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Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar Cheats and Tips

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Lots of cheats for you to try out, these include codes for Lottery chips, how to dodge bass BX buster rake and rare virus locations. We've aslo got the quiz answers.

More Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar Cheats and Tips

We have 33 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Codes

Lottery Chip Machine Codes
Enter the Chip shop in Central Town and press A when you are in front of the green machine on the right side of the shop. Enter one of the following codes to get the corresponding.
HP +50 Navi Cust Program:

Shinobi Dash Subchip:
Open Lock Subchip:
Untrap Subchip:

Navi Compression Codes
Highlight the indicated Navi Customizer Program when you have entered the Navi Customizer screen and then hold Right and enter any of the following codes to compress it. After it is compressed, the Navi Customizer Program will be one block small..

All Lottery Chip Codes

87341489: Full Energy
45566783: Full Energy
39345472: Full Energy
79459146: SneakRun
15511679: SneakRun
74198795: SneakRun
59485971: Untrap
22812406: Untrap
09000465: Untrap
04789479: Unlocker
82564319: Unlocker
04789479: Unlocker
99910954: Unlocker
41161139: Unlocker
98766899: Lock Enemy
68008194: Lock Enemy
16336487: Lock Enemy
37495453: Lock Enemy
37889678: HP+50: Pink
49951337: HP+100 - White
24823665: HP+200 - White
54654618: HP+300 - Pink
08749780: HP+400 - Green
55031325: HP+500 - White
94305487: Charge MAX - Blue
12046210: Rapid MAX - Green
19790420: Buster Pack - Red
28271002: Body Pack - Pink
32132348: Rush Support - Yellow
70741543: ..

Rare Virus Locations + Virus Battler

OK...well first to any of you who don't obtain you VirusBattlerCard(with two Viruses already uploaded):Go to Class 1-2,jack into the Blackboard, and talk with the Pinkish Punk Navi in the left corner...he'll sell you the card for a small amount.
Now for Rare Virus Locations...
1. Armadill - 100 Hp - 30 Atk - 20 Mb
Location: Green Area 2
2. BigHat - 100 Hp - 30 Atk - 30 Mb
Location: Undernet 1
3. BombCorn - 140 Hp - 30 Atk - 20 Mb
Location: JdgTree Comp 2
4. Catack - 130 Hp - 70 Atk - 30 Mb
Location: ACDC Area
5. Champy - 60 Hp - 20 Atk - 30 Mb
Location: Central Area 3
6. Cragger - 120 Hp - 50 Atk - 40 Mb
Location: JdgTree Comp 2
7. DarkMech - 180 ..

Unlocking Skull Doors

I'm not reallly sure if this is a cheat or a hint, but once you save Mick's navi from the navis of the undernet and your aloud in the undernet, get rushfood from a dark navi in I think it was the Shower comp in Sky Town, it costs 3000 zenny per rushfood I think, and go to the right of undernet 1 and find a dog bone icon like in the manual and press the A button and a dog will appear to become your bridge. Go until you see a dark navi saying "I dropped a memo with the password in...Some comp in Sky Town...". He's talking about the oxygen tanks in the place in the lockers where the guy from the admin fell out, but no need because the password for the gate ahead is 729. If you keep going you'll find a staircase. Go up it. There will be a dark navi there. He'll offer you WWW ID for 7000 zenn..

Bat Key

To obtain the bat key, you must go to the largest tree in Green Area. There is a portal to Undernet Zero in the back of it. Follow the path to Bass or Forte and defeat him to get the bat key.

beating bass BX

Alright first I'm new here but to beat bass BX it's very easy this will only work for falzar.first with spout cross you can charge up water chipas with the a button and it doubles the attack.well get 2 train arrow 3 in your folder 3 in visible to protect your self.also you can do the same with tomahawk cross just for woo d chips ill show you both to do massive damage to bass do this combo.double color point then train arrow 3 then attack plus 30 then charge it up with spout cross the results.its says the chip does 50 but it fires 5 shots so normally 250 now the loopy combo double color point adds 60 to your attack so 60 + 50 + the atrtack plus 30 equalls 140 every hit plus it gets double due to it's charge ability so 280 every hit so 280x5= 1,400 damage now a stronger..

