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where do i find dragon pokemon

Question asked by kayanne on
Last Modified:

where do i find dragon pokemon

I need to know where can I find dragon Pokemon,can you help me and tell me where to find dragon Pokemon,please can you help me.

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full metal alchemist answered:

It depends on what Pokemon you want. You need to be more specific. I'll help you when I have more info. I promise. Sorry I couldn't b e of more help 'till then.

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Guest said: 8th Aug 2015 | REPORT
The Pokémon reyquaza iš a dragon Pokémon and its the finale legendary
Guest said: 1st Feb 2018 | REPORT
Dragon garchomp
Guest said: 12th May 2018 | REPORT
Where is garchomp?
Guest said: 2nd Jul 2023 | REPORT
PhilXZ answered:

Well, there is Rayquaza in Sky Pillar.

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the great indian said: 9th Aug 2020 | REPORT
i am not able to get in there
cheating-is-good answered:

Dragon Pokemon? Alright, so we know that you want a dragon Pokemon. What we do not know however, is what the name of the dragon Pokemon that you want, is. You need to be more specific, and provide use with more details. What is the name of the Pokemon, or Pokemons that you want. When you just say Dragon Pokemon, it gets a little hard to help you. Regardless of this, I will still try and help you. If you go into the desert north of Maulville City and catch a Trapinch, then you can get a Dragon Pokemon. Level it to level 35 and it will evolve into a Yanmega or something like that. Level it up to level 50, and you will get a...Flygon!

Hope this helps.

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Guest said: 26th Mar 2012 | REPORT
It actually evolves at level 35 to a Vibrava (Ground and Dragon), then to a Flygon at 45 (also Ground and Dragon), but the only dragon type move they both learn is Dragonbreath at lv.35. FYI: If you want them to learn dig, keep Trapinch until Lv.41 then let it evolve and go to move tutor to remember Dragonbreath
Gamefan2006 answered:

Well, I can tell you a few...

1. You know that desert where you need Go-Go Goggles to go to? Well, if you go there, you can catch a Pokemon named Trapinch. It as a Pokemon that later evolves into Salemence!!!!!!!

2. You know that cave north of Rustburo, where you meet Cosmo, that guy with the meteorite piece? If you go there after you beat the Elite Four, you will be able to Waterfall up to a new place. If you keep going around in there, you will eventually find a place where you can Surf a bit and go to the other side, where the TM Dragon Claw. Stay within that tiny place and walk around, and you will eventually find a Bagon.

Hope I helped!!!

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Guest said: 9th Dec 2016 | REPORT
how do i get a gible and where can i find one
Guest said: 11th Dec 2016 | REPORT
Where to find the goggles
Guest said: 26th Jul 2018 | REPORT
Where I can find skitty? Ang how to caught it ?
sceptileuno1 said: 3rd Jun 2019 | REPORT
Trapinch evolves into a flygon and bagon evolves into salamence
lemonmocha answered:

No one else said this, but if you catch the cute-looking fluffy bird named Swablu near Lanette's house (left and down from Fallarbor Town), and then you evolve it at level 35, you'll get an Altaria, which is a dragon pokemon. Also, there's Bagon, which is in Meteor Falls, up the waterfall and in the room where you find the Dragon Claw TM. Bagon will evolve at level 40 I think into Salamence, which is an AWESOME dragon pokemon. Then there's Latias and Latios, and Rayquaza, which are legendary and hard to get... Then there's ANOTHER dragon Pokemon named Kingdra. He's the best dragon Pokemon of them all. First, you catch a horsea near Pacifidlog Town with a super rod. Then you make it evolve into a seadra. Then give it a Dragon Scale and trade it. It will be a Kingddra! Lastly, if you can the orange crocodile-looking Pokemon in the desert and level it up to like level 30, it evolves into Vibrava, then at level 40 it evolves into Flygon. Hope all of this helped you. Sorry I answered this like a month late, but I like helping people and I couldn't resist. Sorry. Well, keep catching pokemon. DRAGON TYPE POKEMON RULE!!!


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Guest said: 19th Aug 2016 | REPORT
Not true I have both Latias and Latios on Emerald I caught them both
Guest said: 21st Mar 2018 | REPORT
How did u get latias and latios when u have to choose one?
Guest said: 31st Aug 2018 | REPORT
Gyrado is also a dragon type isn't it
Guest said: 18th Nov 2018 | REPORT
No, Gyarados is Water/Flying type. It can learn dragon type moves though!
mikela321 answered:

Ok go to the desert catch a trapinch and lvl it uo to lvl 45 and you get a flygon a cool Pokemon rayquaza in the sky pilar after you get all 8 badges you can get a Bagon in metor falls go up the water fall and some where but I forgot you get a tm move dragon claw and in that room there is a Bagon lvl it to 31 it evolves into a shellgon and at 40 I think it ovolves into a salemnce
And what gamefan said about the trapinch does not evolve into salmance it evolves into flygon the best well hopes this helpes


