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Battle Tents and Balltle Tower hints and tips for Pokemon Emerald

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Battle Tents and Balltle Tower



In Battle Tent and Battle Frontier tournaments, your Pokémon will not receive any experience points, nor will any opposing Pokémon or Pokémon rented in a Pokémon Swap event be recorded in your Pokédex. You also will not lose or receive any money. Any battling party is required to have different items and cannot consist of two or more of the same species of Pokémon; to ensure preservation of this rule in Pokémon Swap, no opposing trainer will ever have the same species of Pokémon in their team, nor will they hold the same item as any member on your team. Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, and Deoxys are denied entry into tournaments, although you may enter Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latias, or Latios. To suspend a challenge, select Rest to save and return to the title screen. To end a challenge, choose Retire. If you select Retire, your streak will not be broken. If you turn off the console at any time without recording your progress beforehand, your streak for the tournament is automatically broken.

When competing in the Battle Tower, you will be given a choice between level courses. The first, Level 50, is open to Pokémon that have attained to level 50 or lower, yet the level of all opposing Pokémon, excluding wild Pokémon in the Battle Pyramid, is fixed at 50. The second course is Open Level, which places no restriction on the level but hosts opposing Pokémon of at least level 60 or the level of your highest-level Pokémon, whichever is higher.

You will not be able to capture any wild Pokémon that appear in any of the facilities.

Battle Tents

Replacing the Contests halls in Slateport City, Verdanturf Town, and Fallarbor Town are leissure battle areas known as Battle Tents. Each tent has it's own competition depending on the locale:

  • Slateport City: Pokémon Swap. In this elimination-style tournament, you cannot use the Pokémon that you caught and raised; instead, the personnel will give you Pokémon to rent. Out of the six Pokémon offered by the staff, you may select three to battle with. After selection, the battle will begin. When you clear this battle, you will be allowed to exchange a Pokémon that you used in the previous battle for one used by your previous opponent. The process continues for three battles in the tent. However, you will not be permitted to alter the sequence of Pokémon to appear in battle.
  • Verdanturf Town: Trust tests. In this tournament, you will send three of your party Pokémon into battle, but you will not be able to give them any direction. The moves that they will use will depend on the nature; if a move does not correlate with the Pokémon's nature, the Pokémon may not be able to use that move. It will start using moves that don't correlate when it's HP falls


  • Fallarbor Town: Set KO Tourney. This battle is controlled by the referee. In this battle, you will also use raised Pokémon, but you are denied the right to switch Pokémon until the one you have out faints. Each battle lasts three turns, after which the referee will declare the winner in three areas:
      Mind: The ratio of offensive to defensive attacks used. The Pokémon with the higher ratio wins.
    • Skill: The ratio of moves used appropriately to moves that failed. Landing a 'super-effective' or normal-damage move will up the ratio, while 'not-very-effective' moves, moves that had no physical effect on the foe, or hits that didn't connect will narrow the ratio. The ratio is not affected by the use of Protect, Detect, or any other move that prevents the success of the foe's move. Higher ratio wins.
    • Body: The ratio of the Pokémon's maximum HP to the vitality left. The narrower ratio wins.
    If both Pokémon tie for an area, a triangle will appear on the scorecard and is worth one point for both parties. A red ring is a success and is worth two points; an X is a failure and is not worth anything. The Pokémon with the higher number of points wins that round by default.
Battle Frontier

To access the Battle Frontier, defeat the Pokémon League and obtain the National

Pokédex from Professor Birch. Then, book passage aboard the S.S. Tidal. The next time you book passage on the S.S. Tidal, you will be allowed to go to the Battle Frontier, which is on the site of the Battle Tower in Ruby and Sapphire. Aside from tournaments, you will find a Sudowoodo (which you may fight by watering it with the Wailmer Pail) and the Artisan Cave, which is populated entirely with Smeargle (which has the long tail that a lot of the people at the facility are talking about).

There are a total of seven facilities on the site. Attaining a streak of 100 and/or defeating the Frontier Brain for the facility will reward you with a Symbol for that facility; collecting all seven symbols yields a Trainer Star. The more you maintain your streak at a facility, the more Battle Points will be awarded upon completion.

Battle Factory

The Battle Factory is home to an extended version of Pokémon Swap. The same rules are in force, but there are seven trainers to defeat and the guide will fathom their battle preferences to you shortly before each battle to aid in selecting Pokémon. Also, the level of Open Level rental Pokémon will be at level 100.

