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Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats

First released in Japan in April 2003, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is a farming based game where you raise livestock and grow crops in order to try to make a profit and grow your farm. We've got some great tips and cheats for the game below and our content includes info on Ann's Heart Events, an easy way to marry Karen and how to get loads of money in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town .

We've also good some great info on loads of recipes

Check out also our Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town GameShark Codes where you can use the specific cheats to get rich and change a load of things in the game really easily.

Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town Cheats and Tips

More Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Gameboy Advance Cheats and Tips

We have 107 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town please send them in here. For more Codes for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town go to:
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Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town GameShark Codes
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You can also ask your question on our Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Jewel Of Truth's:

Buy the Shelf from the Saturday Shopping Network.

Unlock Mythic Stones:

Bless all the Cursed Tools and it is then found on floor 60 and below.

Unlock Record CDs:

Link with Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and buy from Van (aka Lou).

Unlock Record Player:

Link with Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life when the necessary tasks have been completed on that game and buy it from Van (aka Lou).

Gamecube Connectivity Bonus

Unlock Mountain cabin:

Stay married for 50 years.

Unlock Seaside House:

Collect 42 Connectivity Stars from the Goddess.

How to Become Rich in just one Summer!

First just buy Pineapple seeds and plant them (make sure that its in 3x3 pattern) and just get all the things you can ship in Summer. By the end of the season you will be rich!

ps:If you are going to buy plenty of pineapple seeds, make sure you are friends of the sprites.

rate me pls....

Power berry from h. goddess

give her offerings everyday. For beginners, you will find her on the lake near the spa (throw yor offerings on the lake and make sure it drops on the water.

ps: PLEASE RATE ME..............

Townspeople's Birthdays

Rick - Fall 22

Barley - Spring 17

Saibara - Spring 11

Jeff - Winter 29

Duke - Winter 15

Thomas(mayor) - Summer 25

Harris - Summer 4

Stu - Fall 5

Popuri - Summer 3

Lillia - Spring 19

May - Winter 26

Sasha - Spring 30

Manna - Fall 11

Gray - Winter 6

Doctor - Fall 17

Carter - Fall 20

Basil - Summer 11

Won - Winter 19

Gotz - Fall 2

Kai - Summer 22

Doug - Winter 11

Cliff - Spring 6

Zack - Summer 29

Anna - Fall 23

Karen - Fall 15

Mary - Winter 20

Elli - Spring 16

Ellen - Winter 13

Ann - Summer 17

If you give flowers to the H.Goddess everyday yo..

If you give flowers to the H.Goddess everyday you will sometime get a berry. If you keep doing it then she will grant you one wish. She will ask you if have been interested in any girls. If you answer yes she will make that person fallin love with you. Keep doing it and she will give you white grass. Keep doing it and she will give you more white grass. This is all I have got so far.

Hope this helps.

Easy 1000000000G with Cheat Engine!!!!

1. open your harvestmoon game

2. open your saved game

3. open your cheat engine 5.6 or cheat engine 5.4

4. klik computer icon in the upper left corner

5. klik,"VisualBoyAdvance.exe",then klik,"ok"

6. type your money into value

7. tick,"also scan read-only memory"

8. then klik,"First Scan"

9. return to the game

10. Go to market and buy a chocolate

11. Type your money after buy chocolate into value in the cheat engine

12. klik,"Next Scan";and you will get address

13. klik all address

14. in the down cheat engine

15. change the value into 1000000000

16. then look into the game

17. your gold will very many

DO IT...


Did you know for Kappa jewels?

You sure know for jewel of truth...but did you ever hear for Kappa jewels?

You can Kappa jewels find only in lake mine!

When you collect 9 Kappa Jewels,something good will happen!!

Kappa jewels looks like small green ball.

Hope this helps!

H.goddess easy to impress

You don't have to trow your harvested vegetables to the HARVEST GODDESS to have a power berry, white grass, or even a wish.

You just need to get those flowers that are scattered in the south your farm and offer it, the flowers are not wasted because you can't really shipped them so why not give the to H.GODDESS,

She have gave me a power berry in just 3-4 weeks in doing this,

P.S. You can't get any rose during winter so please do it from spring to fall

PLS. Rate me.....

How to get to the bottom of the mine

To get to the bottom of any mine and get the teleport stone all you have to do is...

1)Go to the mine then save.

2)dig around for the stairs.

3)When you find the stairs remember where they are.

