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Bonus Codes Action Replay Code for Pokemon Emerald

ARmaster123 posted:

Aug 21st 2006, ID#4601 Bonus Codes

Lots of misc. codes follow

Find more codes and cheats for Pokemon Emerald on this page of our website.

Region: Unspecified

DMA Disabler - [Patch type]


1C7B3231 B494738C

Button Activator - Press Select+L

3CDE8216 3875A404

Clear KeyItems Pocket (DMA)*

0D9F24B7 465FAE78

7553F6F8 B56AE7B0

*Quantities aren't erased. Pocket will still look cleared.

RNG Kill - [Patch type]

66BC3257 9381D042

8E883EFF 92E9660D

Button Activator - Press Select+L

3CDE8216 3875A404

Clear KeyItems Pocket (RNG)**

A589B85A 5B28BA0A

C9E803DF 568E296C

**Quantities are erased.

Any Pokeball is Masterball

FCD075F4 98921D85

Pokeballs Never Miss (Ball not actually thrown)

741E5415 BB404263

7006BEA2 BB0BC5B6

Pokeballs Always Capture (Breakouts still Caught)

2984104C 059383BB

7006BEA2 BB0BC5B6

Buy Items at Shop ¦ Modifier -- [additions]

1st Slot

CFF34ABF B51248A9


....(item code here)

RSE Key Items

5EDC3D12 EE08DEF0 - Mach Bike

0546DC5B 4F1D0F6F - Coin Case

B0AD3D8C B37268F4 - Itemfinder

6B460106 1E3FE008 - Old Rod

D3D6EBF4 1402F17F - Good Rod

B37DF760 F1B1B101 - Super Rod

Oh, and if you want shiny Pokemon using the encounter code, put the shiny code after the Pokemon code

Here, if the all decorations cheat does not work, use this m code

D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5

A86CDBA5 19BA49B3


1C7B3231 B494738C

(trainer name ASH)

DAE77280 BD45C579

73D6D23C A99D319C

Replaces item in PC slot 1 with Nugget x 999

82C00435 49B93B5D

Safari Pokemon Easy Catch



Replaces item in PC slot 1 with Rare Candy x 99

4B053F6A D785DEE2

( +|___| : ) = gba

Berry Renewal*

1A9C6A44 EA5C6726

51C77A0F 38A11550

Decay Timer??

F04B333D 96B2A830

E61DF84E 9A8B7FB9

10 Berries

A3E8899B 3FD36C95

4392FE55 56B80092

Replenish Berries (resets berry trees to pre-game spots)

