Gorebyss: gold body
179. Relicanth: cyan camouflage
180. Corsola: cyan crown
181. Chinchou: green nodes and eyes
182. Lanturn: purple body
183. Luvdisc: gold body
184. Horsea: teal body, pink scales
185. Seadra: blue body, pink scales
186. Kingdra: purple body
187. Bagon: green body
188. Shelgon: green highlights on shell, green legs
189. Salamence: green body
190. Beldum: grey body
191. Metang: grey body, orange claws
192. Metagross: grey body, orange claws and cross emblem
193. Regirock: maroon body
194. Regice: glossy cyan body
195. Registeel: glossy grey body
196. Latias: amber body
197. Latios: turquoise body
198: Kyogre: purple body
199. Groudon: gold body
200. Rayquaza: black body
201. Jirachi: pink torso, head, and drapes
202. Deoxys: yellow body


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