4)Then turn off the game and turn it back on.

5)Then go to where the stairs were and dig, you should find the stairs there.

6)Then go down the stairs and save and then repeat all the steps again until you get to the bottom of the mine.

I hope this helps.

P.S. It might help to bring a turbo jolt or something like that just in case.

Cliff Won't Leave the Town

In Autumn (1st year), maybe Autumn 14, Duke will come to your house, and will ask about a job! he will say that you can tell other guy that can help you finish the job. If you tell Gray about it he will just ignore that job. Now tell Cliff and he will like it! The next day, go to the winery at 10:00 am and Cliff will help too!

Your job will end at 6:00 in the afternoon. Remember that if you want to marry Karen and You will give something to her, its her B-day (Fall 15) so if its 6:00 already, dont worry!! find her at the inn or at the beach from 8:00-9:00.

They will also pay you so quit worrying!!

How To Make Karen Red Heart Love Wif You So Fast

I had made Karen goes to Red Heart on Me on Fall Year 1..I do this everyday from Spring-Fall except for holidays,on Tuesday and Sunday the supermarket is close and you think you can't give somethin' to her??? On Tuesdays, She will go to the ocean,She will go out of the supermarket at 7pm and arrived at the ocean at 8pm,she will go home at 10pm and that is your chance to give somethin'(like Wine)to her. On Sundays,She will go to the Inn at 7pm and thats your chance to give somthin'(like Wine)to her. On Wednesdays,She will go to the spring at 3pm..when it is raining, she will go to Gotz's house and if you want to give her somethin'(like Wine),you should go there(Gotz's house). I woke up at 6am and picked the honey or apples and then I went to the forest to pick up the herbs,bamboo shoots a..

Jewel Of Truth- Locations

1- Your Dog's House

2- Your Horse's Water Tank

3- Mary's Library Bookshelves on the 2nd floor

4- Lamp Post Between Rose Square and Church

5- Horse Races for 1,000 medals

6- Vacation House--- Check the calendar

7- Won's Shop for G50,000

8- After 50 yrs. Of marriage, play the new year's game show

9- Go to Thomas' House and bring all 8 and talk to the fridge.

Easy Way to Marry Karen

Just give her flowers every day (as many as you can). And, when her birthday comes,give her Wine (also as many as you can).


thumbs up....

Here is all about marriage and pregnancy!!!

Example: ANN

To marry Ann you must first give her everyday what she likes(chocolates,eggs,flowers).

You need to buy large bed in TV Shopping Network!

If you have large bed and if she have red dark heart you can propose her with BLUE FEATHER!

Blue feather you must buy in supermarket for 1000G.

When you propose her you will marry Ann for 7 days!

After marriage,in 30 days she will be pregnant!

Give her everyday what she likes after marriage too!

Then for 60 days you will have a baby!

Unlockable recipe.(Hope this useful top you)

You can got some recipe from Saibara the blacksmith, doctor, Barley, Carter, Gotz and Harris. (If you give a present on their birthday, they will tell you one recipe only. If you want to got more recipe, made friend with Ann or marry to Ann.) Hope this useful to you.

How to get trrufles and white grass?

To get trrufles you must be friend with Carter!

Give him everyday what he likes(fishes,eggs)...

Later when you become friend with him you can go behind the church and there you can find trrufles and other mushrooms BUT ONLY IN FALL.

When it's winter you can found white grass(150G) behind the church!

Kappa and the blue power berrie!

Go to the winter lake in summer,spring and fall but not winter and throw 2 cucumbers in. Throw one cucumber in each day for ten days until he gives you a specil power berrie.When you throw 1 in the first time he will say "............" then throw another one in and he will say "you sure are stubborn" then when you keep thowing one cucumber in a day he will keep saying "you sure are stubborn". As I said on the tenth day he will say "here now leave me alone" he will give you a blue specil power berrie and go.The power berrie doubles the amount of fagiture and stamina you oready have but if you get another normal berrie after that it will just add the amount and double it again. This berrie is really good if you are going down a mine or working all day.

Hope ..

Big bucks

In the Fall clear out your field.Then hoe up twenty five by seven squares.Then by sweet potatoe seeds and plant them in the squares.Next get two harvest elves to help you water.Every two days you should have sweet potatoes.Sell them to get lots of money.Then go to the horse races and bring your basket.I strongley suggest saving before you enter.Then go watch the race.Remeber what horse won.Then turn off the power and go bet on the horse that one.Finally at the end of the day by a whole bunch of necklaces and put them in the basket you should have gotten thirtey.Then put them in the shipment box.You should have sixtey two thousand dollars.

