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Follow the dark path or use the light

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

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Gameshark Codes that works game shark code for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Gameshark Codes that works

[M] Must Be On
98D7716A E281
71D84B76 AC98

Codes must be used
On continued game.

Have Loads of Gold
0E068A9E 9A53
7F034077 C7D6
0E068A9E 9A53

Have 50,000 Gold
0E068A9E 9A53
3F0F414D 05CA

Earn 50,000 each Day
0E068A9E 9A53
4E4242FD CF94

Stop Time
0E068A9E 9A53
1EDFD216 C79C

SpeedUp Time [Hold B+L]

Have all Recipe Entries
0E068A9E 9A53
4CAA00C2 2FB6

Have all Houses
0E068A9E 9A53
8014E2B7 EAF2

Well Stocked Shelf
0E068A9E 9A53
8286F896 1FDF

Well Stocked Fridge
0E068A9E 9A53
4CA891A8 69A2
9E3FF1A3 04AA
0E068A9E 9A53
0C8ED896 3FBF
1E2F91A3 04AA

Well Stocked ToolBox
0E068A9E 9A53
3F579817 17DD

Always Sunny
0E068A9E 9A53

Always Raining
0E068A9E 9A53

Always Snowing
0E068A9E 9A53

Infinite Stamina
0E068A9E 9A53
088413D4 A9F6
0E068A9E 9A53

Infinite Water
0E068A9E 9A53
3B4D1277 C210

Infinite Feed
0E068A9E 9A53
E1B8B105 A872

Infinite Fodder
0E068A9E 9A53
C0E862E5 6A74

Infinite Lumber
0E068A9E 9A53
B19DB501 A47A

All Tools Upgradable
0E068A9E 9A53
86BEF082 4EAE

Property Upgraded
0E068A9E 9A53
2D844E73 7B2F
0E068A9E 9A53
F3592FE8 5055
0EAC9082 4FAE
0E068A9E 9A53
E1F8B1A5 E874
2DE64760 AD48

Max Slots in Rucksack
0E068A9E 9A53
0EAE8992 1997

Infinite Tool In-Hand
0E068A9E 9A53
809476F4 EFF2

Till Whole Field [Sel+L]
A145EF1D F955
2D544B77 FDF9

Quick Pregnancy
C20AA1A7 4D8A
1EBF5FDA 9097

Instant Child (Note 1)
B1C4AE3E B251
80243FDB B9F7
B1C4AE3E B251
5E9B52E4 C78A

Child Fully Grown
0E068A9E 9A53
7951574D A06C

Remove from Rucksack:

All Items [Strt+L+R+Up]
B1E4A63A A650
0EA6DB26 5D8B
1E0F9887 56AF

All Tools [Strt+L+R+Dwn]
90A4A798 E4D6
D23B68D9 1797
0C849886 7FCF


Always Healthy
0E068A9E 9A53
5E2B91A3 4582

Produce (G) Items
0E068A9E 9A53
4EAAD1A3 4D82
0E068A9E 9A53
B3552ED8 1209

Infinite Feed Boxes
0E068A9E 9A53
29E41548 2864
0E068A9E 9A53
A3FC7548 0804

Barn Animals:

Always Healthy
0E068A9E 9A53
0E0699B7 5DDB

Produce (G) Items
0E068A9E 9A53
1EA7D1B3 45DA
0E068A9E 9A53
E3582EC8 1A51

Infinite Feed Boxes
0E068A9E 9A53
08B4C6A8 EA62
0E068A9E 9A53

Max Affection:

0E068A9E 9A53
80BC2D6D F87F
0EAC9082 4FAE

0E068A9E 9A53
E15826D8 2A60
0EAC9082 4FAE

0E068A9E 9A53
C090E4AC 6A6A

0E068A9E 9A53
C0C865D9 A860

0E068A9E 9A53
F1912479 E226

0E068A9E 9A53
90D524E9 E23C

0E068A9E 9A53
E1206D5C B823

0E068A9E 9A53
B1856469 E23E

0E068A9E 9A53
90C564E9 E23C

Married to:

0E068A9E 9A53
C2C065D9 8800

0E068A9E 9A53
F3992479 C246

0E068A9E 9A53
92DD24E9 C25C

0E068A9E 9A53
E3286D5C 9843

0E068A9E 9A53
B38D6469 C25E

0E068A9E 9A53
92CD64E9 C25C

Harvest Sprites:

Staid: Max Affection
0E068A9E 9A53
E170ED09 386D

Staid: Max Skills
0E068A9E 9A53
0E068A9E 9A53
B3FDED18 1015

Nappy: Max Affection
0E068A9E 9A53
F1D1766C E268

Nappy: Max Skills
0E068A9E 9A53
0E068A9E 9A53
A37C7E79 DA11

Bold: Max Affection
0E068A9E 9A53
E150E42D 6A68

Bold: Max Skills
0E068A9E 9A53
B19DB629 627E
0E068A9E 9A53
B3DDE43C 4210

Chef: Max Affection
0E068A9E 9A53
90B57FD8 B077

Chef: Max Skills
0E068A9E 9A53
805C25C8 A878
0E068A9E 9A53
821C77DD 8816

Aqua: Max Affection
0E068A9E 9A53
8034ED99 3877

Aqua: Max Skills
0E068A9E 9A53
D0F92CFD F265
0E068A9E 9A53
D2B97EE8 D20B

Hoggy: Max Affection
0E068A9E 9A53
909576FC E272

Hoggy: Max Skills
0E068A9E 9A53
C078BEBC 7A65
0E068A9E 9A53
C238ECA9 5A0B

Timid: Max Affection
0E068A9E 9A53
8014E4BD 6A72

Timid: Max Skills
0E068A9E 9A53
F1896559 A062
0E068A9E 9A53
F3C9374C 800C


Teleport Stone:

Note 1: Press L+R+Up then
Go to bed with Wife.

