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Choose your own starter pokemon Action Replay Code for Pokemon Emerald

The cheats user posted:

May 8th 2006, ID#4576 Choose your own starter pokemon

This cheat is great it for chosing your own starter Pokemon for the begining of a new game, it takes some time but it's worth it

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Region: Unspecified | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

First enter these code,

Master code





Warp to Petalburg City



Walk Through Walls





When you start the game you leave the moving van and end up in petalburg city, use the walk through walls cheat to avoid Scott (the guy in seach of trainers), you will not beable to run yet, then turn off the cheat cartridge and go into the Pokemon Mart to get 5 pokeballs (you can get as many as you want but I only get 1-5)

Then leave the Pokemon mart and turn the cheat cartride back on and use walk through walls to reach rout 1 (dont go over the jump overwise you see Prof Birch and the zigzagoon in the middle of the rout) use the patch of grass on the left at the top of the route 101 near old dale town

Then save and turn off the gameboy, then turn it back on and enter this code

Master code to catch wild pokemon





Lvl Changer to 5



(use this level as they'll be easier to catch and it make it fair for the rest of the game)

Then enter 1 Pokemon of your choice from the codes someone else has put


Pokemon changer




(legendaries are alot harder to get)

Then go into the grass and try to catch the Pokemon you want

Once you have caught the Pokemon you want, save the agem and turn it off

Then use walk through walls to reach littleroot town (the second you enter the town it will act asthough you just got off the lorry but use still end up in the house after the speach)

I hope you enjoy this cheat I thought of, i've tested it loads of time and nothing bad has ever happend and best of all you still get to keep the Pokemon prof birch gives you, but when he gives you the Pokemon it will actually say the Pokemon you caught beacuse it is in the first space of the party

I hope you enjoy this cheat I though of and hope you like it

P.s. I hope you don't mind going through all this trouble to make any Pokemon you want your very first pokemon.


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