More money

Every spring buy 5 cabbages 5 turnips and 5 potatoes if they sprout harvest them and buy some more turnips again and potatoes and you will need some many harvest sprites here.

Every summer buy 10 or 15 pineapples and if they sprout harvest them and wait again and harvest them again and you will need the harvest sprites for here.

Every fall buy some 20 or 30 sweet potatoes and if they sprout harvest them and wait for 2 days and harvest them again and you will need some harvest sprites here.

In the horse race

You will need a basket,a full rucksack

Bet the horse and if you win buy 38 necklaces when you exchange and you will get

50000-70000 gold

To unlock the dress and the perfume you have to exchange the power b..

Getting Power Berries

1st power berry-dig through your farm with your hoe. on one of the soil, you'll find a pberry.

2nd pberry-give flowers to the harvest goddess for 10 straight days. she'll give you a power berry

3rd berry- enter your horse into the horse race. If you win, you'll win it.

4th- win at the dog frisbee contest

5th- bet on the horses on the horse racing event. trade your medals for 900 medals

6th- stand behind the winter mine cave and press the A button.

7th berry- use your level 5 fishing pole and fish at the beach pier at winter, you might catch a berry

8th- buy it for 10,000 G at TV shopping channel

9th- dig in the winter mine. somewhere in the 19th floor.

10th- dig in mine next to goddess pond..

All girls Heart Event.

I think all of the beginners of Harvest Moon need this.

I only give the heart event sorry.


Black Heart Event: Choose option: Not really....

Time: 10:00am

Place: Hospital.

Day:Do this on your first day or Tuesday.

Purple Heart Event:Choose option: You`ll be a great nurse!

Time: 10:00am


Day:Any day accept Wednesday.(Cause that is when the hospital is close)

Blue Heart Event:Choose option your going to help.

Time:10:00am = 1:00pm

Place: Ellen`s House.

Day: Wednesday only.

Yellow Heart Event:Choose option: Your doing great!

Time:10:00am = 4:00pm


Day Wednesday only too.


Black Heart Event:Choose option : Soun..

Spookie mirror

on exact midnight, (0:00) look at the mirror you will see the effect when you try.


To have more money w/o waiting too long for a cheap-selling vegetables,

Why not buy some SWEET POTATOES, why to buy:

1:because it's not too long to wait until it have riped

2:it's not cheap to sell it is sold for 120G, and

3:it's not expensive to buy these seeds

If you have some harvest sprites friends let them help you in watering.,

Pls. Rate me......

Horse Races On the next horse race bring a bask..

Horse Races

On the next horse race bring a basket, an empty rucksack and 5000G+. Bet on a horse and get more than 500 medals. Exchange all the medals for broaches or necklaces. Put them into your basket and fill your rucksack. Ship them all to make about 40000G - 60000G.

Major Money Crops

In each season there is a crop that makes a lot of money. Sweet Potatoes in Fall are the best because they regrow every 2nd day. Spring: Cabbage, Summer: Pineapple and Fall: Sweet Potatoes.


Dig to floor 30 and look for Pink Diamonds and floor 50 Alexindrite which both sell for 10000G.

Cheap Hearts

To upgrade girls hearts quickly you don't need any money! Give Mary grasses, Elli flowers, Popuri honey or eggs and Ann a spa boiled egg. Only except..

Things you can find in the in every season


Blue grass(forest)

Bamboo shoot(forest)

Moon drop flowers(forest)

Toy flowers(forest)

Orange grass(beach)

Yellow grass(beach)


Blue grass(forest)

Green grass(forest)

Red grass(forest)

Pink cat flowers(forest)

Wild grapes(forest)

Purple grass(beach)


Red grass(forest)

Green grass(forest)


Blue magic grass flowers(forest)

Truffle(forest/behind church)

Indigo grass(beach)


White grass(forest/behind church/given by the Harvest Goddess)

Diamond,Fluorite,Amethyst,etc.(Winter/lake mine)

Every season:

Honey(tree in your farm)


1000G+ a day

on summer, get all the things you can ship and the eggs, throw it on the spa to have spa boiled eggs. DONT THROW GOLDEN EGGS ON THE SPA CAUSE YOU WILL JUST WASTE IT!


