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Best starter? hints and tips for Pokemon FireRed

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Best starter?


Have you ever wondered what starter Pokemon might be the best to get?

(i know it wouldnt matter if you can trade)

If you have you should probably go with squirtle. Not only for a high defence but it will have a lot of good advantages throught the story line. if you take a squirtle you should pure train it.( the only Pokemon you use in battle is squirtle up to whan you beat the eliet 4)

What I will tell you will take a little longer that if you do it a different way but it will be worth it.

Ok you do the beginning and battle gary. Continue to veridian forest beat all the trainers there then go on to brocks gym. By now squirle should have bubble or water gun. Beat the trainer and brock inside the gym. Keep going and take a stop on rt. 3 to beat all the trainers. Move on to mt. Moon and beat the trainers that you can find. East of the wall on your right should be a rarecandy and a few trainers keep going through the cave and get out. Save becaues if you mess up on this next part it'll be a bad thing.

Find what look like 2 people in white robes looking at eachother talk to both of them one will teach the move mega punch(left guy) and theother mega kick (right one) have (what should be by now) wartortle learn both (keep water gun if he/she has it) now procede to cerulean city rest up. Beat misty and her friends in the gym using megakicks and mega punches. Heal again and head north and beat your rival (oaks grandson) then keep heading north and beat all the trainers on the path and from thepath to bills house. Help bill and get the fairy ticket. Proceed to vermilion city. Beat the trainers in the small area before vermilion. Rest then get on the fairy. Find and beat all the trainers there by now if you followed the above instructions you should have a blastoise

Help the captin for his [HM 1:CUT]. Then get off of it. Now go back the the small area north of the city and find an oddish capture it then teach it cut.go to lt serges place beat his lackies and him.cence you going up to cerulean go to the house just north of lt serges place and talk to a man at the back for his bike voucher and cash it in at the bike shop .go back to cerulean get the bike then cut the tree east of the city. Beat the trainers there and keep going the to Pokemon center near the cave (heal up and save). Enter the cave. Cence you don't have flash just follow this step chart exactly. Up=up d=down L=left R=right

6d, 7r, 4d, 21r, 10up.

8d, 21L, 5up, 12r, 12up, 14r, 16up, 11L.

7d, 7r, 7d, 9r, 3up

12L, 4d, 7L, 1up, 5L, 12up, 1L

6L, 5d, 5r, 4d, 5L, 2d, 8L, 1up, 13L, 7dn,

Now you're out of the tunnle

Heal up then beat the 11 trainers to the west of lavender city then move to celedon city stop by a small bar in the southern part of the city and talk to the man fora coin case. Then stop by the game corner and buy 4000 coins for 80,000poke then go next door and buy the tm ice beam (this will come in handy against your rival) and teach it to you buddy blastoise but keep mega kick mega punch and water gun. Now go beat erica and her helpers. Now heal and back to the game corner and beat the rocket hideout place

Beat all the trainersthere areonlya few so it shouldnt take long. Now to back to lavender and do the tower thing sorry but beat the trainers there too then rescue the old guy. Get his poke flute and head back to celedon then battle the snordlax beat it or capture it.go to the north and cut the tree then go up and east through the pass then east again then go into the little house and getthe girls [M02:FLY].go on to biker road but you donthave to battly them right now if you don't want to but you will later. Go to fusha city and go into the safari zone get surf and the gold teeth. Give the gold teeth to the ond man west ofthe poke center for his [M04:STRENGTH].beat koga and hit pals. Now go to the pass to biker roadfrom fusha but head down to the patch of grass.beat the trainers there and get a ferow from the grass and teach it fly then fly to seledon or saffron(depends if you didnt give tea to the offisers yet) beat the karate gym get what ever Pokemon you want andteach it strength. Now head to sliph co(here you don't have to beat the rocket people at all) head to floor 5

Follow this step chart to make it easy to get through this this is coming from the stairs going down a floor

4d 18L 13d (dont worry just take the teleporter then take it again) 2r 1d then go right then youll find the card key in the poke ball

Go to floor 3 then go 8 steps down from the elevator door. Open the door with the card key. Go into that room then beat you rival use ice beam on his pidgyott and venasor. Talk to that guy in the room to get a free lapris. Go beat geovani on the next floor and get a master ball from the old guy. Now you have to beatall the trainers on bike road and the other road with a snordlax on it. After that you chould have a blastoise in mid 60's.sometime now you should be sloce to level 68 when he learns hydro pump delete mega kick for it. Now fly to pallet town. Then surfdown to cinabar get the secret key then go into blanes gym. You don't have to battle the guys in there. Just beat blane and get the badge. Beat gary then go onto the eleit 4. When your there just rest up and get a few ethers, and some full restores

On lori use mega punches exceptfor cloister use hydro pump. on bruno use surf except for on machamp use hydro pump

On agatha use surd exept for golbat use icebeam

On lance use icebeam except for aryodactal use hydro pump if you have no pp for it use surf.

On your rival restore your blastoises move pp then blow yourrival away

Use icebeam on pidgyott and venasour. On garydose use mega punch. For alakazam use and moves and for arcanine and ryhorn use hydro pump, or surf

There you go; if you don't beleve you can beat the Pokemon leauge with just that idont know what to say

And sorry if this dosent work out for you

More cheats, codes, tips and tricks for Pokemon FireRed are on this page of our website.

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