Added By Guest
Mar 3rd 2012, ID#13664 | REPORT
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Oct 25th 2017 Clark Ricky Getida Abenita
Do you know what's the cheat code infinite ingredients for harvest moon?
ID #741847
Oct 25th 2017 Clark Ricky Getida Abenita
Please if you know the cheat please help me
ID #741848
May 30th 2017 I'm not HACKER2000
I can't belive Karen is mine๐Ÿ˜‚ i've screenshot all of the cheat and it's woking i'm uising android ok๐Ÿ˜ .I'm not cheater i'm not using it all the time
But i'm happy that i had a wife and a child๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข
ID #723847
May 20th 2017 Isnot
Is not work for my tablet lenovo tab3 8. Plss help me
ID #722546
May 19th 2017 Complex
Items Turns Into A Turnip Any Reasons Why?????????????
ID #722366
Mar 27th 2016 andrewslusser
money cheats for work on my mind Boy emulator on my Android phone what can I do
ID #642951
Oct 23rd 2015 Guest
how to upgrade all tools
ID #619069
May 30th 2017 I'm not HACKER2000
To the black smith
ID #723848
Aug 26th 2015 Guest
these say game shark codes but it will only let me input them as Code Breaker codes
ID #602470
Aug 26th 2015 Guest
I have tried everything that everyone in the comments have said & nothing it working , I'm doing everything correctly , I have the correct version of the game (U) , I have the GBA4IOS emulator , I'm inputting the codes as Code Breaker codes, help !
ID #602469
Aug 7th 2015 Guest
ID #594882
Jul 29th 2015 Guest
I Love it!!!! thanks all the code is working!!![img][img][/img] [/img]
ID #591122
Jul 29th 2015 Guest
I Love it!!!! thanks all the code is working!!!
ID #591118
Jul 21st 2015 Rafi Arsanta
How to Get a Child?
ID #587226
Jul 21st 2015 Rafi Arsanta
How To Get Child?
ID #587225
Jun 1st 2015 Guest
Gba for android not working .this cheat is work for version?
ID #564148
May 29th 2015 Guest
really works on my vba emulator !!! Smile thanks ... it really help me alot .
ID #562651
Jul 6th 2015 Guest
How did you do?
ID #580799
May 15th 2015 Guest
Wiw, it's not working, wasting time for typing
ID #556560
Apr 23rd 2015 Guest
does these cheat work for android?
ID #546968
Jun 23rd 2015 Guest
Not everyone
ID #574213
Apr 3rd 2015 bigtim
The teleport stone code doesn't work. Does anyone have the correct code? Thanks.
ID #537339
Jul 12th 2015 Guest
I know listen 82002958994D
ID #583257
Mar 17th 2015 Guest
ID #529702
Jan 18th 2015 Guest
Do these work on emulators for phones
ID #503345
Jan 13th 2015 Guest
It works first you need to save it in the book then disable the cheats that you need then reset the game then enable the cheats then press continue and the cheat will work of course if turn on the master code
ID #500892
Dec 22nd 2014 Guest
Thanks ๐Ÿš€
ID #488587
Jun 20th 2014 Guest
Saved game one diary reset game dont load state just continue game on the intro then walla.
ID #402888
Jul 21st 2015 Guest
Lol Walla xD
ID #587222
Jun 8th 2014 Guest
Master Codes are mandatory for these. Second, you have to save and load your game from the diary to have it work. Doing it with save states is not the same thing, but if you load save states, any codes that were already activated through continuing normally will work. YOU HAVE TO ACTIVATE THESE ON A CONTINUED GAME FIRST!

TL;DR: Master codes are a must, and the codes need to be used on a continued game. They won't work immediately.
ID #396067
Jun 2nd 2014 Guest
Why cant these cheats work on Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town[E]
I tried a billion times but no use, why?
ID #393042
Mar 30th 2014 Guest
it doesnt work to me ..!
ID #369987
Mar 22nd 2014 Guest
The codes work. But i have a problem w changing my tool. I took out 3 different tools to use but When i press the L+B button to chg, it got stuck to only a Hoe in my hand. I checked my rucksack and all my 3 tools in hand became a hoe. Wtf?
ID #366995
Sep 8th 2015 Guest
lol you got a HOE in your hand hahaaa
ID #606642
Nov 30th 2015 ambiluis1612
lmao. best response ever
ID #629977
Feb 18th 2014 Guest
Thank u for the awesome codes
ID #356405
Feb 10th 2014 Guest
What does all upgradable tools mean.

ID #353892
Feb 3rd 2014 Guest
why the cheat not work why
ID #351556