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Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun


Water God System Guide

by LeviticusLo

Megaman Battle Network 4 Red Sun/Blue Moon
Water God River Management Control System Chart

To find what you're looking for press Ctrl+F and input the code next to the 
section you're wanting to go to. 

Table of Contents
1. Introduction                                      [INTRD]
2. Version History                                   [VRSNH]
3. Legal Information                                 [LGLIN]
4. Water God River Management Control System Chart   [WGRMS]
5. Dead Navi and Water God System Battle Chart       [DNAVB]
6. Frequently Asked Questions                        [FAQS-]
7. Contact Me                                        [CONTT]
8. Thanks to                                         [THNKS]

Introduction  [INTRD]
Hi I'm leviticuslo. I'm not going to say my real name for security reasons. 
This is my very first Walkthrough/FAQ/Chart. It's probably too late to make one
for this game since it's been a few years after this game was made though. This
is a chart for getting through the Water God River Management Control System. 

Legal Information  [LGLIN]
This FAQ is copyright to me, leviticuslo, 2006. It is allowed 
to be posted on any of these sites:
GameFaqs -      SuperCheats -

It is NOT allowed on any other website without my permission. If you want to 
use this guide or ask questions about it, e-mail me. Just check out the Contact
Me section for all my information. 

Version History  [VRSNH]
0.99 - 10/11/06 - Added enemies in the System for Normal Difficulty

0.98 - 8/11/06 - This is the first version of my chart. I put which warps take 
you where and which data crystals give you what in which room. 

Water God River Management Control System Chart  [WGRMS]
The Water God River Management Control System is a river management system in 
Netfrica. You get there once you reach the Red Sun/Blue Moon Tournament. During
the Red Sun/Blue Moon Tournament on a random difficulty level(s) you will be 
against Paulie from Netfrica. He invites you to do the Water God Challenge and 
tells you to go to Netfrica so hop on your plane and go to Netfrica. 

In Netfrica, go to the people jumping and talk to them. They say they're 
dancing for the Water God and tell you to jack in to the Nupopo idol in front 
of them. Jack in and go through this area into the Netfrica net area and find 
the crowd of Navis. They talk about the challenge and tell you to find the 
Water God Idol. It will fly off into the Sharo net area. Go through Netopia 
area into the Sharo area which is in the top-left edge of Netopia net. Search 
the area and you will find it. After you've found it go back to the Navi and it
tells you you're the champion. Just jack out now. 

Go back to the ostrich and you will see the people next to the river. They tell
you the river has dried up because of a virus in the River Management System 
and they need someone to fix it. Of course they pick you. They tell you that 
you need the Recvdrp which is in Netfrica net area so they give you the Lion 
Key. Now jack into the Nupopo idol again and go through the Netfrica area 
until you find the three doors. You will use the Lion Key on the first door. 
Then the next door is a quiz. Answer the questions correctly and it'll open. 
The third door is a battle. Once you've gone through the doors grab the Recvdrp
and jack out. Now go across the blocks to the other side of the river and jack 
in to the Water God River Management Control System. 

This chart is to help you to get through the Water God System. It will be set
up like so:

|Room |Green Warp | Blue Warp | Pink Warp |  What is Found in the Room  |
|   A |   Exit    |  Room  B  |  Room  C  |            XXXXz            |
|   B |  Room  A  |    N/A    |    N/A    |         Chip Name *         |
|   C |  Room  E  |  Room  A  |  Room  D  |   XXXXz, XXX Dead Navi(s)   |

The [Color] Warp means which warp goes to which room. You can tell which warp 
in the room is which by what color square the warp is on. Also a warp in one 
room may not always take you to another warp of the same color. 

In some warp columns there is N/A. N/A means not available so if there is N/A 
in that column, that means there is no warp of that color in that room. The 
What's Found column is for, as the name implies, what you find in the room. The
z in the What's Found column stands for Zennys, which you should already know 
because that's what it is on the game. 

Here's the chart: 
|Room |Green Warp | Blue Warp | Pink Warp |  What is Found in the Room  |
|   1 |   Exit    |  Room  6  |  Room  5  |            100z             |
|   2 |  Room 13  |  Room  3  |  Room 10  |            100z             |
|   3 |  Room 11  |  Room  2  |  Room  5  |            100z             |
|   4 |  Room 11  |  Room 13  |  Room  6  |     100z, One Dead Navi     |
|   5 |  Room  3  |  Room  1  |  Room  7  |    100z, Two Dead Navis     |
|   6 |  Room  4  |  Room  1  |  Room 14  |            100z             |
|   7 |  Room  5  |  Room 15  |  Room 14  |    100z, Four Dead Navis    |
|   8 |  Room 12  |  Room 10  |  Room 16  |    100z, Five Dead Navis    |
|   9 |  Room 11  |    N/A    |    N/A    |     Full Energy SubChip     |
|  10 |  Room 13  |  Room  8  |  Room  2  |            100z             |
|  11 |  Room  3  |  Room  9  |  Room  4  |            100z             |
|  12 |  Room  8  |    N/A    |    N/A    |          FullCust*          |
|  13 |  Room  4  |  Room  2  |  Room 10  |            100z             |
|  14 |  Room  6  |  Room  7  |  Room 15  |            100z             |
|  15 |  Room  7  |    N/A    |  Room 14  |   100z, Three Dead Navis    |
|  16 |  Room  8  |    N/A    |    N/A    |   10,000z, Water God Comp   |
| Enemies found in the Water God System                                 |
| Normal Difficulty: MettuarEX, ShrimpyEX, LarkEX                       |
|                                                                       |
| Hard Difficulty:                                                      |
|                                                                       |
| Super Hard Difficulty:                                                |