4FDE755D 5772B43A

36A58E58 44D33538

56768E6E 51108B2A

3493E7CC 46BC5B91

ABAC288F 69F3F7E7

54A6828F 7956F61B

DE2D7460 EA4CA84C

24139315 D8F4EFBE

4731EF7B F8880EE3

6AA0F8B1 818BB560

97E12F59 CC0D0A35

5305BDF0 BA8C6287

40C63E6B 4FF81987

EF3318D9 4EAC62AF

4CE0F9C8 8FF4D59B

1299C9CB 28F8C96B

4C4BC439 5B47CE99

C1127154 EC86B502

78F8EB14 927139AB

12F9786C CC565A4F


938813CC 65546C4E

ACB3041B D61CF725

D35E7014 A8D165D3

DAC26AD0 8D87B2D5

42224598 97839652

FD5C3134 15C55B5E

BC0E858F 2A01D84D

F0823810 034C66C6

0620AEBC BB4F5393

272CEF95 8C592866

677A1265 0C25415F

C9F584BC 84DB6575

25814718 8B4DD176

E1099753 603DC3CB

2E7E0F45 AAAC696C

610F7576 2A186166

9DE98A5C 3BC5E069

30849798 91311A3A

604030A9 77BA40BF

6D4B4378 1235C008

836E9926 57054468

A7F40F8D 7F69010F

5E8C6D1A 632CEF4A

953EC429 5D7151BB

8348E4D8 745E42E5

7F55353C 15C578FD


8029A260 43C6BB43

D930336A D6D7C50A

6718EB3F 8490A439

359503FD 43CF447C

3AC77652 954E2A0C

D9D69056 4E4D3984

A88BE0D6 67511325

5E103BB0 9BEB069A

7E0CCFEB 036D6C56


7FB76574 95B15A91

49558184 9CED74EA

75FC6242 57E72CCC

358260B9 CAA22AD1

35AA85F9 D462AB67

271B6C1D 1DDC43C0

E9573975 B0DD905B

44E91106 590E3A5F

FD95DD40 AF1B5382

E44C75D6 0A69419E

D78FC54C 69E92655

3DE5A34F F628E8E3

B9D516F4 689AAF66

49A311C8 D1BFBDE6

40C096E8 DE158B79

61D5C8E1 EFB52909

3FB1A645 916ACCB9

F1D76A73 3A00B206

4F158032 8F8EE3D9

C4D9E899 88F475CA

44493AE3 60194542

01B2FFE8 F4029631


E0DAB5F7 265599C7

4C71C75F C51F8AB9

And, so you all rate me,

here's a bonus, a working Shiny code for Ru/Sa:

Always Shiny (Messes up Nickname) [Ruby/Sapphire]

8636B1D6 CA4AB2A9

18452A7D DDE55BCC

In case the gold symbols code doesn’t work on my other post, try this one

Gold Symbols

F4ED02AE ADE30804

51CA0CB4 B6871720

6DBB66F4 75B182F7

Clear Slot-1 of Box-14 (Press L)

8F498589 DB68ABFF

970D5CC7 33B6B682

577E48D9 05A0A76C -- 9999 battle points

A1394AAF 85693862 -- 5000 battle points


C2A1D7AF 0A81337B

Teach any tm to pikachu and it will learn surf

Short form:

4427AB7E FA5ACF46

Long form:

25214170 0AB256A2

95CCF842 A51B89F8

2E7B7A58 D0781742

D52902CA 343CF38A

You should find only Bulbasaur in any patch of grass

DMA Disabler [Patch-type]


1C7B3231 B494738C

Southern Island Event Enabler (DMA)

122D9EFB 720CDFE9

- If you have the Eon ticket and Ferry Service, you can also go to the docks and take the boat there.

Latios [Blue] (DMA)

5294C010 26045B52

Latias [Red] (DMA)

D56552AC C200C366

Re-battle Latios/Latias (DMA)

91635013 53036011

Warp code::

Southern Island (Hold R while walking through door)

9D888122 8CFB57D8

7703F025 00394020

If you are unsure who's at Southern Island, you can use this code which will change the color of your headband; blue for Latios, red for Latias. The DMA Disabler must be on for an accurate reading.

Blue/Red Headband (DMA)

A98F173E 3DA3BD8C

95061D6E D2241009

506A2683 392CF221

A98F173E 3DA3BD8C

6251DD93 61D0B9F1

92C6ADF8 3DC824F6

SAVE Location Color - Wild Latias/os (DMA)


1BDF1818 A1DF89F2

5D33CA66 8600A284


02D4EA86 29DE6B09

9D61FD31 A7F75A45

Some times the AR duo says “reset to factory settings” and it happens when the AR fails to save the changes made to the codelist. In my case, I pressed Start on the codelist and nothing happened. When I tried to go back or scroll, it wouldn't (it was frozen). So, I turned it off and back on. It then complained that it was CORRUPT and needed to be reset to factory settings.

On the AR-DUO, to do a HARDWARE RESET, you need to press both Shoulder buttons, A, B, and Start together while the AR is booting up. You will get <3 seconds to change your mind. This will wipe the memory clean, meaning that ALL action replay codes stored are erased and any stored ds game saves are deleted. It erases everything!!

