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Best move(s) from each type hints and tips for Pokemon Emerald

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Best move(s) from each type


Before reading this hint, I want to say that THIS IS ALL OPINIONATED.

And that these are all Attacking and Annoyance Moves.

Normal type:

1. Body Slam - Has nice base power, and it works well with the paralysis chance. 2. Hyper Voice - Nice base power, although it only counts for Loudred/Exploud.

3. Sleep Talk - Great combination with Rest.

4. Flail - With Endure/Substitute, great combo.

5. Explosion - It's Pokemon version of saying, "If I die, you die with me."

Grass type:

1. Solarbeam - If paired up with Sunny Day, it could reck havoc.

2. Leaf Blade - One of the best moves a starter could have. No Sceptile could live without it (unless it was made a SunnyBeamer).

3. Giga Drain - Fair base power, and the partly healing of HP is great.

4. Leech Seed - Automatic Giga Drain, might be even better.

5. Petal Dance - Powerful, but it can confuse you. Using Lum berry/the berry that heals confusion would be a great combo.

Poison type:

1. Toxic - No annoyer would be complete without this beautiful move.

2. Sludge Bomb - Strongest poison-type move.

3. Poison Tail - It's Toxic + base damage. Great move for Seviper.

Bug type:

1. Silver Wind - Bug version of Ancient Power. Great move.

2. Signal Beam - Damage + confusion is always great.

Fire type:

1. Flamethrower - One of the best moves in-game. High PP, High base power and High accuracy. This for me is better than Fire Blast. 2. Eruption - With high HP, this could reck havoc.

3. Sacred Fire - Ho-oh's signature move. Great for in-game battling.

4. Blaze Kick - See Sacred Fire, but it's Blaziken's signature move.

5. Overheat - with White Herb, great combo.

6. Will-o-Wisp - For me, one of the very few available replacements for Toxic

Water type:

1. Surf - The one and only best HM of all.

2. Water Spout - It's eruption, water style.

3. Water Pulse - See Silver Wind, but it's Water version.

Ice type:

1. Ice Beam - See Flamethrower. Also great with Thunderbolt to form the "Bolt-Beam" combo.

2. Icy Wind - Speed lowering might be good, although I don't use this move that much.

3. Hail - Not as great as Sandstorm, but it works.

Thunder type:

1. Thunderbolt - See Flamethrower. Also great with Ice Beam to form the "Bolt-Beam" combo.

2. Thunder - If partnered with Rain Dance (also known as "Thunderdancing"), it would never miss. Down to Double Teamers.

3. Shock Wave - It's like Rain Dance + Thunder, only weaker. Still down to Double Teamers.

4. Thunder Wave - See Will-o-Wisp.

Rock type:

1. Rock Slide - Great base power + flinching = nice.

2. Rock Tomb - See Icy Wind.

3. Ancientpower - See Silver Wind. This is the original one.

Ground type:

1. Earthquake - No one can beat this move (unless the Pokemon has Levitate or is a Flying Type). Don't even think of another Ground Type.

Fighting type:

1. Sky Uppercut - Only a few can learn this move, and that few can use this to their advantage.

2. Focus Punch - With Substitute, Spore or any Sleep/Freeze-inducing move, great combo.

3. Reversal - See Flail.

Psychic type:

1. Psychic - See Flamethrower, only that it has 90 base power, 10 PP, and can lower Special Defence. Great move.

Ghost type:

1. Shadow Ball - It's like Psychic, only a little bit weaker. It can also lower Special Defense, which is a good thing.

2. Destiny Bond - Can ultimately annoy anyone when worked perfectly.

Dark type:

1. Crunch - It's like Shadow Ball, they both have 80 base power and can lower Special Defense. Great for annoying Psychic/Ghost types.

2. Faint Attack - It's Shock Wave, Dark version.

Dragon type:

1. Dragon Claw - Works like Shadow Ball/Crunch, without the lowering of Special Defense. One of the best Dragon type moves of all time.

2. Outrage - See Petal Dance.

Steel type:

1. Meteor Mash - Although limited, works great.

2. Doom Desire - Also limited, but is one of the nicer moves for legendaries.

Flying type:

1. Aerial Ace - Best flying type move. Works like Shock Wave/Faint Attack.

2. Drill Peck - The only other replacement for Aerial Ace, although the thing is that it's somewhat limited.

Hope I help. ^_^

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