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Follow the dark path or use the light

Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar


Virus Location FAQ

by drakes677

			Virus Location FAQ

So this is a guide to find all the viruses you want 
to get the chips and etc.  This is for the English version 
(since immortal area and Undernet3 were taken out (unfortunately))
All the SP viruses are in the Event Matches.

If you want to find a specific virus, press 
Ctrl+F, than type in the number it is (eg, 
if you want Armadil, press ctrl+f, then type in the box "1)" or "1")

1)Armadil Viruses
2)Bighat Viruses
3)BombCorn Viruses
4)Catack Viruses
5)Champy Viruses
6)Cragger Viruses
7)DarkMech Viruses
8)EarthDragon Viruses
9)FighterPlane Viruses
10)Gunner Viruses
11)Heady Viruses
12)HntdCandle Viruses
13)HoneyBomber Viruses
14)Kettle Viruses
15)Killereye Viruses
16)Metaur Viruses
17)Nightmare Viruses
18)OldStov Viruses
19)Piranha Viruses
20)Puffy Viruses
21)Pulsebulb Viruses
22)Quaker Viruses
23)ScarCrow Viruses
24)Shrubby Viruses
25)SnakeArm Viruses
26)StarFish Viruses
27)Swordy Viruses
28)Trumpy Viruses
29)Windbox Viruses

1)Armadil Viruses: All they do is roll at you three panels
 ahead, but this cna get annoying as you are fighting 
other viruses with them.

Location: Green Area 1 and 2; JudgeTreeComp 1, 2, and 3;
 MrWeatherComp 2; SecurCamComp

Location: Green Area 1 and 2; JudgeTreeComp 1, 2, and 3;
MrWeatherComp2; SecurityCamComp (same as it's 
Armadil 1 =))

Location: Undernet zero, Graveyard Area

RareArmadil1 and 2: Green Area 2

2)Bighat Viruses:  These guys don't attack directly 
but they do throw flashbombs at you which can stun 
you, blind you, or make you dizzy.  
It kinda gets annoying after awhile.

Location: Undernet 1 and 2

Location: Graveyard; PrincipleofcComp

Location: Graveyard

RareBighat1 and 2:
Location: undernet 1

3)BombCorn Viruses:  These guys just move side ways (left 
and right) and than they lob 2 "bombs" at you so watch 

Location: Green Area 1 and 2; Green HP; JudgeTreeComp 2 
and 3; 

Location: Undernet 2; Pavilioncomp 2; PrincipalOfcComp

Location: Graveyard Area

RareCorn1 and 2
Location: JudgeTreeComp 2

4) Catack Viruses:  These guys are the tanks that move 
forward one panel and shoot.  Watch out, don't go in 
front of it or stay in the back row.  
Also they can enter you area (unfortunately)

Location: ACDC Area; ACDC HP; MrWeatherComp 1, 2 and 3.

Location: PavilionComp 3

Location: Graveyard

RareCatack1 and 2
Location: ACDC Area

5) Champy Viruses: These guys just stand still,
 but if you stand in the same row as them, they 
will appear in front of you and hit you:

Location: RobotControlComp 1 and 2; Central Area 3;
TecherRmComp; HeaterComp.

Location: Undernet zero and 1; ACDC HP; PavilionComp4.

Location: PavilionComp4, Graveyard area.

RareCampy1 and 2
Location: Central Area 3

6) Cragger Viruses: This guy just stands in one panel 
(but occasionally moves). 
He takes half damage to all chips (cept metal-piercing
 ones like airhockey).  They throw their pist in 
the column your in cracking them).

Location: JudgeComp 1, 2 and 3; Symbol Comp; PunishChrComp.

Location: Undernet 3; PavilionComp.

Location: Graveyard

RareCragger 1 and 2
Location:  JudgeTreeComp 2

7)DarkMech Viruses:  These guys can get REALLY annoying.  
They have 2 attacks: Thunder ball and Machine Sword. 
First they  fire their thunderball which logs on to you 
and if they hit you with that, they use 
machine sword which does lots of damage. 

Location: Undernet 2; CopybotComp.

Location: Pavilion 3.

Location: Graveyard Area

Raremech 1 and 2
Location: Undernet 2

8)Dragon Viruses:  These guys just move to a couple panels 
than they go into their pot thing or w/e and attack 
you inside your own area.  Watch out.

Location: PavilionComp 4; Graveyard

Location PavilionComp 4

Location: Graveyard Area

Location: Graveyard area

White Dragon and Black Dragon (Rareviruses)
Location: Graveyard area

9) FighterPlane Viruses:  These viruses aren' all that 
hard.  They just go forward in the row they are in 
(higher version levels will go toward the row you are
in) and than they start shooting your area.
Not that hard to dodge.

Location: Sky Area 1 and 2; Sky HP; 
MrWeathercomp 1, 2 and 3; Lab'sComp2; FanComp.  

Location: PavilionComp3

Location: Graveyard area

RarePlane 1 and 2
Location: Sky Area 1

10) Gunner Viruses:  Second easiest viruses in the game 
(in my opinion).  They just literally stand 
still and only fire when you are in their row 
IF they get a lock on you.  Like I said, 
they are the second easiest viruses in the game.

