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Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Pack Shot

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Pls can someone tell me all of karens heart events..

_gamer_ganer_ asks:
Added Apr 24th 2007, ID #83207

Question for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Pls can someone tell me all of karens heart events?



Best Answer

Hopey_Dopey_13 answered:
Added 25th Apr 2007, ID #184124

Good Choice I Chose her too anyways here ya go

- Any day except Tue & Sun; 10AM-1PM; Supermarket

- Any day; 10AM-1PM; Supermarket

+Green+ (not exactly a Heart Event but it IS IMPORTANT to see)
- Sunday; 7PM-10PM; Doug's Inn

- Mon, Thu, Sat; 10AM-1PM; Supermarket


Other Answers

aphelion_05 answered:
Added 23rd May 2007, ID #188777

Karen's Locations

Karen can usually be found at the store, and this is one of the best places to meet up
With her, since you have easy access to wrapping your gift then. Another ideal place
Is the Bar, when she is happy (and drunk). However, one of the easiest places to meet
Is the bench outside the store, but she's already with Rick (Boooo!) there...

Since the Supermarket closes on Tuesday and Saturday, the schedule becomes altered on
Those days. Otherwise, the schedule for the other days in all the same.

Also, to gain access to the backroom of the store, you must become very good friends
With Jeff. Jeff likes chocolates, which are easy to get in the store, and honey. If
You can cook, he also enjoys Corn Flakes.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday- SUNNY

6-8 am: Unavailable

8-10 am: Sitting on the Bench outside the Store with Rick (Boooo!)

10-1 pm: Store (backroom)

1-4 pm: Store (front)

4-6 pm: Store (backroom)

6-7 pm: Unavailable

7-8 pm: Walking to Mineral Beach

8-10 pm: At Mineral Beach

10-11pm: Walking back to the store

Tuesdays- SUNNY

6-8 am: Unavailable

8-10 am: Sitting on the Bench outside the Store with Rick (Boooo!)

10am-1pm: Unavailable

1-2 pm: Walking to Hot Springs

2-4 pm: Hot Springs

4-5 pm: Walking back to Store

5-7 pm: Unavailable

7-7:30 pm: Walking to Bar (Doug's Inn)

7:30-10 pm: Bar

10- 10:30 pm: Walking back to Store


6am-7 pm: Unavailable

7-7:30 pm: Walking to Bar

7:30-10 pm: Bar

10-10:30 pm: Walking back to Store

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday- RAINY/SNOW

6-8 am: Unavailable

8-10 am: Store (front)

10am-1 pm: Store (backroom)

1-4 pm: Store (front)

4-6 pm: Store (backroom)

Tuesdays- RAINY/SNOW

6am-1 pm: Unavailable

1-2 pm: Walking to Gotz's house

2-4 pm: Gotz's house

4-5 pm: Walking back to Store

5-7 pm: Unavailable

7-7:30 pm: Walking to Bar

7:30-10 pm: Bar

10- 10:30 pm: Walking back to Store


IV. Gift Strategy

Karen has fine and expensive taste, and many of the gifts that she enjoys are rather
Expensive or hard to get. However, there are some strategies you can use to gain money
To fund these gifts, and there are some cheap gifts out there!

Pizza- Cheese, Flour, Ketchup, using the Rolling Pin and Oven

French Fries- Potato, Oil, using the Knife and Frying Pan

Popcorn- Corn, using the Frying Pan

Since all these "favorites" require use of the Kitchen, you shouldn't be able to make
Them until much later in the game, perhaps around Fall. If you plan to do so, make sure
You save some Corn from the Summer's harvest to make Popcorn with, or Potatoes from


Wine, Bamboo Shoots, Perfume, Dress, Cheese, Truffles, Tempura, Sashimi, Diamonds

Wine can be found at the Aja Winery everyday except Saturday from 10am- 12pm. However,
Costing 300G per bottle, this is one of the more expensive ways to woo Karen.