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Guest said: 3rd Dec 2013 | REPORT
shelgon actually evolves into salamence at level 50
Guest answered:


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Guest said: 10th Jul 2014 | REPORT
and no one remembers garydos
Guest said: 20th Jul 2014 | REPORT
gyarados is a water flying!!
Guest said: 8th Jun 2016 | REPORT
Lol thanxx im gon get me one
Guest said: 28th Jul 2016 | REPORT
still gyarados has a dragon skill like twister when it is level 40
Guest answered:

latias rayquaza flygon salamence altaria kingdra latios are 7 dragon pokemon i dont theres anymore u can get without cheating

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Guest said: 14th Sep 2014 | REPORT
gyarados can learn dragon type moves if that counts
Guest answered:

I have the best faq for the best dragon pokemon!

go to dewford, and you will get the old rod. or get the old rod, ot you allready have it :D

then, you need to fish, until you have a pokemon on the hook! If it's good, it should be a magikarp!

train him till lvl 15 with putting him place 1, and when in battle swith him with another pokemon.

when he is lvl 15, he can tackle! and then, train him till lvl 20(I think) and Then he is a Gyarados!!!!!

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Guest said: 18th Mar 2015 | REPORT
Omg.... gyarados is NOT a dragon type creature...
Guest said: 10th Sep 2015 | REPORT
He can learn dragon type moves so it kinda helps
Guest said: 14th Aug 2016 | REPORT
Just go back after slateport and delivering the goods, then go back to the Research lab where you got your pokenav and get Exp Share, way easier than swapping pokemon out.
Guest answered:

Last time I checked, Gyarados is a water/flying type, who, ironically, can learn the mover thunder.

He's not a dragon type, but learns moves like dragon rage and twister.

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Guest said: 6th Jul 2013 | REPORT
you can obtain bagon by flying to rustboro city and heading north to meteor falls . then you need to use waterfall and head to the very end room - where you will find the tm dragon claw.however,you need to be kind of patient because bagon has a 30% chance of appearing so don't get hacked off with :golbat and solrocks

And whilst you're there be sure to catch two bagons because you can trade one for a horsea from a guy called skylar and it'll evolve into seadra at lvl 36 andwhen you trade it with it holding the kings rock(which you can get from mossdeep city)and trade it back you will have a kingdra which is a water and dragon type .

In addition you can find trapinch which will eventually turn into flygon which is a ground and dragon type.
Guest said: 8th Apr 2014 | REPORT
he can learn the move fly and hes not dragon hes flying water
Guest said: 6th Apr 2015 | REPORT
actually doduo can fly
Guest said: 28th Jul 2015 | REPORT
I saw a shellgon in the shoal cave just above mosdeep city. BUT I NEVER KNEW IT EVOLVES INTO A SALAMENCE?!
Guest answered:

Go down from fallarbor town and you will see a pokemon called swablu. Go and catch one and level it up threw level 30-40 because mine evolved at level 38 and there is bagon in metor falls. Flygon is a good ground-dragon type pokemon but it learn some flying moves like the HM fly in my pokemon dimond but I have not done it in emerald. Also one of the answers are wrong!!!! Vibrava does not evolve into salamence that is posted by gamefan2006. Horsea evolve into seadra that is a water dragon type which will evolve into kingdra. Gyarados also learn dragon type move but he cannot learn draco metor or most dragon type moves expect sucky dragon moves. Gyarados is also a water flying typr pokemon. And if you are asking if gible can be found in emerald, you are wrong!! He can only be found in the sinnoh region if you go to wayard cave under the bicycle path. In heart gold or soul silver, the only way to get gible is to go the pokemon leage, battle lance the second time and he should have a Dragonite, Altaria, Charzard, Gyarados, some other pokemonk, and a garchomp. Warning! this is a cheat thing, so unless you have a cyclo ds game card, action replay, any other game cartrige that holds lots of games like R4 or I toch or other ones like the ones listed above. Warning Again!!! this could destroy your game because it involves catching garchomp form lance. Ok so when you have the one of the things listed above, make sure it has the cheat to catch a trainer's pokemon, so once your up aganist the E4 for the second time, they will have pokemon levels 50-70, after you beat Karen, go to lance and he will have pokemon levels 70-80 something. Go throw a pokeball or any other ball when garchomp appers. After you captured garchomp, go to the pokemon day care center and breed garchomp with a female pokemon or a ditto. After some time the man will say that your pokemon is holding an egg so get the egg and it will hatch into gible. {P.S. cyclo ds cartrige can have gba games played on it to with some special advice from the internet.}

Hope this help!

Guest answered:

Where do I need to got when I pass the Pokemon league an I need to complete th hoenn pokedex??

