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Follow the dark path or use the light
Golden Sun: The Lost Age Pack Shot

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

How do you beat doom dragon? I really nead to know..

Socca Mcloud asks:
Added Apr 14th 2006, ID #53549

Question for Golden Sun: The Lost Age

How do you beat doom dragon? I really nead to know oh and how do you get the rest of the djnii? Here are the ones I have so far

echo iron steel mud mold crystal flint granite quartz vine ground flower
Sour wpring shade chill rime gel balm fizz sleet mist spritz fog steam eddy hail
Corona cannon kindle char reflux forge scorch ember flash torch fury
Breath blitz ether waft aroma whorl gale gust zephyr smog squall luff haze lull

Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!



Elite94 answered:
Added 30th Nov 2008, ID #292072

About the Djinni I can only help you with the djinni found only in golden sun 2 Here it is:

Echo (Venus #1)
Automatically joins when leaving Daila Village (the first village).

Fog (Mercury #1)
Kandorean Temple.
To get there, walk west when you come to a road fork when leaving Daila.
Go into the cave again after you learn Lash.

Breath (Jupiter #1)
Shrine of the Sea God.
Chase it around. Use the torch to block it's escape route.

Cannon (Mars #1)
Dehkan Plateau.
To get there, walk east when you come to a road fork when leaving Daila.
Do not walk near him or he'll pin you into the ground woth his Pound Cube.
Find a way to fall right on top of it.
After it dropped the Cube, equip it. Use Pound to break his escape path.

Iron (Venus #2)
Randomly encountered in a forest near Madra. (Indra Contintent)
Starting from Madra, walk west across a bridge.
It's in the forest slightly south of the bridge.

Blitz (Jupiter #2)
Yampi Desert (Osenia Continent)
Blitz is on a cliff in the 3rd area of Yampi Desert. Look carefully!
Don't pound all the poles into the ground.
You need some of them to jump on to reach Blitz.

Ether (Jupiter #3)
Garoh Village (the Werewolf town).
After learning Reveal in Airs Rock, follow the old werewolf into the cave.
The werewolf, Master Maha, will give you the djinn after the conversation.

Sour (Mercury #2)
Randomlly encountered in a triangular forest northeast of Mikasalla.
The forest is near the mountain. NOT near the Osenia Cavern. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Like this: MMMMM CAVE &&&M
M= mountain &&&MM ** MM
&= forest &&MMM *** M
*= the forest where &MMMM ****
you'll find the djinn MMMMMMMMMMM

Spark (Mars #2)
Mikasalla Village. (Osenia Continent)
First, learn "Scoop" in Yampi Desert.
Then dig the ground where there's a sheep walking around.
You'll find a ladder leading down.
Go through the tunnel and you'll find Spark outside.

Kindle (Mars #3)
Gondowan Cliff. (Between Indra Continent and Gondowan Continent.)
To get to Gondowan Cliff, walk west from Madra.
Once you see it on your way it's hard to miss.

Chill (Mercury #5)
Randomlly encountered in a forest southwest of Naribwe Village.(Gondowan)
Walk southwest from Naribwe. RRR| |RRR
Cross a bridge to the west. R R
Then walk south. R & R
Cross another bridge. R & R
Search the forest in that area. R && R
||= bridge R && R
R= river R &&&& ****R
&= forest R &&&& ********R
*= the forest where R &&&&& *********R
you'll find the djinn R this is beach R

Steel (Venus #3)
In Gabomba Statue. (Gondowan Cotinent)
After reversing the gears, go back to 4th floor and find the two pink gears.
Jump on the left one and you'll fall right beside Steel.

Waft (Jupiter #4)
Kibombo Mountains. (Gondowan Continent)
After Piers joined you, freeze the water, use grow on the sprout,
and climb up the vine.

Char (Mars #4)
This is the Mars Djinn that was kept as a pet in Madra Town.
After Piers joined you, go to Gondowan Cliff to get the Healing Fungus.
Give the green mushroom to the old man in Madra. He will give you his pet djinn in return.

Mud (Venus #4)
In Gabomba Catacomb. (Gondowan Cotinent)
After you learned "Cyclone", go back to Gabomba Statue.
Find the ladder leading down.
Use Cyclone to sweep away the grass on the ground.

Flower (Venus #5)
I suggest getting Flower ASAP because Flower can heal the whole party.
Flower is in a cave in Taopo Swamp. (Osenia Continent)
To get to Taopo Swamp, leave Yallam Village from it's north exit.
Head west, then walk south until you come across a bridge.
Move the piller to block the holes where steam comes out,
and steam will come out from other openings.
Use this to blow Flower to the lower layer, then jump down.

Coal (Mars #5)
Izumo Village.
After defeating the boss in Gaia Rock, take the Dancing Idol back to Izumo.
Give it to Master Uzume and she will give you her pet djinn in return.

Haze (Jupiter #5)
Apojii Island.
Use "Sand" to get to the other side of the beach.
Walk to the east part of the island.
Slide down the waterfall and go through the cave behind the waterfall. Haze is at the other side of the cave.

Steam (Mercury #6)
You should see it on your way exploring Aqua Rock.
After Piers learned "Parch", use it on the green head that's pouring water
(not on the river itself) to stop the water. Reflux (Mars #6)
Tundaria Tower.
To get to Tundaria Tower,
sail all the way south along Osenia Continent coastline.
Dock you ship at the beach at the east edge of Tundaria. Then walk west.
Reflex is on an ice puzzle in 4th floor of Tundaria Tower.

Wheeze (Jupiter #6)
Wheeze is randomly encountered on Tundaria Continent.
Walk southwest from Tundaria Tower.
It's in an area surrounded by mountains and iced lakes.