Bamboo Shoots, although only found in Spring, are definitely the easiest way to improve
Karen's affection towards you. Every Spring day, you can find 3 of these yummy treats
By the Kappa's lake on Mother Hill. I recommend giving one to Karen everyday, preferably
Wrapped, and saving the rest for other seasons if you have a fridge. If not, just give
Karen all 3. Perfume can be procured at the Horse Races or the Gameshow that takes place when you
First start your game. If you guess the number 30-39 times correctly, you will win a
Perfume. Perfume also costs 150 medals at the Horse Races. Perfume is best used on a
Special date, possible Karen's birthday if you plan not to give her Popcorn.

Dresses are like Perfume; they can be obtained at the Horse Races for 250 medals each,
Or 40-40 wins on the Gameshow hosted by the Harvest Goddess. Just a reminder: the
Gameshow takes place on the Variety Channel on TV from Spring 1-5, and you can play
5 times a day. Dresses work well for any girl, and you'll receive a special message of
Thanks for them.

Cheese can be made by taking Milk from a cow and placing it in the Cheese Maker. No
Other way. Since Cows are fairly advanced animals and the Cheese Maker expensive, Cheese
Is a good way to woo Karen only after you've already purchased both, and are fairly late
In your game. Truffles are extremely hard to obtain. They increase Karen's affection level just as
Much as Wine or Bamboo, so I recommend saving them and selling them (500G each!). You
Can obtain Truffles from behind the Church (if you're good friends with Carter), and
If you can smash the boulders on Mother Hill (only with the level 6 cursed/blessed
Hammer). Tempura can be made by combining- Flour, Oil, Egg, and either a vegetable, mushroom, or
Soy Sauce, using the Frying Pan.

Sashimi can be made by combining- Medium or Large Fish, using the Knife.

Diamonds are good if you have sheer determination. During Winter, the lake on Mother
Hill freezes over, allowing you access to the Lake Mine. If you dig down to the 10th
Level of the Lake Mine, you'll find Diamonds there. Since Diamonds are not the best
Items to ship (only 100G each), you'd be better off giving them to Karen.

Wrapping your gifts will definitely help when trying to raise Karen's affection level.
It's even more convenient because you wrap gifts in the Supermarket, and that's where
Karen is some of the time! Also, buying things from the Supermarket also increase her
Heart Level just a bit. It's a three-way win!

I've heard rumors that after the 1st gift, any other gifts you give that day are wasted.
However, I gave Karen 2 bamboo shoots in one day once, and the 2nd one raised her heart
Level to Blue, so I'm not quite sure if those rumors are true.


V. Events with Karen

There are many events that involve you and Karen, except some of them may be difficult
To encounter. If it is a special "heart event", the music will change, and you will
Most likely have to make a decision. Hopefully you'll know which to decide. However,
This section will not only go over such "heart events", but also any possible event that
Involves Karen in some way, just for the sake of completion.

You must see all the heart events for Karen to accept your Blue Feather when it comes
Time for marriage. Note that Heart Events can be seen even after you progress to the
Next Heart Level, just visit the location and time specified.

The Heart Events!

Black Heart- On a Wednesday or a Friday, head to the Supermarket between 10am and 1pm. A small conversation will take place, and you are given the choice to ask for help or
Reject it. I'm not sure if accepting or rejecting really makes any difference in THIS
Event, but accept anyways for the free seeds!

Purple Heart- Yet another argument between Karen's family. On any day, from 10am to 1pm,
You will find the Sasha and Karen arguing over what type of seeds to send Karen's cousin.
You should know what to choose.

Blue Heart- On any day between 10am and 1pm, head to the Supermarket yet again. You will
Find Duke and Karen's family talking about a wine that was made when Karen was born. After so many years, the wine has aged well, however, there are 3 whole crates of wine
To take to the Supermarket! Karen asks for your help, and if you agree, you'll receive
Karen's special item- Karen's Wine!

Yellow Heart- On either a Monday, Thursday, or Saturday, head to the Supermarket between
10am and 1pm. Unfortunately, Karen has been taking another stab at cooking, and her
Next victims are her parents. As they squirm with made-up excuses, Karen notices you,
And Jeff asks if you would like to taste Karen's cooking. Ah, the sacrifices one must
Make for their loved ones. Don't worry though, you'll end up all right in the end...