Ultimate combo

Here is an ultimate chip combo:
Get sanctuary and Life aura(you can get these both from undernet zero)
Life aura causes you to get an aura of 200 meaning that any attack under the attack of 200 can't damage you.
The Sanctuary turns all you'r squares into holy panels meaning that no attack under 400 can damage.
And not even the final boss(I won't spoil it) can do that much damage
Works also in gregar version(maybe)

Lotto Numbers

Hey it's shadow 5583 the king of this game I just thought to give you all a nice part to the website
Battle Chips
GunDeLs3 W 14212857
DrilArm M 60884138
BlzrdBal H 97049899
M-Bommer M 88674125
Lance * 69544569
AirSpin3 O 71757977
CircGun V 51378085
TimeBom3 M 23722234
Recov300 Y 75641392
Geddon * 38116449
ColArmy * 44892457
ElemTrap * 08789369
Uninstll G 97603000
HeatMan * 12404002
ElecMan * 30424514
SlashMan * 55910601
EraseMan * ..

Compress Navi Customizer Programs

Open the Navi customizer screen to compress Navi Customizer Programs. Highlight the piece you wish to shrink then hold Right on the D-pad and press the following codes to shrink the corresponding piece. Decompress the piece by repeating the process.
Compress KawarimiMagic (AntiDmg):
B, L, A, L, B, R, A, L, B, A

Compress MegaFolder1:
A, R, L, A, L, A, L, L, A, B
Compress MegaFolder2:
L, A, L, R, B, L, R, L,R, A
Compress NumberOpening:
A, A, A, L, A, A, B, L, R, A
Compress OilBody:
L, R, A, B, A, R, B, B, L, R
Compress Reflect:
L, A, A, B, R, R, L, R, L, R
Compress ShinobiDash:
B, B, B, A, B, B, A, A, R, B
Compress SuperArmor:
A, B, L, L, A, A, L, R,..


To defeat Bass it's very easy .
To find him you should go to the big tree at green area 2 and press the A button at the left of it.
>> /tree/

Blues or Protoman FZ

To fight Protoman FZ, you must complete every job request on the BBS in Asterland. As soon as you receive your last point(s) Chaud will call you to the school to show you Protoman's true form. Good luck, please rate.

Quiz Answers

Here are the Quiz answers for MMBN6
Mr.Quiz (Cyber Academy)
1. Left Hand
2. Pickaxe
3. Catfish
4. Human
5. Yellow
Quiz Master (Aquarium)
1. 150
2. Eye
3. Personal Terminal
4. Truth
5. 4
6. Fur Seal
7. 30
8. 8
9. Seaside Area 3
10. 31st Century
Quiz King ( Green Town)
1. 10 Trees
2. C and A
3. Subchip
4. AquaSwrd
5. 12
6. 40
7. 8
8. Fanny
9. Netbattle
10. 50
11. MiniBomb
12. 30,000 Feet
13. 70
14. Diveman
15. QuizKing
That'll save people ALOT of time ;-)

Create your own virus battle.