Location Central Area 1, 2 and 3; Sky HP; 
RobotctrlComp 1 and 2; AquarumComp 1; 
JudgeTree Comp 2 and 3; MrWeathrComp 3 

Class1-1 Comp; Class 1-2 Comp; Class 6-2 
Comp; Monitor Comp.

Location: ACDC Area; undernet zero, 1, and 2;
MrweatherComp 1, 2 and 3; Pavilion Comp 3; 

Location: PavilionComp4, Graveyard Area.

Raregunner 1 and 2
Location: Central Area 2

11) Heady Viruses:  These viruses put up a decent fight.  
They have Aura's and they launch their heads across panels, 
but you can hit them when they launch their heads 
(just incase you don't have powerful enough chips to pierce 
their aura)

Location: Underground 1 and 2.

Location: Underground 1, Graveyard Area.

Location: Graveyard Area

RareHeady1 and 2
Location: Underground 1

12) HntdCndle Viruses: Despite the stationary movement from these 
viruses, they have a fast attack that can hit many of your panels.  
They summon fire towers in your are so watch out 
because they come fast.  They are also immune to Heat chips.

Location: Underground 1 and 2, PavilionComp 4, Graveyard.

Location: Underground 2.

Location: Graveyard area.

RareHntdcdl1 and 2
Location: Graveyard Area.

13) HonyBmbr Viruses:  These are also viruses that just 
stay in one panel.  They fire "bees" (ya leterally bees) 
at you which come after you.  
It's actually not that hard to dodge.

Location:  Green Area 1 and 2; Green HP; 
JdgTreeComp 1, 2 and 3; HeliportComp.

Locations: Undernet 3; PavilionComp 2.

Locations: Graveyard

RareHnyBmbr 1 and 2
Locations: JdgTreeComp1.

14) Kettle Viruses:  These guys move around and 
they can come into your field and attack you 
with steam (lol?) which does 100+ damage 
and the range of it is any panels 
around the kettle virus.

Location: Undergroudn 2

Location: PavilionComp 1, Graveyard area

KettleDX: VendingmcComp

15) Killereye viruses:  Another stationery virus that 
just sits there.  Watch out, don't be diagonal or 
infront of it or else it will stun you with it's 
Killereye beam.

Location: Underground 1 and 2.

Location: Undernet zero; Undernet 2; Graveyard

Location: Graveyard

Rarekillereye 1&2
Location: Underground 2

16) Mettaur: The easiest virus in the game.  
That's right the easiest.  
All it does is move up and down in the same row you are in 
and than it fires a shock wave which goes 
across the panels.

Location: Central area 1, 2 and 3; Robodog comp; 
Class 6-1 comp; Class 6-2 comp; Class 1-1 Comp; 
Class 1-2 comp; Robctrl Comp; Seaside area 1; 
Teacherrmcomp; Bathroom comp; WaterMchcomp; 
Pipe Comp.

Locations: Seaside Area 2; Green area 1 and 2; 
Judgtree Comp , 2 and 3; Undernet zero; SftToySpComp; 
VendingMcComp; Doghouse Comp; Elevator Comp; Pavilion Comp 2;
AirCndtrComp; GuidPanlComp.

Location: Underground 1 and 2; Undernet 2; 
Graveyard area; ACDC HP; 
Pavilion comp 1, 2 and 4 (n0 3 lol)

Raremettaur1 and 2
Location: Central area 1

17) Nightmare Virus:  Now, this virus is interesting.  
His attacks are easy to dodge (since he stalls before 
he attacks).  Only thing is, HE CAN ONLY BE AFFECTED BY 

Location: underground 1 and 2; 
Pavilioncomp 2 and 4; guidpanlcomp

Location: PrcplofcComp

Location: Graveyard area

RareNightmare1 and 2
Locations: underground 2

18) Oldstov Virus:  This virus is pretty easy.  
All you have to do is avoid being in the same row as 
(or being over 3 panels away from it horizontally).  
Some upgraded ones can also crack panels as it attacks.

Location: RobCtrlComp 2; Central Area 3; 
Lab's Comp 1; Heater Comp.

Location: Sky area 1 and 2; ACDC Area; MrWeatherComp 3.

Location: PavilionComp 4.

RareOldSt1 and 2
Location: Central Area 3.

19) Piranha Viruses:  Watch out for these guys.  
Just don't be in the same row as them and then your set.  
They fire needles when they target you so watch out.

Location: Seaside area 1, 2 and 3; Aquarium HP; 
AquarumComp 1, 2 and 3; SecurCamComp; FshStkSpComp.

Location: Underground 2; AirCndtrComp.

Location: PavilionComp 1

RarePiranha1 and 2:
Location: Seaside Area 1

20) Puffy Viruses:  Yet, another stationary virus.  
These guys fire needles at you.  
The more times you hit them, the more needles they 
will fire at you so watch out. 

Location: Seaside area 1, 2, and 3; 
Aquarium HP; AquarumComp 1, 2, and 3

Location: Sky Area 1 and 2; Underground 1 and 2; 
MrWeatherComp 1 and 2; Pavilion Comp 1; 
Shower Comp

Location: Graveyard Area.