Note- The Heart Events are named for the MINIMUM heart level that you must be to trigger
The event. If you haven't triggered the Black Heart event, you can still trigger it even
After you've hit Purple Heart. Other Events-

You can find Karen at most of the town festivals. However, there are some events that
Are not listed on the Calendar that are noteworthy. The Fireworks Festival- Summer 24th, 6PM
If Karen is on Green Heart level or above when the Fireworks come around, you can ask her to
Watch the fireworks with you at 6PM at Mineral Beach. Doing so will further increase her
Affection for you.

Won likes Karen too...- The first time you visit Won's store in Zacks home by the Beach
When you first visit Won in his store, Karen will also wander in. Won is shocked by
Karen's beauty and declares it "Golden Service" time, where everyone gets to take an
Item home for free! Karen picks her item and leaves, but when she does, Won officially
Declares "Golden Service" time over...

Karen and Duke's drinkout- 7-10 PM, Bar, Karen's heart level must be Green or higher,
Sundays only

Duke owes the Supermarket a huge bill, and Karen decides to have a drinking contest with
Duke to settle it. If Karen wins, Duke has to pay it all, but if Karen loses, Duke
Doesn't have to pay anymore! Naturally, being the alcoholic that she is, Karen wins, and
Staggers home. Duke has collapsed, and Doug requests that you take Duke home. Duke and
His wife Manna get into another argument, and when you finally leave, it's 11PM!

The Moon Festival- Fall 13th, 6PM to midnight, Heart level must be Green or higher, at
Mother's Hill Summit

If you follow the above directions, you shouuld find Karen at the top of the mountain.
If you ask to watch the moon with her, you'll increase Karen's affection level towards
You. When you leave, you will end up in your house in the next morning.

Winter Thanksgiving- Winter 14th, Heart level must be Purple or higher, 12PM, at your

At 12PM, if your Heart Level is above Purple, Karen will come visit to give you a nicely
Wrapped gift of Chocolate Cake! Yum!

Note- If you have an event concerning Karen as an important character, tell me and I'll
Be glad to put it up here.


VI. Rick- Your rival for Karen (Boooo!)

Rick is an orange haired, nerdy looking kind of guy. He works mostly at the Chicken Farm,
Being the son of Lilia and her long lost husband. He is also your rival for Karen. Giving Rick weeds and stones won't necessarily increase your relationship with Karen,
And generally, I wouldn't recommend it either. This game IS called "Friends" of Mineral
Town for a reason. However, I WOULD recommend avoiding the Rival Events that can
Happen between him and Karen. Seeing these will show you the progress of their
Relationship, and if you haven't gotten Karen by 4th year, and you still want her, you
MUST avoid the Orange Heart Rival Event. After seeing the Orange Heart Rival Event,
Karen and Rick will be wedded 7 days later.

Fortunately, I played through without even seeing one of the Rival Events between
Karen and Rick. However, for the sake of completion, here is how to avoid those awkward
Rival Events.


Rival Events-

Black Heart- Hot Springs, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, OR Saturday, 11AM- 6PM.

Blue Heart- Gotz's House, Mondays and Sundays of all seasons BUT Spring, 11AM- 6PM.

Green Heart- Hot Springs, 2nd year, Wednesday and Friday, 11AM- 6PM.

Orange Heart- Chicken Farm, 4th year, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, 1PM- 4PM.


VII. Marriage Requirements and Post-Marriage Life

When Karen's heart level hits Orange, the Blue Feather will appear in the Supermarket.
The Blue Feather is Harvest Moon's form of proposal. Simply equip the Blue Feather and
Show it to the girl you wish to marry to propose. However, I would not recommend using
It at the Orange Heart level. Karen will not accept, and also won't accept if the
Minimum requirements are not fufilled.

