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How do I beat the gym leaders those twins of mossdeep city they are too..

Question asked by booty89 on
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Question for Pokemon Emerald

How do I beat the gym leaders those twins of mossdeep city they are too tough I am not getting any chance to attack.

Even with fighting Pokemon of level 53 can't beat them so please help pleaseeeeeeeeeee. I beg you !

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cyber_john3000 answered:

All you need is a strong water type and a dark type like absol!! Psychic types don't stand a chance against dark types!!

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Guest said: 24th Apr 2014 | REPORT
just use wobbufett's destiny bond you can get it at safari zone
Guest said: 25th Nov 2014 | REPORT
A pokemon with the move explosion Will work really good to, you just have to revive them.
Guest said: 9th Aug 2016 | REPORT
absol is kinda horrible in rse because dark type moves are special attack. but stab and EVs offset this. Right now I'm using Girafarig with crunch and thunderbolt to counter Xatu. Then maybe use a fast or tanky special attacker with STAB Surf
Guest said: 27th Sep 2020 | REPORT
i have a level 71 pelipper plus a level 52 mightyena and they still destroyed me tbh i just gave up and quit playing
tigerchic525 answered:

Well you are going to have a hard time beating them with a fighting type. There Pokemon type is psychic. There biggest weakness is darkness. Three of their Pokemon are weak against water (Solrock, Lunatone, and Claydol.) If you are having a hard time attacking first get a Pokemon with good speed stats. Such as Ninjask. Try to use a water type and a dark type in the double battle.

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Guest said: 11th Oct 2016 | REPORT
Use Gyrados like me or use sableye
Guest said: 16th Dec 2016 | REPORT
You can use surf and crunch
Guest said: 28th Dec 2016 | REPORT
get gravler in team magmas hideout it can learn selfdistruct and absol fortree city
Guest said: 28th Jul 2017 | REPORT
I just use a banette
Riku994 answered:

Buddy do't use fighting types psychic is good on fighting. Catch a poochyena and grow it up to be a powerful mightyena, then get an absol and train it up aswell. Tate and Liza won't know what hit them.

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Guest said: 5th Jul 2015 | REPORT
Hi I have a strong team but I realised a lot of people won with higher leveled Pokémon. How can I get my levels up??
Guest said: 22nd Jun 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 19th Jan 2017 | REPORT
Use exp. Share
Fight Gabby and ty, they will be near mauvil city in rout 111 and on route 118 and near fortree city on route 120 and it goes in a circle
You can use the help of day care lady near mauvil city just go left of the gym you find a House with ponds all Around
Or fight wild Pokemons.
Alchemy Wep answered:

Well, their weakness is not fighting for one, and their main weakness is water so attacking with water and grass moves should work. If you started with Mudkip and he is at least a Swampert. Using water for that battle if Xatu is starting to pwn your grass type.

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Guest said: 26th Jun 2015 | REPORT
solrock also knows solar beam which can easily kill ur swampert
Guest said: 25th Nov 2016 | REPORT
but if you had a Sceptile you can learn him/her a hidden power if your pokemon is level 50 above.
Guest said: 25th Dec 2016 | REPORT
Mine is... what does it do?
Guest said: 28th Feb 2017 | REPORT
Use absol and mightya
EspeonDude_ answered:

They use Psychic types, which are a pain. Bring somebody with Ghost moves, or a Psychic of your own. Gardevoir is a great choice. You should put good moves on your pokemon. Make sure you also have a Water type to take out Solrock and Lunatone. An Electric type is good for Xatu.

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Guest said: 31st May 2016 | REPORT
Or a gyarados , and teach it thunder
v-gamer answered:

Using carbos on your Pokemon would help?
I would have any electric Pokemon, such as a Raichu, that knows thunderbolt, and a water Pokemon, such as Gyrados, that knows surf.
Use Raichu for Xatu and Gyrados for Lunatone, Solrock, and Claydol.
Raichu and Gyrados are just examples, however, and you can use any electric and water Pokemon you like, as long as they would know thunderbolt (or any electric attack) and surf (or any water attack).
Again, use carbos on your water and electric pokemon! Have back-up electric and water Pokemon, too!

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Guest said: 29th Oct 2017 | REPORT
Well you can use these pokémon Absol, Pikachu, Azumarill, Mightyena, Shuppet, Sableye.
Blademaster55 answered:

You will want to try ice, fire types on them.

Aeon-Flux answered:

You could try using Fire type moves or other moves that are greatest at knocking down hp.

Guest answered:

dont use fighting use dark like mighteyana and use any water type it really doesnt matter which one. And they need to be in the high thirties or higher. A ground pokemon cant hurt because the solrock likes to use earthquake a lot

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Guest said: 31st Jan 2015 | REPORT
what about electric and waater pokemon
Guest said: 3rd Sep 2016 | REPORT
I use sapphire which has same tumbleweeds I keep using fire and wobuffet but they way to strong for me.
Guest answered:

Well I have a water Pokemon and grass Pokemon level 40 but I can't attack them, they kill all my pokemon. What should I do?

