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Ton o' Hints hints and tips for Pokemon Emerald

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Ton o' Hints


Here's some discovered tricks that you could use!


Need exercise with your Pokemon? Want to do it fast?

You need:

1. A weak Pokemon that needs serious leveling

2. A strong Pokemon

3. The Exp. Share (Rustboro City; Devon Corporation)

Here's what you do to get good exercise:

1. Take the weak Pokemon holding the Exp. Share, and put it up front of your party. Make sure you have a STRONG Pokemon in your party, too.

2. Battle someone.*

3. At the beginning of the battle, switch the weak Pokemon with the much stronger Pokemon, and wipe out the foe. Your weak Pokemon will receive about 3/4 of the gained experience!

Repeat until desired!!

*Works better with a double battle (put strong Pokemon second in party)


Want more Pokeblocks, but need them fast? Here's a tip to get TONS of them!

You need:

1. Pokeblock Case

2. Wailmer Pail

3. Berries--lots of Berries...

4. SOME patience..

1. Now, to start off, go to the Contest Hall in Lilycove, and blend as many Berries as you can until you have one of each kind of Berry.

2. Then, take the remainders, and plant them out in the wilderness. Water them with the Wailmer Pail.

4. Wait...(here's where the patience comes in)

5. Once the Berries grow, pick them.

6. Repeat Steps 1-5 until satisfied!!


These are the Pokemon that evolve using unusual techniques:

Evolution Stones

Vulpix + Fire Stone = Ninetales

Pikachu + Thunderstone = Raichu

Staryu + Water Stone = Starmie

Nuzleaf + Leaf Stone = Shiftry

Lombre + Water Sone = Ludicolo

Gloom + Leaf Stone = Vileplume

Gloom + Sun Stone = Bellossom

Skitty + Moon Stone = Delcatty

Jigglypuff + Moon Stone = Wigglytuff

Evolution: The Trading Way!

Kadabra + Trading = Alakazam

Graveler + Trading = Golem

Machoke + Trading = Machamp

Seadra + Trade + Dragon Scale = Kingdra

Clamperl + Trade + Deapseatooth = Huntail

Clamperl + Trade + Deapseascale = Gorebyss

Show Some Love*

Pichu + Level Up + Friendship = Pikachu

Azurill + Level up + Friendship = Marill

Igglybuff + Level Up + Friendship = Jigglypuff

Golbat + Level up + Friendship = Crobat

*Pokemon evolve when they love you

Other Evolution Techniques

Feebas + Level Up + Maxed Out Beauty Condition = Milotic

Wurmple + Level Up = Cascoon OR Silcoon (randomly)

Nincada + Level Up + Space in Belt = Ninjask AND Shedinja


Pokemon scarves increase a certain condition for Pokemon Contests based on its color. Here's what you do to get all 5:

1. Follow my advice for making the Pokeblocks above first, and make as many as you can.

2. Feed your pokemon Pokeblocks of one flavor (Spicy = Cool, Dry = Beauty, Sweet = Cute, Bitter = Smart, Sour = Tough), and be sure the Pokemon likes the Pokeblocks.

3. Once the chosen condition is maxed out, enter at least one contest, then go to Slateport City, and talk to the chairman on the couch in the Pokemon Fan Club. He will observe your Pokemon, and if you got the condition high enough, he will give you a scarf based on the stat you raised (Smartness = Green Scarf, Toughness = Yellow Scarf, Coolness = Red Scarf, Cuteness = Pink Scarf, and Beauty = Blue Scarf)!

4. When you obtain the scarf, give it to the Pokemon you raised the stats, and it will slightly raise the stat in any contest! It sure helps in the Master Ranks!! Collect all 5!!

--That's all for now!! Sorry if it's too overwhelming...

Theres loads more info this game, right here, with some cheats and tips, answers and Pokemon Emerald walkthrough.

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