Minimum requirements for Marriage-
- Red Heart Level
- 2nd House Extension
- Big Bed

After you propose to your sweet Karen, and she accepts, the two of you will be married
The next week. Not on a Sunday like HM64, but 7 days after you propose. The wedding
Lasts all day, and there is no time to water crops or feed animals or anything, so make
Sure you have your Sprites ready to work that day. After marriage, you will be faced with a number of choices you need to make. Karen will
First ask you for a nickname. It's just a nice little added bonus. Karen will also ask
You if she can continue working at the store. This is a critical decision, since it
Changes her schedule for life, and the decision is irreversible. I would recommend
Letting her work. It makes her happy, and she is easily accessible at the store all the
Time. Schedule if you let her work-

Everyday except Tuesdays and Saturdays-
6-9AM: In the house

9-6PM: At the store

6-8PM: In the house

8PM-6AM: Sleeping

On Tuesdays and Saturdays she is in the House all day. Nice to take a break Smile

If you don't let her work, she stays in the House all day as well. Also after you are married, if you check your Earnings screen, you'll find Karen's
Love meter there. If she remains at 10 hearts for a full month, she will become PREGNANT!

*Events during Post-Marriage Life*

- Birthdays and Anniversaries

On your birthday, Karen's birthday, and your anniversary, when Karen returns from work
At 6PM, you will find her waiting by the table with some wine and cake. Make sure you
Know which event it is, and talk to her. She will ask you if you remembered the event.
If you answer correctly, her affection level will remain at 10 hearts, but if you get
The event wrong, YOU LOSE 1-2 HEARTS ON YOUR LOVE METER! BAD! I'm not sure, but I've
Heard that if you don't sustain a 10 heart relationship while Karen is pregnant, the
Birth will be stalled until you have a certain amount of days with Karen at 10 hearts.

So make sure you get your dates down right!

-Starry Night (Winter 24)

Instead of the normal family dinner with Karen's family, after you are married, Karen
Will tell you in the morning to finish work early, preferably before 12 PM. Do so, and
Enter the house at 12 PM. You will then have a private dinner with Karen. Yay Smile

- Pregnancy and Childbirth

If you maintain the 10 heart relationship with Karen for a month straight, Karen will
Become pregnant on the one month anniversary of your marriage! After another twenty
Days, she will start complaining about nausea, and after fourty days, she will start
To complain and hope that the birth will go all right. Note that a 10 heart relationship
With Karen will be the only days that count towards making the 20 and 40 day checkpoints.

On the 60th day of pregnancy, a full 2 seasons after diagnosis, she will give birth to
Your new baby! Name it well!

Be sure to hire your Sprites to work on the day that your baby is due, since the birth
Takes the whole day, and you won't even be able to leave the house. I forgot to, and
All my animals were unhappy the next day, so remember to get those Sprites working!

On the 59th day of pregnancy, you'll get a heads-up from Karen if you talk to her in
The morning, so that can also serve as a reminder if you talk to Karen everyday.

*To be continued?*



Q: How do you increase heart levels?

A: Basically give gifts, TALK to them everyday, and wrap your gifts if you want an
Extra boost. Talking does help, as I accidentally talked to Karen twice in a day and
Her Heart Level went up between the two times. But don't just stand there and talk to
Her repeatedly, I don't think that'll help.

Q: Do seeing the Rival Events make Karen not like you as much?

A: No, they don't, but they DO make Karen like Rick more, and that might be a problem
If you see the 4th Rival Event in the 4th year, which will signal marriage in seven
Days...quick, save the bride!

Q: How do you increase your baby's heart level?

A: I'm not sure actually. I've tried whistling while it was in bed (it woke up),
Giving presents to Karen while she was holding it, and constantly pressing A
Near the Big Bed and getting the caption "Big Bed". And strangely, it worked. I would consider this random, and until my baby grows up (if it ever does), I
Would recommend just continuing normally.

Q: How do I get the Big Bed?

A: You can get the Big Bed from the TV Shopping Network, which is aired Saturdays
On the left channel. After you have bought EVERYTHING from the Network, one item
A week, you will be offered the Big Bed the next week, and there you go!

Q: Where is a phone?

A: There is a phone in Doug's Inn.

*more to be added as questions come in!*

by; aphelion_05


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