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Guest said: 12th Jun 2012 | REPORT
Guest said: 7th Jul 2013 | REPORT
one does not simply kill a Pokemon but i understand mossdeep is the hardest gym to beat
B1SH4L said: 20th Jul 2013 | REPORT
no its not tough. you need water and dark. i bet them in once
Guest answered:

I highly recommend using a absol at level 35 it will know bite. Gyrados is even better it can learn surf and other water attacks and can learn bite. Bite is a dark type move therefore being super effective against the duo. With these two Pokemon at level 35 I defeated the pair in 3 min.

Guest answered:

Dark type moves are probably the Psychic types greatest weakness. Take a Dark Pokemon like Absol or Mightyena with you. A strong Water such as Gyrados type is also useful for Lunatone, Solrock, and Claydol. Maybe take a good strong Electric Pokemon with you too for Xatu since Electric is super good on Bird types.

Guest answered:

The mossdeep city gym is the hardest gym by far. I got lucky and got Pokerus (search it) and leveled up super
Fast so battle lots of wild Pokemon and good luck

Guest answered:

Simple,near lilycove,there are fine myghtina's .cath them.easy. But I acually wanted a cheat.

Guest answered:

You should use really strong dark and water types. Also be sure to bring an electric for xatu. Hope you win.

Guest answered:

My team just now ang want help to get it better

Blaziken lv45

Kadabra lv32

Raichu lv31

Gyarados lv33

Loudred lv29

Xatu lv30

srsy answered:

Try to use a mightyena psychic does not effect it but be sure to bring a bunch of awakening cause the lunatone knows hypnosis o_0

Guest answered:

Ive beaten them using (strategy) XD
Blaziken , mightyena and even brelloom.. . . And other extras .
I just used soda pops and revives hahaha. . That gym is a pain.

Guest answered:

Dark types are your best bet. Also, a water or grass type will be super effective against 3 of the 4 pokemon. However, xatu will use sunny day and the other 3 know solarbeam which will be a one turn attack. Catch a fast electric type like manetric and knock out xatu before it uses sunny day. Good luck!

Guest answered:

I have lv.53. Swellow

Tell me the order to fight them?

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Guest said: 27th May 2015 | REPORT
Guest answered:

I lvled up my mighteyna and absol both to 39 and had the blue flute which awakens Pokemon without having to buy a lot of awakening. It took nearly all of the pp for bite for both Pokemon and took forever but I won using only the 2. Good luck that gym is a pain.

Guest answered:

You have to have maybe fire type or water type

Guest answered:

If you get rare 🍬 cheat get all your Pokemon to level 💯

Guest answered:

Fighting type Pokemon are weak to psychic type.... Must be why you are losing.

Some of their Pokemon have rock sub types so you can exploit that by using water Pokemon.

Generally, Psychic type Pokemon are weak to dark, ghost and bug type Pokemon so if you want an easier time defeating them, use these 3 types of Pokemon.

Guest answered:

Well, ikr this is a veeery late reply, and by now you've already beaten everything, but.

Have an electric Pokemon, such as Manectric. You can get his pre evolution, Electrike, in many places, such as in the south of Mauville. I recommend leveling from 43-45. 43 because he'll have tons of dmg on it's spark against Xatu, but if you wanna be safer, lvl it up until 45 to learn Thunder and simply own Xatu as long as it doesn't miss.
IMO at least, you REALLY need an Electric type to beat Xatu, then for the other three you should have a Pelliper, Gyarados, etc so that you can use Surf. In fact, Pelipper and Gyarados must be the most optimizing choice since they're not affected by Earthquake. Well... That's about it.

PS: If you wanna be extra safer you can also have a well leveled up Mightyena or Absol (37-43), in case anything goes wrong

Guest answered:

I recommend sharpedo or crawdaunt, they are both water and dark, super effective agaisnt all of the types there, sharpedo can be found with super rod in pacifidlog cit and the pre evolved form of crawdaunt can be found at the pond in petalburg, if you don't want that go to the shoal cave, there is a pre evolved form of glalie there that you can catch that can learn crunch (shoal cave is north of mossdeep city, and also make sure that it's low tide) after the snowrunt is caught level it up to 28 and make it learn crunch after that level it up to glalie.

Guest answered:

I used a sableye against them...since it's a dark type it will be effective, moreover use a strong water type like swampert. But if your starter wasn't mudkip, you can still use a lombre or other water types against them!
I suggest you use a water and a dark type when battling the twins

Guest answered:

Use pokemons like absol mightyena and sableye, absol and sableye can learn shadow ball and almost 1 hit ko the mossdeep gym leader, and mightyena can learn bite and if you give him the sunglasses the bite going to take half of xatu hp or 1 third of claydoll hp

Guest answered:

I recommend using gyarados it dosent take any damage from claydol


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