Meld (Venus #6)
After the item change event, the turtle will take you to Islet Cave.
When in the cave, turn right and solve the log puzzle, and Meld is there

Rime (Mercury #7)
Ancient Lemuria.
After you learned "Grind", go back to Lemuria waterway.
When you hit a road fork, head left this time. (Lemuria is at the right.)
Use Grind to sink the rock and continue going left.
In Ancient Lemuria, use "Cyclone" to blow away the grass.
Rime will pop out and hide in a statue.
Use "Tremor" to shake the statue back and forth.

Core (Mars #7)
Randomly encountered at the forest southwest of Jupiter Lighthouse.
(Attka Continent) &&& are && rMMM
Dock you ship at the beach &&& are &&& rrrrr
on the west edge of Atteka. &&&rr &&&&&&
Walk east into the heart of s &&& rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Atteka Continent e &&&&&&&& ***** &&&& r
until you hit dead end. A &&&&&&&& ****** &&&& r
Search the forest in that area. &&&&&&&& ****** &&& r
(LH=Jupiter Lighthouse ; r=river
M=mountain; &=forest ; *=forest where the djinn is)

Tinder (Mars #8)
In Hesperia Settlement.
Hesperia Settlement is at the southwestern edge of Hesperia Continent.
Push the box off from the top of the cliff.
Use Move to use it to reach Tinder.

Gel (Mercury #8)
Kalt Island, the big island at northern Western Sea.
It's northwest of Loho Village. Once you get there you can't miss the djinn.

Petra (Venus #7)
Randomly encountered in a forest northeast of Shaman Village.
(Hesperia Continent)
It's across the river from Shaman Village. &&&& rr &&&&& r
Steer your ship upstream to a place &&&&& rr &&&& r
where 2 rivers meet, &&&&&& rr *** r
and a mountain blocks their way. &&&&&&& rr **** r
Petra is at the north side MMMMMMM rr MMMMMM
of that mountain. M rrrrrr
r=river ; M=mountain Shaman M are r
&=forest ; *=forest where the djinn is) MMM r

Aroma (Jupiter #7)
East Side of Shaman Village.
After winning the race in Trail road, you'll be able to enter the inn.
Go to the Inn, up the stairs, get outside from 2nd floor.
Walk right and pull the block down.
Go back to the chief's house, leave from the 1st floor.
Use Lash on the rope and climb up. Walk all the way right.

Salt (Venus #8)
At the entrance of Contigo Village. (Atteka Continent)
Turn right when you step into Contigo Village.
Find the place where there's a lot of grass on the ground, and dig
the only part that's not covered in grass. Whorl (Jupiter #8)
The East Tower of Jupiter Lighthouse.
At the puzzle which you have to move blocks around to make "currents" flow.
After you got the current flowing, use Hover to reach Whorl.

Shine (Mars #9)
Contigo Village. (Atteka Continent)
There are many empty stumps in Contigo Village that look just like the ones
in Mogall Forest in Golden Sun.
After Isaac joins you, find the stump behind the inn, and hit it with Force.

Geode (Venus #9)
Atteka Inlet. Where people are messing with your ship.
Find a suspecious-looking round rock at the left side of Atteka Inlet.
Equip the Lift Stone that Isaac brought along, and lift the rock.
Then use Cyclone to blow away the grass.

Eddy (Mercury #9)
After Isaac joins you, solve the rock-lifting puzzle in Shaman Village Cave.

Gasp (Jupiter #9)
Shaman Village Catacomb.
Go to the purple circle at the top of Trial Road in the Shaman Village.
Use Hover on that circle to get to the left side.
Walk into the cave and use Lift to lift the rock that's blocking the way.
There's a swamp at the end of the staircase.
Use "Reveal" to find a way to reach the djinn.

Fury (Mars #10)
Magma Rock. (West part of Gondowan Continent)
You'll see him when you walk around inside Magma Rock. It's hard to miss.

Lull (Jupiter #10)
Loho Village. (West Angara Continent)
Use the Magma Ball you found in Magma Rock on the cannon in Loho Village.
After you blast the wall, walk through the broken wall and climb up.

Mold (Venus #10)
In Prox Village. (The northernmost place on the worldmap.)
Slide on the ice and kick Mold into a pile of snow.
Then use "Scoop" to dig it out.

Balm (Mercury #10)
Solve the ice puzzle in Mars Lighthouse. (Hint: the statue)

Fugue (Mars #11)
Mars Lighthouse.
After revitalizing the lighthouse, break the ice at the entrance.
Walk in the rightmost door.
When you reach a staircase, walk up and you'll find Fugue.

Crystal (Venus #11)
Yampi Desert Cave. (Osenia Continent)
After you learned Teleport, Teleport to Alhafra, then go to Yampi Desert.
There are places where 9 stones line up in a 3x3 manner. Use Reveal.
One of them should point out an arrow.
Go to the sand waterfall the arrow is pointing at, and use Sand to move up.
When you're at the top of the waterfall, you'll see a cave.
Go in and use Teleport to get in further.
You'll find something moving in the sand on your way exploring the cave.
Use sand to dig it out.

Serac (Mercury #11)
The item change event is in this order:
1. East Tundarian Islet- help the penguins and get a shiny stone.
2. Southeast Angara Islet- give shiny stone to bird and get a red scarf.
3. North Osenia Islet- give red scarf to cow and get milk.
4. West Indra Islet- give milk to dog and get a baby turtle.
5. Sea of Time Islet- give baby turtle to turtle.
After the item change event, the turtle will take you to Islet Cave.
Use Teleport to get to the inside of the cave.
In the second hallway there's a shaking statue. Stand beside the statue and use "Tremor" to shake it back and forth.


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