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How can I make lots of money................but no cheating?

Question asked by Allistair on
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Question for Pokemon Emerald

How can I make lots of money................but no cheating

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cyber_john3000 answered:

After defeating your dad. Go back to your house and talk to your mom and he will give an amulet coin. An amulet coin is an item to hold. Give it to your first party pokemon. Amulet coin doubles the original money the you supposed to get after defeating a trainer.

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Guest said: 3rd Dec 2014 | REPORT
watch egglocke
Guest said: 3rd Sep 2016 | REPORT
Catch a full team of zigzagoons, then walk around. Since zigzagoon's ability is pickup, they will be getting items left and right that you can sell or keep.
Darklightness1 answered:

Well this takes time and raising one or more Pokemon to lv one hundred or not it depends if your patient just put the amulet coin on one of the Pokemon facing the Pokemon league I prefer blaziken with the moves earthquake, firepunch, doublekick,and return acompanied with a jirachi with thunder or thuneershock, wish, doom desire, and swift. Also good for training both are a deadly team just face over and over for the desired amount of money also the maximum amout of money is 999,999 dollars

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the great indian said: 6th Aug 2020 | REPORT
my swampert and mewtwo-x is very strong because its level 59
Zelda Fan answered:

Win battles,I suggest battle the elite four.

arbiter88 answered:

I know a way but it may take while. Catch 6 zigzagoons or linoones (or any combos of the 2). They all should have the ability pick up. Then simply walk around for a while and check every once and a while to see if any of them have picked up items. Then sell the items for $cash$. Hope I helped ^_^

Master of Mew answered:

Go through the Pokemon legue alot

Master of Mew answered:

Go through the Pokemon legue alot

purplemonkey_13_223 answered:

Just keep training your Pokemon against other trainers for money and experience points

Aeon-Flux answered:

Beat the league a bunch of times and let the 1st Pokemon hold amulet coin.

Guest answered:

Sell things like nugget,Iron,protein etc and earn a lot of money

Guest answered:

You can battle the elite 4 like 10 times or more, you could use a Pokemon that knows pickup and find items and sell them or you can buy coins and play rollet and win and get alot of tms and sell those. You could EARN bp and buy items and sell those. Or you could do other things like use meowths pay-day on wild Pokemon on route #101 happy if this helped. Smile

dali546 answered:

Go to fallabour town click a on the crater (or next to the crater) and then you will get a gold nugget.goto the pokemart click sell and selll the nugget you get $5000.

Please try no joke rate

dali546 answered:

Go to fallabour town and stand next to the crater and press A. You will get a nugget. Sell it at the Pokemart and get $5000. It might work a second time but not straight after.

Please try 100% works
Rate good

Guest answered:


Hey there's a good method that I know of. The interviewers! Of course there in 3 number of places 1. North of mauville city 2. East of mauville city 3. East end of route 120. Make sure to bring amulet coin on party. & there great Exp as well

Guest answered:

After you beat norman go to your mom. She will give you the amulet coin it will double the money you get from trainers.

Guest answered:

Beat rich boys or ladies with amulet coin

Guest answered:

Put nugget on a Pokemon and keep cloning that pokemon. Can find nugget in fallarbor town in crater.
To clone look up on youtube...ect. Then sell nuggets.

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Guest said: 26th Jun 2020 | REPORT
How to clone
Guest answered:

Ope After you beat your dad you get an amulet coin from your mom. Give it to your most dominant Pokemon or the Pokemon that is strong against the type you are battling. And if you have made it to the battle frontier, you can clone a Pokemon while holding the amulet coin so when you use both Pokemon with the amulet coins in a double battle, you get a lot of money. Hope this helped Smile

Guest answered:

Just go to battle frontier, and beat the pyramid a lot of times (it will give you a LOT of battle points, 5 or more), after that, go to the points exchange service and buy a lot of protein, carbos or any of those things, they cost 1 battle point each, now go to the mart and sell all the proteins you get 4900 per unit, hope this helped :D

Guest answered:

Quickest Easiest way
You will need:
The Rich Kid and Lady Cindy phone numbers, the Amulet Coin and any Pokemon with Thief Ability