21) PulsBulb Viruses:  These viruses are pretty annoying.  
You can only hurt them when they are attacking you.  
They come to your side of the field and do a ElecPulse 
attack which damages the panel in front of them, 
than 3 more(vertical) ahead.

Location: MrWeatherComp 1, 2 and 3; Lab'sComp 2; 
ElevatorComp; HeliPrtComp; ObservtnComp

PulseBulb 2
Locations:  Undernet Zero

PulseBulb 3
Location: Graveyard Area

RarePulseBulb1 and 2
Location: MrWeatherComp3

22) Quaker Viruses:  Well, all these guys do is 
jump in the air to the row your in creating 
shock waves that head right towards you.

Location: Seaside Area 3; AquarumComp1, 2 and 3; 
JdgeTreeComp 1 and 3; Lab'sComp 1

Location: Sky Area 2; ACDC Area; Undernet Zero

Location: Underground 2

RareQuaker1 and 2
Location: Seaside Area 3

23)  ScarCrow Viruses:  Watch out.  Even though these 
guys just stand still, they attack with DolThunder 
(which is practically Elec Cross's Charge attack) 
and they recover right before they attack 
(yes recover full health unfotunately).

Location: Sky Area 1 and 2; MrWeatherComp 2 and 3

Location: PavilionComp 3.

Location: Graveyard Area

24)  Shrubby Viruses: These viruses just move around, 
than fire a log at you so watch out.

Location: JudgeTreeComp 1, 2, and 3;  
Mascot Comp; Book Comp

Location: Pavilioncomp 2; Mascot Comp

Shrubby3: Graveyard Area

RareShrubby1 and 2
Location: JudgeTreeComp 3

25)  Snakearm Virus:  This is a cowardly virus.  
He just pops up and down into and out of the ground.  
He eventually appears on your side of the field and 
springs at you so watch out.

Location: Undernet 1 and 2.

Location: PavilionComp 4; CopybotComp

Location:  Graveyard Area.

RareSnakeArm1 and 2
Location: Graveyard Area.

26) Starfish Virus: Stationary virus that 
fires three bubbles that can lock on to you 
and make you trapped in a bubble for a brief amount of time.

Location: AquarumComp 2 and 2; 
OxygenTankComp; ObservationComp

Starfish 2
Location: Undernet 2; Pavilioncomp 1

Starf (Starfish 3)
Location: Graveyard Area.

RareStarfish1 and 2
Location: AquariumComp 3.

27)  Swordy Viruses:  They finally brought back
 the swordy viruses.  They fight the same way as 
they did in 1, 2 and 3.  Go to front row and either 
do wide sword or long sword and can sometimes do 
Areagrab.  Some of these viruses can even warp on your 
side of the field and slash you so watch out!  
Did I mention that each of them have a certain element 
(fire, and water)? Well if I didn't, they do.

Location: Seaside Area 1 and 2; Underground 1; Symbol Comp

Location:  Sky Area 1 and 2; ACDC Area; 
Underground 2; Undernet zero and 1;  
MrWeatherComp 1

Location: Underground 2; PavilionComp 1; CopyBotComp.

Both RareSwordies(one is fire and the other is water)
Location: Underground 1

28) Trumpy Viruses:  A unique virus as in they don't 
attack directly but they blow out a tune which can 
affect you or their virus allies.  
They stay in the back row (cowards XD).

Trumpy (make their virus allies 
invincible but not themselves)
Location: ACDC Area

Tuby (make you (megaman) confused)
Location: ACDC Area.

Tromby (makes megaman stunned)
Location: Undernet Zero

Muteant (prevents your from attacking)
Location: Graveyard Area.

Zylos (heals all it's virus allies to 
maximum health but it can't heal itself)
Location: Event Battle

TrumpySP (same effect as Trumpy, makes all 
virus allies invincible but not themselves) 
Location: Event Battle

29) Windbox Viruses:  These guys also stay 
still, and can either blow out (moving you 
backwards aka left or pull you in aka right).
The windbox's that have the word 
"vacuumfan" in it or the ones that 
pull you in and the ones that have the word 
"WindBox" or just "Box" push you out.

Location: MrWeatherComp 1 and 2; Lab'sComp2; 

Location: MrWeatherComp 1 and 2; Lab's Comp 2; 

Location: PavilionComp 3; AirCondtr Comp.

Location: MrWeatherComp 1; PavilionComp 3.

Location: MrWeatherComp 1.

Version History:
1.0: The original one had some spelling errors which 
were fixed and the "RareDragon" was changed to 
"Black Dragon" and "White Dragon" because those 
are the actual names of the Rare 
Earth Dragon Viruses.

1.5:  Didn't have Starfish Rare Virus location.  Corrected
Location on HntdCandle 2 Location.

Well that's it.  Some of these I got from the BradyGames 
Guide and I confirmed that they were right.  A few I got 
from Burestu. Multi Koopa helped me with the HntdCandle 2 Location.
The rest I found out for myself.  
If you have a question, email me at [email protected]