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Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun Cheats and Tips

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We've got a collection of Number Man codes for you to check out and enter.

More Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun Gameboy Advance Cheats and Tips

We have 9 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun please send them in here. For more Codes for Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun go to:
Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun Action Replay Codes
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You can also ask your question on our Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun Questions & Answers page.

All Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Unlock Codes

Enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect

Higsby Number Trader Codes

Rush - 73298100

Beat - 25435428

Tango - 10170506

GunDelSol EX G - 74293099

WideShot 3 T - 68009092

ColorPoint - 19095677

FlameLine 3 J - 57604335

TwinFang 3 G - 88019791

HP+500 (White) - 30873642

MegaFolder2 - 02109544

Buster Pack - 05178924

AirHockey 3 V - 77038416

Recover300 J - 66703422

VariableSword C - 03696458

HP+500 (Pink) - 97618739

Body Pack - 43494372

Custom2 - 75420107

Number Man Lotto Codes

Battle Chips

VarSwrd C - 03696458

ColorPt - 19095677

Snake R - 32108251

FlmLine1 G - 46292983

FlmLine3 J - 57604335

Recov300 J - 66703422

WideSht3 T - 68009092

GunSolEX G - 74293099

AirHoc3 V - 77038416

TwnFng3 G - 88019791

Sub Chips

LockEnemy - 37198940

MiniEnergy - 45798331

Full Energy - 59891137

Full Energy - 84625799

SneakRun - 89866302

Unlocker - 94872322

MiniEnergy - 16589650

SneakRun - 24247309

LockEnemy - 27979609

Unlocker - 00274304

Untrap - 02368995

Untrap - 14769745

Navi Customizer Blocks

10170506 - Tango (Green)

Beat (Blue) - 25435428

HP+500 (white) - 30873642

BodyPack (Blue) - 43494372

Rush (Yellow) - 73298100

Custom2 (Yellow) - 75420107

MegFldr2 (Green) - 02109544

BustPack (Red) - 05178924

HP+500 (Pink) - 97618739

How to get busting level S on bass 2ndform

First you need to trade over 100 bugfrag in the bugfrag trader to get him to show up randomly in black earth 2.He has 3,000 hp and his strongest attack takes 600 hp!! Yes he is hard unless you have 4 airhoc3 chips.This part is easy.all you do is wait untill he gets in the middle then you use it. You should get fullsycro.if you have two more on you then use them and you should be able to beat him.I beat him in 16.56 seconds.if you do beat him around my time you should get a giga chip call black barrier.


There are ghost navis in some certain areas of the net the one I can remember are

Gutsman: ACDC 2

Topman:Town 1

Roll: Town 2 underpart.

Searchman: Undernet 1

Laserman: Undernet five at random

Shademan: Undernet four at random

O well everyone thats all for now.

How to really get to Undernet six. Go to Underne..

How to really get to Undernet six. Go to Undernet 3 and you will find a teleporter that will send you to another one then go in it then take the path to Undernet 6.


Number Man Codes

Enter these:







15789208=Airshot3 40





63997824=VarSwordF 160

95913876=GutStrgtS 100



That's all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark chips side effects

When you use Dark Cannon, it takes off the hp you've lost in battle.

Using dark recov rapidly loses you hp.

Dark Vulcan lasts for 30seconds (I think).

In Dark Soul you can't get deleted, though charge shot creates a bunch of flowers.

Hope this helps

How to Beat Duo

Okay, I know a lot of people are having trouble on Duo, so here's how to beat him and dodge his moves.

First off, you'll need the right moves. Pop Up and Invisable work really well. Plus Red Sun would deal about 300 damage normally. The Wind Soul will help you a lot because Duo breaks lots of tiles. Some moves won't hit Duo even if they're aimed for the red mark on his chest (which is his weak point). Which include moves like ColdMan, Flameline and Blizzard. The worst thing you could do is use Guard because if you do, you'll be a sitting duck (no, it won't block any of his attacks). Oh, and when you use moves like ThunderMan, Duo's chest is in the second row of tiles. Don't lose patience, it takes time and concentration to beat Duo.

Now how to dodge his attacks. Duo will shoot landmines and missiles. When this happens, you have two options, either blow up the missiles (each missile has up to 50 HP) or be very quick and dodge them. There is an attack where Duo throw punches at you, if you're fast enough they're really easy to dodge. The punch when Duo slams his hand into the ground his a really good time to attack after you dodge it. If you don't know how to dodge it, the laser beam can get very annoying. Of course, you'll have to move to the side then you just have to watch where where the rings around the beam go. Jump over to where the rings used to be. If you do it right, the laser will miss you every single time. Now last but by all means not least, the attack where Duo flys fists everywhere. Now to dodge it, you need a very good eye if you don't have Invisable or Pop Up activated. Watch where his fists go then move to where he just punched(or you can just jump like nuts and pray you don't get hit). This attack is like lightning, it never strikes twice in the same place.

Well that's it. Hope this thing helps you out. Now if you think he's scary at 2000 HP, every time you go to another game (game 2, game 3, so on, so forth), he gains 500 HP, so be prepared!


First of all, go to undernet 2 by jacking into the statue located in Netfrica. I'm sure that undernet 4 is the farthest you have gotten to (if you haven't been to undernet 6 that is). But in undernet 2, there will be another place you can teleport to get to undernet 6.The teleporting place in undernet 2 will be around the bottom. If you're going there to get S.Sensor, than talk to a black navi and buy it for 10000 zennys. So remember to collect money as yo go!

Numberman Codes

77038416 AirHockey 3v

25435428 Beat(NaviCustBlock)

43494372 Body Pack(NCB)

05178924 Buster Pack(NCB)

19095677 ColorPoint *

75420107 Custom2(NCB)

46292983 FlameLine 1 G

57604335 FlameLine 3 J

59891137 FullEnergy

84625799 FullEnergy

74293099 GunDelSol EX G (secret chip)

30873642 HP+500(NCB)

97618739 HP+500(NCB)

27979609 LockEnemy

37198940 LockEnemy

02109544 MegaFolder2(NCB)

16589650 MiniEnergy

45798331 MiniEnergy

66703422 Recover300 J

73298100 Rush(NCB)

32108251 Snake R

24247309 SneakRun

89866302 SneakRun

10170506 Tango(NCB)

88019791 TwinFang 3 G

00274304 Unlocker

94872322 Unlocker

14769745 Untrap

02368995 Untrap

03696458 VariableSword C

68009092 WideShot 3 T

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