1. Equip any Pokemon other than the one with the Thief ability(the thief Pokemon cannot hold more than one item)
2. Equip your bicycle(walking is fine but this is faster)
3. Find the border between Rustboro City and Hoenn Route 104(this is, where a prompt of the two locations show up along with some the specific music)
4. Go back and forth until you get calls from BOTH of them(the aforementioned change of music gets a bit irritating though)
5. Place your Pokemon with the Amulet Coin first in your party
6. Challenge Rich Boy Winston, switch out the Pokemon with Amulet coin for the one with the Thief attack. Make sure you win.
7. Take the Nugget that your Pokemon stole.
8. Go over to Lady Cindy past the Petalburg Woods
9. Repeat as with Rich Boy Winston
10. Now you have earned (9800 X 2 = 19600) + 2 Nuggets (5000 X 2 = 10000) = 29600
Repeat the whole process again and then spend it to your hearts content at the conveniently located Pokemall in Rustboro

Guest answered:

I'm no expert on Pokemon, but if you want my opinion, having Meowth with you is the best way to be greedy.
It's signature move Pay Day (learned at Lvl20) generates coins, and since it's Pickup ability will occasionally generate an item after a battle too, you can make some more quick cash by selling whatever items you don't want to keep.
Only problem is, the game doesn't seem to show any indication of when an item is picked up, so if you want to take full advantage of it, you'll have to check your party after every single battle to see if Meowth is suddenly carrying an item for you to take.
Also, Meowth trades it's Pickup ability for Limber when it evolves into Persian, so you may want to cancel it's evolution. Giving it an Everstone is pointless, since giving Meowth a hold item will prevent it from picking up any other items anyway.
For a third bonus, teach it Thief so that you can roam around Hoenn with your own personal money-grubbing cat burglar. :3

Guest answered:

There are quite a multitude of ways to make money in this game.

  • Zigzagoon/Linoone
  • This is by far, one of the best and easiest way to get money, especially early game. You can just catch 5-6 of them, and just do a lot of battles. I recommend just getting 5, then use one main Pokemon that you want to level up. Do note that the higher the level of the Pokemon with Pickup, the better the items they can pick up.

  • Battling Trainers w/ Amulet Coin
  • You can start doing this right after you defeat Norman (your dad, the 5th gym leader) in the Petalburg Gym. After you defeat him, go back to Littleroot Town, and talk to your mom. She will give you the Amulet Coin, which is a held item that will double the prize money given at the end of the battle, as long as the Pokemon holding it participated in the said battle.

  • Pay Day w/ Amulet Coin
  • This is quite straightforward, albeit a little difficult to do since no known Pokemon in Emerald can naturally learn Pay Day. The thing is to use Amulet Coin with a level 100 Pay Day user to get a lot of money, even just from fighting wild Pokemon. You'd have to trade a Meowth from another game and breed it a lot. Thankfully, Meowth has Pickup too, so you can just ditch the Zigzagoon/Linoone strat once you obtain one, since Meowth is quite easy to breed anyway. Pay Day gives five times the user's level. So using it once with a level 100 Meowth would give 500 (or 1000, with Amulet Coin) .

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

So basically, you could do one of the above or do all of them at once. Here is something you could try:
  • Get 5 Pokemon that has the Pickup ability to at least level 91. Get one Pokemon with the Lightning Rod ability (I.e. Rhyhorn), teach it Earthquake/Surf (or any move that damages both Pokemon in a double battle) and teach another one Thief, this will be your two main attack Pokemon, the other 4 can just go faint, don't worry Pickup will still work. Have one of your attack Pokemon hold Amulet Coin.

  • Now, you'll need both the numbers of Lady Cindy (find her at the entrance of Petalburg Woods coming from Petalburg) and Rich Boy Winston (near the entrance of Petalburg Woods coming from Rustboro), and wait until they call you and fight them, have your Thief Pokemon use Thief to steal the Nugget, then switch to the one with Amulet Coin, and preferably, finish him/her off with Pay Day. This applies to the both of them.

  • After fighting them, you could now go to the north of Mauville City and battle Interviewer Gabby & Ty. Make sure that the Pokemon with Thief isn't the first or second in your party, then start the fight. Use Earthquake and it should be over in one turn, or alternatively, use Pay Day to finish the battle. Check to see if your Pickup Pokemon picked stuff up. Then just repeat everything, if Lady Cindy and Rich Boy Winston still didn't give you a call, continue fighting Interviewer Gabby & Ty. You could find them north of Mauville City, east of Mauvile City (you need Surf), and to the east of Fortree City.
  • [/list]

    Some things I'd like to note here:

    • Always check to see if your Pickup Pokemon picked stuff up.
    • If you have a Pokemon with Lightning Rod at the first of your party, Lady Cindy and Rich Boy Winston should ask for a rematch much faster, than if you don't.

    the great indian answered:

    You have to defeat a lots of


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