Go to class 1-2 or the one next to that. Jack in to the board and go to and press up+left. Now there is a Hell navi. Talk to him and go home. Look for viruses with "Rare" in it's name.

getting to graveyard and fighting bass bass SP and bass BX

Alright first ill tell you how to get to graveyard.go to undernet 2 go up to the tall floor there is a door that says show the beasts seal that means beat falzar the final boss.and you need 100 standerd chips to to fight bass SP or BX you need to fight the first form that is in green area 2 you go behind the tree and it will say theres a hole jump in say yes then at the end of that tiny area it will talk about bass.then after you beat him go to graveyard.A little letdown though is YOU MUST HAVE ALL 200 STANDERD CHIPS to battle bass SP.once you beat him you will get a giga chip then the hardest of them all.(NOT!)well for me that is.first you must fight FBEAST.then you have to fight him HA you can't save.well thats all

Just some codes

Hey megamanV2 here. Got some codes. Its not mutch, but it's more than most sites. Will update often.
Navi cust compression codes
Lotto numbers
77837421 -spin red
59485971 -untrap
I know. Its not much, but...

How to get to forte(bass)sp

Once you beat the normal bass, go to undernet 2 and if you have 100 standard chips, you can go into the graveyard. After you go to the graveyard(pack up on alot of chips because the viruses there are strong!)you can buy good chips but that doesn't matter right now. Go up to the purple door(you can only enter it if you have al 200 standard chips), then go into graveyard to and battle bass!

How to increase your

Okay so this is how it works the higher your Busting Level the higher your chance of recieving a Battlechip. It also increases your chances of recieving "rarer" versions/codes of the chips in question. Also the lower your level the more likely you are to recieve Zenny...and with that...the 'lower" your rank the less Zenny you will recieve.
Now if you recieve 11 points or more you get an "S" Rank
Delete Time:
Virus Delete Time - points
0.00 ~ 5.00 6
5.01 ~ 12.0 5
12.01 ~ 36.0 4
36.01 ~ Up 3
Boss Delete Time - points
0.00 ~ 30.00 10
30.01 ~ 40.0 8
40.01 ~ 50.0 6
50.01 ~ Up ..


Those graves aren't there for show...
After you defeat FalzarSP (or maybe sooner), go back to the Graveyard Area and check the Graves to fight the RV version of all the Navis you've fought!

all "RARE" vivus location

There have 27 viruses with the name "Rare" are located in the area at :-
Mettaur - Central Area 1
Gunner - Central Area 2
Champy - Central Area 3
Old Stove - Central Area 3
Heady A - Underground Area 1
Swordy - Underground Area 1
Killer Eye - Underground Area 2
Nightmare - Underground Area 2
Piranha - Seaside Area 1
Puffy - Seaside Area 2
Quaker - Seaside Area 3
Starfish - Aquarium Computer 3
Armadillo - Green Area 2
Honey Bomber - Judgement Tree Computer 1
Bomb Corn - Judgement Tree Computer 2
Cragger - Judgement Tree Computer 2
Shrubby - Judgement Tree Computer 3
Fighter Plane - Sky Area 1
Scare Crow - Sky Area 2
Catack - ACDC Area
Wind Box - Mr. Weather C..

all "RARE" vivus location

There have 27 viruses with the name "Rare" are located in the area at :-
Mettaur - Central Area 1
Gunner - Central Area 2
Champy - Central Area 3
Old Stove - Central Area 3
Heady A - Underground Area 1
Swordy - Underground Area 1
Killer Eye - Underground Area 2
Nightmare - Underground Area 2
Piranha - Seaside Area 1
Puffy - Seaside Area 2
Quaker - Seaside Area 3
Starfish - Aquarium Computer 3
Armadillo - Green Area 2
Honey Bomber - Judgement Tree Computer 1
Bomb Corn - Judgement Tree Computer 2
Cragger - Judgement Tree Computer 2
Shrubby - Judgement Tree Computer 3
Fighter Plane - Sky Area 1
Scare Crow - Sky Area 2
Catack - ACDC Area
Wind Box - Mr. Weather C..

