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What is the best Pokemon for each type?

Question asked by turkthedog on
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Question for Pokemon Emerald

What is the best Pokemon for each type?

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cyber_john3000 answered:

You need to be much more much more specific than that...

Fire Types(Legendary not included): Most good Pokemon in Fire type division are..Charizard,Blaziken,Tyhphlosion,Magmar,Ninetales are far more good fire types...

There's a lot more but it depends on their stat...there's no really strong Pokemon depending on type's really complicated to explain..

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Guest said: 1st Aug 2017 | REPORT
Don't forget Arcane .He has really good average stats as compared to other fire types in this list
Volke answered:

The legendaries obviously excel in these cases. In most cases, excluding legendaries, there are several pok�mon of each type that could compete for the top spot. So, in many cases, there is no best pok�mon for each type.

blastoiselover100 answered:

Steel: metagross

Phsycic: mewtwo

Dark: tyranitar

Rock: golem

Ground: groudon

Grass: exeggutor

Fire: flareon

Electric: jolteon

Water: starmie

Fighting: machamp

Flying: skarmory

Ice: regice

Normal: slaking

Poison: weezing

Dragon: salamence

Bug: heracross

Ghost: gengar

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emilantony said: 18th Dec 2015 | REPORT
u dont get mewtwo that easily u know. its a legendary.
GermanSausage said: 15th Aug 2016 | REPORT
Technically its a science experiment not a legendary
Guest said: 1st Sep 2016 | REPORT
I need the ones you can get in the main storyline (be fore elite 4)
Guest said: 29th Dec 2016 | REPORT
you could always use raltsand evolve him upto kirlia for physcic he's worth raising
Guest answered:

-Slaking: Attack stats are just ridiculously high, it's other stats aren't that bad too, just very bad ability.
-Zangoose: Can be a pretty good attacker, but that's about it.
-Wigglytuff: Can take some decent hits, not bad of a Pokemon at all!

-Blaziken: High sp.atk and atk, a very good starters, does have a high weakness to flying though.
-Camerupt: Learn some good moves and decent attacking stats, slow speed is it's main weakness.

-Swampert: A good water type with good typing except for 4x weakness to grass.
-Gyarados: Very hard to train as magikarp, but the early Exp. Share helps a lot. Good sweeper.
-Tentacruel: High sp.def and nice typing. Pretty good for such a common Pokemon.
-Ludicolo: Good typing, let it learn ice beam through TM and this can make a very good Pokemon.

-Manectric: Fast and agile, it is a very good electric type. With decent sp.atk, a very good team member.
-Magneton: Good special attack and resist a lot of attack, very good Pokemon.
-Lanturn: Good type but bad stats, depends if you are willing to take that.

-Breloom: Fighting sub type is not that good, but makes a good sweeper.
-Cacturne: A decent grass type, a bit rare though.
-Vileplume: Very overused but doesn't mean it's bad, if sun light is strong this can be very good.
-Shiftry: Also can be good Pokemon if sun light is strong, very good Pokemon.

-Walrein: not much choice here, but hey, walrein is quite good!

-Machamp: Relies heavily on attack power, still a fantastic fighting type though!
-Medicham: Pure power doubles it's attack, so a good sweeper.

-Weezing: Good defensive wall, can learn moves like explosion. A very under rated Pokemon.
-Crobat: Very fast poison type, surprisingly good for such a common Pokemon.

-Donphan: Phanpy can be found in the safari zone, if you evolve it can be a terrific ground type.
-Claydol: Very defensive, could be a good wall.

-Altaria: Very underrated, in reality it's pretty good.
-Swellow: Fast and agile, almost always will hit first. Its other stats hinders it a bit though

-Gardevoir: Hard to train but becomes one of the best special attacker and special defender.
-Alakazam: Highest special attack of all non-legendary pokemon. But needs trading to get.

-Heracross: High attack with very good moves it can learn. Sub type is not as good though.
-Pinsir: Lower stats than heracross but a bit less weakness. Depends on what you want.

-Golem & Rhydon: good attack and defense but very bad typing with lots of weakness.
-Lileep: Quite underrated, but look at how steven stone use it, it's nothing to be underestimated.
-Armaldo: good attack and defense but the speed really slow it down.

Dusclops: Also very good Pokemon defensively, but also learn some good moves.
Banette: Good attacker, other stats are not particularly outstanding though.

Salamence: Pseudo legendary. Very good attacker. But hard to train with 4x weakness to ice.
Kindra: Quite Balanced stats, get a dragon dance up and it's a beast. Needs trading though.

Absol: Underrated by a lot. It is bad in speed and defense. Attacks are strong though. Use TM30 on it.

Metagross: Pseudo legendary, very strong but hard to train and can't obtain in main story line.
Aggron: 180 defense! Makes it a very strong defensive wall. Has two 4x weakness, which hinders it.

emilantony answered:

Fire: arcanine


Grass: sceptile


Fighting: lucario

Poison: nidoking

Normal: snorlax

Steel: metagross

Bug: scizor

Dark: absol


Dragon: dragonite, the best

Rock: golurk

Ground: nidoking in here too

Psychic: alakazam

Ice: lapras.

Electric: idk y you say other pokemons. Clearly electivire is the best.

This is from my experience and opinion of my friends.hope this is helpful to ya.

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Guest said: 9th Aug 2018 | REPORT
Lucario,electivire and golurk are gen 4 pokemon. Not gen 3 pokemom
Guest answered:

Water-ash greninja

Guest answered:

Note: This is my opinion, and I'm not good with stats, but thes Pokemon have worked incredibly well for me in the past.

Bug: Anorith
Dark: Crawdaunt
Dragon: Salamence
Electric: Manetric
Fighting: Hariyama
Fire: Blaziken
Flying: Skarmory
Ghost: Dusclops
Grass: Sceptile
Ground: Sandslash
Ice: Walrein
Normal: Slaking (even with his trash ability)
Poison: Crobat
Psychic: Gardevoir
Rock: Cradily
Steel: Aggron
Water: Marshtomp

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Guest said: 12th Mar 2020 | REPORT
Wtf dude this thread is 13 years old. regardless, a question for you: which other fire, water and grass types would you use if not the hoenn starters?
Guest said: 25th Jan 2021 | REPORT
Guest answered:

According to my research on Google ,BLAZIKEN is the best fire type Pokemon ,,KYOGRE is the best water type (you can get this Pokemon by cheats which I have done as well),,LUDICOLO is the best grass type Pokemon because because of his two types:- water and grass it won't get super damage from both fire and ice but if you want a pure grass type anyway then it's sceptile ,,RAYQUAZA is the god(the most powerful Pokemon) of the game as my research shows

Thanks for reading


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