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Kadabra evolve into alakazam

Question asked by charith_17 on
Last Modified:

Kadabra evolve into alakazam

Can someone help to make kadabra to evlove into alakazam? if someone know please tell me...

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houndoomlover5592 answered:

To evolve Kadabra into Alakazam you must trade your Kadabra to someone else but Warning: You must trade again to recieve your Alakazam! Have fun with Alakazam! Be nice to it! :D

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Nayansuper4 said: 5th Jul 2016 | REPORT
which level does it evolve on
Kurohikari said: 26th Jul 2016 | REPORT
Kadabra cannot evolve to alakazam unless you trade them with someone else and trade it again. If only someone have a cheat for it to evolve.
Guest said: 5th Apr 2018 | REPORT
Trade to who
Guest said: 17th Jul 2018 | REPORT
Trade to another player with a link cable.
Mr.Infernape answered:

By a trade.

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Guest said: 25th Jul 2016 | REPORT
I. Hawe question. How can i trade alone ?
Guest said: 26th Jul 2016 | REPORT
What is a link stone
Guest said: 1st Feb 2018 | REPORT
how can u get link stone?
Guest said: 17th Jul 2018 | REPORT
The link stone isn’t an item in Nintendo Pokemon games. It’s an item in Pokemon Reborn! A fan made game you can find online.
EspeonDude_ answered:

Trade Kadabra to someone. After the trade, Kadabra evolves into Alakazam. Just make sure it gets back to you!

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Guest said: 22nd Oct 2015 | REPORT
but where though
Guest said: 13th Oct 2016 | REPORT
Pokemon centre (P.C)
Vendetta answered:

Yeah Kadabra evolves into Alakazam after being traded to someone else. Just make sure that you trade it to someone that you trust otherwise you may not get it back lol.

Vendetta to all!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest said: 27th Oct 2016 | REPORT
Trade it in flora sky its GBA how to trade? Its easy go to the second floor of PC den go to last room talk to the girl in last colum you see this when you talk to her Trade center
Record corner
nadywagdy answered:

Kadabra evolves into Alakazam with a trade.

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Guest said: 12th Jul 2014 | REPORT
Is there a different ways tell me plz
Guest said: 10th May 2015 | REPORT
trade ur kadabra for someone else kadabra and then both of u will get alakazam
Guest answered:

I say as the others before me: To evolve Kadabra to Alakazam, or Haunter to Gengar, or Machoke to Machamp or maybee Graveler to Golem you have to trade it with someone else.

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Guest said: 23rd Nov 2013 | REPORT
or Onix to Steellix
Guest said: 12th Mar 2015 | REPORT
Thats with the metal coat not through a trade
Guest said: 4th Jul 2015 | REPORT
You trade him while he's holding a metal coat!
Guest said: 26th Sep 2015 | REPORT
same for Scizzor, and kingdra with kings rock
Guest answered:

I believe that if you trade it and then trade back the same Kadabra, it could evolve, but I am looking for the same answer because I cannot trade with anyone. I dont know anyone to trade with. I found the same answer from a relable source. It said it was the only way as weel, but in some games it might be different... Hopefully. Sorry about this. If I do find another solution I will reply to this question again if I can! See ya' L8er!!!

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Guest said: 3rd Jan 2014 | REPORT
use Advance Map.
Guest answered:

U jut open two games and then go to the top of a Pokemon center, use the 2nd counter.

Guest answered:

It's impossible, becouse you can't trade in Pokemon center becouse you have to have a cble or something like it...
Aren't there any people (in single player) that may trade kadabra? If you know write with who and where I can trade. Thx.

Guest answered:

I traded kadabra and traded it back it did not work
What do I do to evolve it

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Guest said: 1st Dec 2014 | REPORT
He needs to him twisted spoon
Guest answered:

Only way to get Alakazam on computer is to use cheats. Its the only way

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Guest said: 20th Jul 2015 | REPORT
83007CF6 0041 - Alakazam that is the gameshark cheat code for alakazam, just use thatSmile
Guest said: 28th Aug 2015 | REPORT
Do not use the cheat, it will ruin your game!!!
Guest said: 25th Apr 2016 | REPORT
Lmaoo just used that code and my game broke lmaoooo I should have read all the comments
Guest said: 17th Jul 2018 | REPORT
That code worked for me on GBA4iOS. Gotta use save states though to bypass the memory leaks.
nishit847 answered:'s quite simple.. Open your emulator ... Then go on options and then go to link.. Set it to 2000 milliseconds... Now open another emulator and do the same thing..after that open two Pokemon games in both the emulators simultaneously... Now go to a Pokemon centre..go on the first floor and go to the 2 counter... Bt certain versions of the vba do not have the link check that b4 hand..besides dis you can get alakazam by gameshark code..

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Guest said: 5th Aug 2012 | REPORT
my emulator doesn't have that link option but its the latest version i've seen can u send me a link where I can dl this version with link option
Guest said: 13th Jun 2014 | REPORT
is the alakazam really worth all that
Guest said: 7th May 2015 | REPORT
yes. yes he is.
Guest said: 24th Sep 2016 | REPORT
i dont have link in my options
Guest answered:

The Pokemon that I know must be traded to evolve are…graveler > golem , kadabra > alakazam , and machoke > machamp.

