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Catching Certain Rares! (Regi Trio) hints and tips for Pokemon Emerald

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Catching Certain Rares! (Regi Trio)


Ok, the Regis! The 3 Regis are Steel, Ice, and Rock. In order to unlock 'em, you need a Relicanth (can be found outside Sootopolis,VERY RARE) and a Wailord (VERY RARE in the wild, or evolve a Wailmer at Level 40).

Find the dive spot in the currents outside Pacifidlog town. Put Wailmer first, and Relicanth last. Have a Pokemon who knows dig. Find the cave, and go to the Braille.

It reads "Wailord first, Relicanth last, and Dig" (or whatever) Use Dig, and a hole will appear. Enter, and find the top of the room. Have the volume up. Read it, and the ground will shake. You will hear three clicks, and they are unlocked!!

Regice-This lil' beauty is quite easy to catch. I had 99 Ultra Balls, and 99 Dive Balls. Fly to Dewford. Go out by Granite cave, and surf far to your left. Find the tree-covered island with the pacing man. Surf to your left, and find an island with a cave. Go inside, and read the Braille ("Stay close to the wall and enter"). Walk around the room (yes, make sure you don't stray from the course) once, and leave.

Enter again, and the door will be open. Save before facing! I had a level 75 Rayquaza who knew Fly, Extremespeed, Thunder, and Hyper Beam. It has an awesome cry! It is level 40, and it knows Curse, Icy Wind, Superpower, and Ancientpower. My Wailord, who I used for all the battles, used one attack, and nearly killed it. Icy wind has little effect.

Bring A LOT of Max Potions, Superpower can do some damage. I had it on red, and I threw a few Dive Balls. I caught it. I was surprised!(Dive Ball)

Regirock-This one is a little tougher. Fly to Lavaridge, and acess the desert. Find the ruin maniac, and go inside the cave. According to me, read the Braille, go down three, right 2 and use (magically) strength! Go in and access the level 40 Regirock. It knows Curse, Rock Slide (or Throw) Superpower and Ancient Power. (I caught mine with a DIVE Ball)

Registeel-Possibly the hardest and most annoying Pokemon of the three. I had 76 Ultra balls, and when I FINALLY caught him (3 hours of turning on and off) I was down to 29. I suggest Wailord. I used Surf twice, and knocked him down considerably. Metal Claw is it's trademark, including the other moves which the others have. It is a HUGE pain to catch. Good luck. I eventually caught it with an Ultra Ball.

P.S-Next, Feebas!

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