Get the ability to teleport

To get the ability to teleport go down to the 255th floor of the spring mine and dig up the teleport gem.

This will allow you to teleport anywhere, Even the lake mine in any season.

Alternatively you can use this cheat:

[M] Must Be On

98D7716A E281


71D84B76 AC98

Teleport Stone:


I just got the Japanese version of Harvest Moon:..

I just got the Japanese version of Harvest Moon: Mineral Town for Girls so I had to get some hacks. These are for the Gamegenie, but there's no Gamegenie section so they're here. Red Heart Codes

820044C8 FFFF = Doctor

82004508 FFFF = Cliff

820043C0 FFFF = Gray

82004354 FFFF = Rick

82004548 FFFF = Kai

820045D0 FFFF = Kappa

8200458C FFFF = Won

820045A4 FFFF = Gourmet Guy

Max Friendship

Rival Girls

820044D4 00FF = Elli

82004528 00FF = Ann

8200441C 00FF = Mary

820044A8 00FF = Karen

82004360 00FF = Popuri

820045B0 00FF = Goddess

Other Villagers

82004408 00FF = Anna

82004374 00FF = Barley

820043F4 00FF = Basil

820044E8 00FF = Carter

82004514 00FF = Doug


Easy money

on horse race, bring your basket (empty) and fully enlarged rucksack bet on your horse as many as you can and be sure to win. Exchange your medals for truffles and make your basket full of truffles and your rucksack too. sell it and you'll get many money

ps: rate me...

Ann's purple heart event

Go up to the second floor of the Inn between 10am and 1pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. In one of the rooms you'll find Ann, who appears to be practicing her singing. Enter the room and she'll become startled, unaware that anyone was listening to her. It turns out that Ann was really cleaning and she asks if you like to clean too. If you tell her you like cleaning, she'll be happy.

Befriend The Harvest Sprites in Just 50G!

Instead of giving them bread again and again, just give them Flour! They'll like it, too!

Get your Horse at the beginning of the game!!!

If you want to have your horse at the beginning of the game go to the Yodel Farm and talk to the man who's behind the counter. A few days later he will go to your farm with a poney! Take good care of it and you'll have a strong horse capbleof winning any race!!!


To eat some thing hold down L + B thats all :D

Good dessert resipys

If you want some dessert resipys do this. Ok , 1st befriend manna and anna.

2nd on Saturday at 10:00am follow manna into anna's house.

This should trigure a class every day at anna's on how to make desserts like, cakes,puddings and more.

Hope I helped you!

Unlock Jewel Of Truth's: Buy the Shelf from the Saturday Shoppin

Unlock Jewel Of Truth's:

Buy the Shelf from the Saturday Shopping Network.

Unlock Mythic Stones:

Bless all the Cursed Tools and it is then found on floor 60 and below.

Unlock Record CDs:

Link with Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and buy from Van (aka Lou).

Unlock Record Player:

Link with Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life when the necessary tasks have been completed on that game and buy it from Van (aka Lou).

Gamecube Connectivity Bonus

Unlock Mountain cabin:

Stay married for 50 years.

Unlock Seaside House:

Collect 42 Connectivity Stars from the Goddess

You don't need... To marry

Hey everyone out I figured out that you acually don't need to see every heart event you just need to see most of them I still needed to see like 2-3 of mine and I tryed the feather and it work she said yes hope this helps to all you ppl trying to see every event. P.S. Ppl plz rate me

Befriend The H.Sprites on Easy Money

Instead of giving them bread (100G), give them

Flour (50G).

knowing H.sprites' birthday will be a very big help.

How to easy make harvest sprite help you?

If you wanted harvest sprite help you,you may give them everyday flour maximum 2 flour for each harvest sprite. If it was their birthday the hard will plus 2 hope this helped you.

Karen guide

To easily get Karens heart meter to go red in every day of spring collect the 3 bamboo shoots near the lake and earn them and give one to karen everyday or just buy wine everyday and wrap it or bake french fries or make pop corn it's her favourite !! Most of her heart events occur in the shop so it will be easy to own her .

Elli Leaves

How to make'em

Utesils:Knife,Frying Pan,Pot,Oven,ALL SEASONINGS

Ingredients:Turbojolt XL and Bodigizer XL,6 kinds of burned foods.

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town FAQs

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Walkthroughs