... This is my 6 Pokemon, swampert,blaziken,sceptile,alakazam,golem, and machamp.

Is it a good or bad

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Guest said: 11th Oct 2013 | REPORT
greatball?.. haha.. lame.. i caught them using pokeball..
Guest said: 23rd Nov 2013 | REPORT
i have only 4: mightyena sceptile gardevoir and venusaur
Guest said: 27th Jun 2014 | REPORT
how to get bulbasuar by the way?
Guest said: 16th Mar 2015 | REPORT
i have blaziken, shedinja, some random flying grass type, sharkpeado, etc
Guest answered:

I've been trying to evolve mine but I think you need to trade it into another game, then it will evolve there, then you can trade it back to your game and you will have an Alakazam.
Other Pokemon that you need to trade to evolve:
Dusclops+Reaper Cloth-Dusknior
Poliwhirl+Kings Rock-Poliwrath or Politoed
Slowpoke+Kings Rock-Slowking
Seadra+Dragon Scale-Kingdra
Porygon+Upgrade-Porygon 2
Porygon 2+Dubious Disk-Porygon Z
(Note1:Some of these Pokemon may not be avaliable in Pokemon emerald)
(Note2:I don't know anything about evolving Pokemon in black/white)
(Note3: + means the Pokemon needs to be holding the item when traded)
Hope this helps! Smile

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Guest said: 5th Dec 2012 | REPORT
i have pokemon ruby and it takes to long
Guest said: 9th Jan 2013 | REPORT
have ds IMPOSSIBLE TO DO so how
Guest said: 9th Sep 2016 | REPORT
Guest answered:

I have emerald and I would like to evolve my kadabra but trading takes to long :p there has to be another way someone please help I'm on GBA

Guest answered:

How can I tradeIf am playing on my iphone throug a emulator...??

Guest answered:

Nishit847 said that you can trade with yourself using wireless and adjusting link options. I did all that, got into the trading room, offered kadabra... It said I should wait then it wrote many pariods and that's it, nothing happaned. Plus the other opened game froze. What should I do?

champion12345 answered:

The best solution:
Get a kadabra
Make you're friend get one at the same lvl
Now you dot need to trade back

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Guest said: 26th Oct 2013 | REPORT
Guest said: 5th Mar 2014 | REPORT
That works in theory, but one will inevitably be stronger than the other.
Guest answered:

I had a level 81 kadabra I raised by myself and I traded it to someone so it would evolve but he wouldnt give it back to me. I was so annoyed I didnt go on my Pokemon gamr for a week.

Guest answered:

I play Pokemon platinum I have Alakazam lv.100, trade it.

KnockEmDead1996 answered:

To get Alakazam you must trade and retrade Kadabra.

Guest answered:

Well, I don't know if it works 100% but: have to catch a abra. have ot train it and when it goes to 16 lvl don't
Let it evolve.
3.You HAVE to let evolve on lvl 20 and it mustnt let I
T learn confusion.
4.Then you have to train it antil it learn psybeam.
5.After then at lvl 36 or 32 it evolves into alakazam!
I hope I helped you ;)

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Guest said: 20th Jul 2013 | REPORT
Is this really can!?
Guest said: 25th Dec 2013 | REPORT
Is this proven?
Guest said: 17th Jan 2014 | REPORT
What about gengar and golem and machamp
Guest said: 22nd Jul 2016 | REPORT
lol.....this doesnt even work....
Guest answered:

You trade it with other people and you need to reclaim it
Note:it evolves by being traded at the right level

Guest answered:

If you have Pokemon emulator go to link local then open another game. Load the same game then go to a poke centre and go upstairs and go to the desk on the right for the GBA link. Select the top option and it will ask for your other linked game to join. Click the 3 line icon on the Pokemon emulator and select 'switch game' at the top of the menu. Then go to the same poke centre and repeat the process you just did on the other opened game. Both of your game open game characters will be in the trade lobby together then you can sit each player down by switching between games on the emulator and you can trade Pokemon with yourself!! E.g. Trade your kadabra with your other games kadabra and them you will have an alakazam on each opened game Smile the second open game can just be closed after you have traded so your back to just the one open game with your new evolved pokemon. This works for every trade evolution Pokemon Smile

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Guest said: 6th Jun 2017 | REPORT
This works 100%
Guest said: 18th Mar 2018 | REPORT
no it wont evolve
Guest said: 17th Jul 2018 | REPORT
If it didn’t evolve then it wasnt high enough lvl.
Guest said: 3rd Nov 2018 | REPORT
I do believe this doesn't work anymore
Guest answered:

Kedabra only evolves into Alikazam via Trade.

Guest answered:

In order to evolve Kadabra into Alakazam, you need to trade Kadabra to another trainer. Upon receiving it, Kadabra will evolve.

Guest answered:

By trading if you whant to trade with youself it is not impossible if you have 2 consolesf, another option is to use an emulator which has link option I suggestvisual boy advance M 2.1.4 if you choose the later option I suggest looking up some video and tutorial about it

Guest answered:

You have to trade the kadabra to someone else than it will evolve, hopefully they trade it back, so try trading with a friend

Guest answered:

You will have to either double trade your kadrabra or receive a kadrabra in a trade


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