Battle Pike

The Battle Pike allows you to choose a path from three in the foyer. The path behind the curtains will yield either:

  • A Gentleman who either restores your Pokémon to full health or has a Pokémon that will use a move to inflict a status abnormality but will not substantiate the damage to your Pokémon;
  • A room filled with columns in which you will find wild Pokémon at a level of at least 60 or the level of your highest-level Pokémon, whichever is higher;
  • A room with a lone Trainer;
  • A room with an attendant and Trainer, in which the attendant will heal your Pokémon if you defeat the trainer; or
  • In cases when the attendants predict danger on every path, an attendant that will heal your Pokémon before summoning the Pike Queen, the facility's Frontier Brain.
If you are unsure as to what path to take, you may consult the attendant nearer to the curtains. If she reports a Trainer on a path, a lone trainer will be on that path. If she reports whispering, it's likely that you will come across a trainer and attendant. If she reports wild Pokémon on a path, there obviously will be wild Pokémon on the path. If she reports 'a wave of nostalgia', you will come across a Gentleman on that path, although it won't be specified beforehand whether he will heal your Pokémon or have a Pokémon that will inflict a status abnormality.

You will not receive any items and your Bag and Pokénav will be withheld during the challenge. You also may not alter the order of Pokémon to appear in battle. Any berry or herb held by a Pokémon will work only once during the challenge. Battle Palace

This is an extended version of the trust tests in Verdanturf Town in which you will face seven trainers.

Battle Arena

This is an extended version of the Set KO Tourney in which you will face seven trainers.

Battle Pyramid

The Battle Pyramid consists of a series of dimly lit floors. During the challenge you will manoeuvre through a maze to get to a warp pad on the floor. There are also trainers that will battle when you are in eyeshot and wild Pokémon whose denominations vary by the level and cannot be caught or escaped without use of a Fluffy Tail. Defeating a Trainer or wild Pokémon will cause the amount of light alloted to increase, although escaping a wild Pokémon battle with a Fluffy Tail will not produce light. The amount of light alloted is reset when you advance to the next floor.

You will be given a bag that can hold up to 99 items prior to the challenge. You may not use your Pokénav or standard Bag in the pyramid. If you lose a battle, you lose all the items in your battle bag.

Battle Tower

The Battle Tower has four modes to play in — Single Battle, Double Battle, Multi Battle, and Link Multi Battle. Single Battle mode requires a party of three, Double Battle requires a party of four, and the Multi modes require two. In Multi Battle mode, you will use the Battle Salon to find a companion alongside whom you will battle your opponents in that mode; you will use this companion for seven straight battles. In Link Multi Mode, you and a friend will take on opponents together, but both of you must have different Pokémon. You cannot suspend or end a Link Multi Battle challenge manually.

In the foyer of the Battle Tower you will find an ardent fan of yours named Layla, whom you will give advice once each day.

Battle Dome

The Battle Dome is a variation of the colisea featured in Pokémon Colosseum, but you have a full record of the parties in the tournament and their battle schedules. The elimination record can be viewed prior to battle by selecting 'Tourney Tree' or viewing the red television set in the foyer; the names of Trainers still involved in the tournament will be marked in white with their paths highlighted. To view details of a battle, navigate to a Poké Ball and press A to view the result of that battle; move up or down to switch between battles or left and right to gather Trainer information. To view only information on your opponent, you may select Opponent on the pre-match menu; the information on the trainer includes party, battle style, and likelihood of that trainer advancing in the competition.

The preliminary rounds of battle will be generated as per the relative potential of the teams in order to reduce the likelihood of defeat in those rounds. Quarterfinal and semifinal matches will never be conducted between trainers of opposite sides of the battle schedule. If for any reason two parties attacking each other faint at the same time, such as from recoil and Selfdestruct and Explosion but excluding from burn, poison, Leech Seed, or Curse, the judges will determine the winner by areas similar to those in the Set KO Tourney.

Vouching Battle Points

Just below the Battle Tower is a building with the Battle Frontier insignia on the masthead. Here you can vouch received Battle Points for items:

Protein: 1

Iron: 1

Carbos: 1

Calcium: 1

Zinc: 1

HP Up: 1

Kiss Poster: 16

Kiss Cushion: 32

Smoochum Doll: 32

Leftovers: 48

White Herb: 48

Quick Claw: 48

Mental Herb: 48

Togepi Doll: 48

Meowth Doll: 48

Clefairy Doll: 48

Ditto Doll: 48

Brightpowder: 64

Choice Band: 64

King's Rock: 64

Focus Band: 64

Scope Lens: 64

Cyndaquil Doll: 80

Chikorita Doll: 80

Totodile Doll: 80

Lapras Doll: 128

Snorlax Doll: 128

Venusaur Doll: 256

Charizard Doll: 256

Blastoise Doll: 256

By going to the rest area on the cliff to the west of the Battle Dome, you may learn the following moves:

Defense Curl: 16

Softboiled: 16

Seismic Toss: 16

Dream Eater: 24

Mega Punch: 24

Snore: 24

Mud-Slap: 24

Swift: 24

Icy Wind: 24

Mega Kick: 48

Body Slam: 48

Rock Slide: 48

Counter: 48

Thunder Wave: 48

Swords Dance: 48

Endure: 48

Psych Up: 48

Ice Punch: 48

Thunderpunch: 48

Fire Punch: 48

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