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Guest said: 7th Feb 2012 | REPORT
after you beat the elite four you can go down by pacifilog town and ride the currents
until you find a spot where you can use dive. if you serch around down there you will find writings on the wall. read the writings and three doors will open all over the map witch lead to rigerock,rigesteel and rigeice.
Guest said: 14th Sep 2016 | REPORT
I caughht Regirock, Registeel and Regice before I beat the elite four and all three on ultraballs. You don't have to beat the elite four first. You just need a strong team and a lot of ultra balls
marth1000 answered:

Dragon Pokemon Guide: Latias, Latios, Rayquaza, Kingdra, Altaria, and if you trade from FR/LG, you can get a dratini/dragonair/dragonite. Also, Gyarados is water/flying but it learns dragon moves leveling up and can learn virtually every dragon type move through TMs.

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Guest said: 8th Apr 2014 | REPORT
and salemence
Guest said: 29th Sep 2015 | REPORT
What is LG/FR
Guest said: 14th Nov 2015 | REPORT
Leaf Green/Fire Red
Guest answered:

After you beat I think it was wallace, anyway, the final water type gym, go to the mountain where you met prof. Cosmo, waterfall up, fine a very small rectangular room and walk around until you get a Bagon, there you have a pure dragon pokemon. I don't evolve it into salamence, because that means more weaknesses like rock and lightning, and you find dragon claw tm02 in that room.

Guest answered:

Trapinch Dosnt lern dig at 41 only if you gave it ever stone.

Guest answered:

In the sky pillar, but get a masterball first, and mach bike.

Guest answered:

Rayquaza is in the sky pillar at level 70.
Catch a Bagon in meteor falls in the TM02 room. Keep leveling him up to evolve into Shelgon, then level him up to evolve into Salamence.
Catch a Trapinch in the desert. Level him up to evolve into Vibrava, then keep leveling him up to evolve into Shelgon.
Catch a Swablu in the grass next to Lanette's house. Level him up to get an Altaria. Catch a Horsea and level him up to evolve him into a Seadra. Give him a dragon scale and trade him to evolve into Kingdra. Complete the game and choose either blue or red. Catch either one of the Lati's (Blue Latios / Red Latias. Then get the Eon Ticket and catch the other Lati (The one you didnt choose). You can also trade from FR LG to get Dragonite. Hope this helps.

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Guest said: 1st Feb 2014 | REPORT
Okay, just to clear things up, trapinch evolves into vibrava at 35, then Flygon at 45, NOT a Shelton. And as for latias/ latios, if you choose blue, only Latios will appear. And if you choose red, only latios will appear. Which is ironic, because latios is blue and latios is red. And lastly, you can only obtain the other Latios by getting an eon ticket via a Pokemon Event. If you were to pick one, I would choose Salamence or altaria. If you do choose Salamence, breed it first. It will learn more powerful moves if you breed it and then re-level it back up.(or just breed bagon)
Guest said: 27th Jul 2016 | REPORT
Quote: "And as for LATIAS/ LATIOS, if you choose blue, only Latios will appear. And if you choose red, only latios will appear. Which is ironic, because latios is blue and latios is red."

Guest answered:

Altaria, salamence, flygon, kingdra, latias/latios, Rayquaza

Guest answered:

You get Bagon from meteorite falls you have to go up the water fall through the cave , then go down the first ladder then go left and up the ladder and you will find a couple go past them and the dragon trainer then go down the steps to the left and down the ladder go across the water and you will find dragon claw in a tight space take it and run around that space until you find it . There is a 24 percent of Bagon appearing it will evolve to shellgon and then to salemence

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poloshirt said: 17th Jul 2014 | REPORT
seems like i'm years ;ate but skeptil is kinda a dragon type
it can learn dragon breath via tm
Guest answered:

There is another Pokemon that can learn dragon breath, and it's skeptil. Some people around me call it leaf dragon. Not the best, but it can learn dragon breath via TM

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Guest said: 5th May 2016 | REPORT
go to pacificdlog town and fish using super rod and you will find a horsea 50% level it up to evolve it into seadra and trade it holding dragon scale and you will get s kingdra or find
a swablu near near fallarbour
Guest answered:

Well before you try to get a trapinch and go trough all those effort to level it up, you can just catch a swablu (flying type) and evolve it into an altaria (flying and dragon type Pokemon) dude why did nobody mentioned swablu, isnt it obvious that it's better than trapinch???

Guest answered:

Go to Granite Cave,it is a cave where you find the team magma talking and go to the large waterfall and find the Pokeball that tm dragon scale inside it and search for Pokémon named Bagon..

Guest answered:

Bagon:meteor falls(Bagon-shelgon-salamence
Magikarp:fish in any part of the sea or in sootopolis city(magikarp-gyarados)
Hope it help

Guest answered:

You can get a dragon Pokemon in the game corner and exchange coins for a dratini, or you can simply get one at the safari zone.


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