The next step would be to re-enter all the codes back on the AR. If you have a USB-Link version, then this step will not be as tedious and time-consuming.

I am not sure what it is for a normal AR V3 because there was nothing mentioned in the instruction manual, but I'm assuming that it's pretty much the same.

Pokedex - All Pokemon Seen (DMA)

93CC476A 8C7B6C01

03650473 DF38618E

67C11314 8556956F

BB87C867 94118B68

F6BE2D41 C51B2EF3

FA701EA5 7D896F37

+All Pokemon Captured (DMA)

C9ADF3D5 20700D38


Trainer is Prof. Birch / boy when running

9F9797B7 17183CFF

2C259107 0BCE58CE

BBF5562C 622566BB

Trainer is Sudowoodo / Mew when running

9F9797B7 17183CFF

2C259107 0BCE58CE

2FC96086 B791A632

Trainer is RuSa Boy Trainer / RuSa Girl Trainer when running

9F9797B7 17183CFF

C6C8B134 55DFEEA2

86314A60 03AB2011

Trainer is Green Latios (works well with bike)

9F9797B7 17183CFF

2C259107 0BCE58CE

5940D61E 5E967E69

C1BD99F0 810BF8AE

A9B14419 EA59F214

Ability Mod

Run Away

FB8864BA 6D5ABE10


932D7095 F224AAC0

9BAE5E3C 76F471E6

E04F90D7 3957E60A

8DC6E8C6 56F6AB02

Wonder Guard

932D7095 F224AAC0

DF021095 B0D53357

E04F90D7 3957E60A

47BC3854 264A6EE2

Unaffected by NORMAL Moves

932D7095 F224AAC0

DF021095 B0D53357

E04F90D7 3957E60A

8DC6E8C6 56F6AB02

Level Modifier

68770050 678B8139 : 100

Re-battle Mew (DMA)


Re-battle Lugia & Ho-oh (DMA)

719C9601 0AFEE31A

Re-battle Deoxys (DMA)

404F4203 DEDBC3F7

Buy Tickets at PokeMart

SS Ticket (not necessary)

64E3E9BE A410F153

836D5AC9 76E3E268

Eon Ticket - 2nd shop item

Mystic Ticket - 3rd shop item

CFF34ABF B51248A9

F7E323E2 17A5CCA3

C2D1840A 9F6B65C1

Aurora Ticket - 4th shop item

Old Sea Map - 5th shop item

CFF34ABF B51248A9

8F575F42 9FECD974

1584DFB4 42758518

Pokedex, PKMN, PokeNav, 1st Badge (DMA)

A8F5D5CD D2876538

Always Critical Hit

470EC4F6 00CE62D7

Never Make Critical Hit

F0A47460 05BB9118

Encounter Event Activator [DMA]

6BE7C421 34E246CE

8038E467 FAE98EE4 - 200HP

Max IVs (Stats) [DMA]


Max Contest Stats [DMA]

7ADE35D0 AC44E33E

Re-Battle Groudon & Kyogre (DMA)

67DAF8E7 3F6C38D6

Re-Battle Rayquaza (DMA)

67BD0A40 0DD73EBA

Warp Codes [Hold R & use door]

Terra Cave

9D888122 8CFB57D8


Marine Cave

9D888122 8CFB57D8

CF0D8A17 07C5ED7E

All Badges (DMA)

ACB69C7B 7B61B781

21E83F84 CDAAD0E4

262B73A8 364A44E5

To obtain a bad egg, use the “steal trainers pokemon” code and go to Trainer Hill and capture one pokemon. Then capture another one and it will be a bad egg. A bad egg is Unhatchable, unless you use the “fast hatch” code and walk the normal number of steps for an egg. It will just be a Pokemon you already have.

And pokerus is temporary unless you store it in a pc. You can spread it by battling with it, and then switching out to the selected pokemon.

The “skip intro” and “change player name” codes are available only for game shark.

Now you have every emerald code for action replay. Thanx


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