If you want to go straight through the Water God River System to the Water God 
Comp and want to be in the least amount of battles then follow this path. From 
room 1 go to room 6 (blue warp), then to room 4 (green warp), then to room 13 
(blue warp), then to room 10 (pink warp), then to room 8 (blue warp), then 
finally to room 16 (pink warp). In room 4 there is one dead navi and in room 8 
there are five dead navis. Another path is from room 1 to room 5 (pink warp), 
then to room 3 (green warp), then to room 2 (blue warp), then to room 10 (pink 
warp), then to room 8 (blue warp), then finally to room 16 (pink warp). In this
path you will find two dead navis in room 5 and five dead navis in room 8 like 
on the other path. To avoid battles from the dead navis walk along the edges of
the room to the warp. 

Each time you jack into the Water God River Management System a Mr. Program 
(you know one of those green guys) will randomly appear in a room, but not 
every time you jack in. What it does is it heals you and it will give you 
something. I have a brother that has Red Sun and he got 4 BugFrags. I have Blue
Moon but I haven't found it yet so I'm not sure if he gives you something 
random or if it's a set item. If someone has more info on this please e-mail me
about it. 

Dead Navi and Water God Comp Battle Chart  [DNAVB]
This section is for the set battles in the Water God River Control System. 
While you're jacked into the system you will find dead navis in the middle of 
some rooms. If you get too close to them you be in a battle against them. 
Actually it will be against viruses but those viruses are supposed to be the 
navis' data gone corrupt. To avoid a battle stay along the edge of the room 
until you're next to the warp. The number of navis there are means the number 
of battles you will be against. I will list what you will be against and what 
the terrain will be like. I will also list the battles you go against once you 
reach and check the Water God River System. 

I have the room in order from the least amount of Dead Navis to the most, then 
the Water God System battles. 

In room 4: 
Battle 1 - MettaurEX, MettaurEX, MelodyEX 
(Don't have terrain info yet)

In room 5:
Battle 1 - MettaurEX, MettaurEx, LarkEx
Battle 2 - LarkEX, LarkEX
(Don't have terrain info yet)

In room 15:
Battle 1 - SpikeyEX, SpikeyEX
Battle 2 - MettaurEX, Tuby, MettaurEX
Battle 3 - MettaurEX, BillyEX, BoomerEX
Terrain For All Battles:
I I P|I I I   I - Ice
P I I|I I P   P - Poison

In room 7:
Battle 1 - Kilby, Trumpy
Battle 2 - VolGearEX, VolGearEX
Battle 3 - Walla, Spidy
Battle 4 - MelodyEX, MettaurEX, Walla
Terrain For All Battles:
X X P|P X X   P - Poison
X X P|P X X   X - Blank Panel

In room 8:
Battle 1 - MettaurEX, MettaurEX
Battle 2 - MettaurEX, ShrimpyEX
Battle 3 - ShrimpyEX, DharmaEX - DharmaEX has PanlGrab
Battle 4 - MettaurEX, BoomerEX
Battle 5 - MelodyEX, VolGearEX
(Don't have terrain info yet)

In room 16, the Water Management System:
Battle 1 - MettaurEX, LarkEX
Battle 2 - LarkEX, LarkEX - LarkEX has Blinder
Battle 3 - MettaurEX, LarkEX, MettaurEX
Battle 4 - ShrimpyEX, ShrimpyEX, Trumpy
Battle 5 - LarkEX, ShrimpyEX, Trumpy
Terrain For All Battles:
I I I|X X X   I - Ice
X I I|I I X   X - Blank panel
X X X|I I I 

During some of the battles I forgot to list the terrain, so if you have info on
them please send it to me. I also need to know if the chips the enemies use are
what I listed them as or if they're just random so please e-mail me on that if 
you get any information. Look at my Contact Me section for my e-mail address. 

Frequently Asked Questions  [FAQS-]
Q: What is the Water God River Management Control System? 
A: It is the management system for the river in Netfrica. 

Q: How do I get there? 
A: After you've done the Water God Challenge and gotten the Recvdrp, go to 
  Netfrica and it's across the river. 

Contact Me  [CONTT]
I'm wanting to add info on what enemies you find throughout the whole computer 
so you can e-mail me about that. If you have any questions or comments about 
the Water God River Management Control System then e-mail them to me. Any 
information that's helpful or that I think is needed to be in my Chart then I 
will mention your name and how you helped. If you have negative comments about 
my Guide that are not going to help me improve it then don't send them to me. 
Oh and make sure you make the subject about this FAQ or else I may delete it. 

Now here is my e-mail address: [email protected]

Thanks To  [THNKS]
Thanks to:

- Me, leviticuslo, because I created it

- To the creators of the game, because I never would have played this game if 
it didn't exist

- Anyone that reads this Chart/FAQ and uses it 

Hey I would appreciate it if you have any information that I'm missing and 
e-mail it to me. That's all then. Bye!