All your base

Put the humor program on andwhen megaman is tired of saying " Battle rutine exacute" He and Lan try to make somthing up.
Lan: Battle rotine set!!!
Megaman: For great justice!!!
Obviously from the strange game Zero Wing!!!
Narrator: In AD 2101 War was begining.
Captain: What happen?
Mech: Somebody set us up the bomb!
Mech2: We get signal!
Captain: What?!
Mech2: Main screen turn on!
Captain: ITS YOU!!!!
CATS: How are you getlemen!??! All Your base are blong to us!!! You are on the way to destruction.
Captain: WHAT YOU SAY?!
CATS: You have no chance to surrvive, make your time. Ha Ha Ha Ha.
Mech: Captain!
Captain: Launch evry "Zig"! You know what you doing! Move "Zig"!

How to get Game icons Easy

Here is a way you can have part of the game finished before you defeat falzar. You need to have a friend with a game boy a link cable and make sure they completed the following: All standard chips, mega class chips, p.a. Combos and the giga class chips, and if possible that thier friend had all mega chips in gregar so you can get the secret icon too. You will have to finish all requests in order to get the icon for protoman and beat falzar to get the beast icon but the bass one is not easily won you have to beat bass then bass sp then if possible try to beat bass bx. That is how you can have most of the icons without trying or spending 60 hrs trying to make the p.a.s note : you have to complete the poison Pharoah P.A. No order to finish a request.

How to dodge Bass Bx's buster

There is a very simple way to dodge bass bx's buster rake and there are many a ways to but some are crazy here are some that are more practicle than others:
1: Is to use life arua in combo with the santuary chip and use some strong chips to do damage and make sure he does not crack the panels.
2: Is to always counter him when he is about to do some attack or just wait till he uses his buster rake to let him have it(the attack chip).
3: This is tricky to do but is still useful it is to try to move around the field when he is using the buster rake.
4: Fourth already but here it is this one is also tricky but easy to do all you need to do is use area grabs till he only has one line left then use life arua and be ground cross and use the drill on..

Easy Bugfrags

To get easy bug frags, go to graveyard 1 and battle viruses until you get on ewith the mystery things. Beat the enemy and use loc enemy.


Can any one help me??
Ther is something....only one thing but I beat the game.

How can I do that request : road to soul battlers

Double Strike

For sometimes a double massive strike use v-doll. Throw it and as soon as the enemy appears in that row, activate the attack. This works best with time freezing chips,megachips that cover the whole row,or giga chips. This is also really effective if done in counter hit/rage mode, doing quadruple damage!

Fan move

Hey if you are tengu cross and press b+left at the same time, you will do a fan move

Easy way to beat falzar

A easy way to beat falzar is to watch his attacks and what area they are going to hit so if you do this you might beat him plus it depends on your chips.

No your not stupid.... I had the same problem ok..

No your not stupid.... I had the same problem okay listen up first go to skytown jack into one of the devices I forgot which one but anyway then a navi should be there selling something buy two then go to undernet one....
After that dude go to the side you will see two bones throw the two things you bought then 2 dog navies will appear and make a road then just go on it then you should just see a blocked door....
The password is in the oxygen tank in skytown jack in their and talk to mr.prog he will tell you the password he found and just go back their and insert it in and their you go.


After doing all the request on the request board in Aster Land, you are allowed the oppurtunity of fighting a slightly stronger version of Protoman. Not much is instore after you win but, give it a try.

Virus Battlers

Collect as many viruses as you can before fighting the third through fifth battlers.

good combos

For one you need to have a attack + 30 in your chip deck to get that use a unlocker in acdc also get double point that should be in sky area 2 use spoutman to remove the to shine also get a super vulcan in your folder that is in acdc virus battle 5.use double color point then supervulcan + attack + 30 for 60+20+30x10=1,100 damage if you go falzar it will target them and shouldnt miss you should almost be able to k.o. A friend if your battling them on link battles.also since I'm new if you need a certain chip post it in the questions regarding it to me and ill answer any chip only in the u.s. Version though.

How to dodge bass BX buster rake

To dodge bass's buster rake you should use a chip that can hit him when he is far away that is how I did it.

Questions & Answers
Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar Walkthroughs