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Final Fantasy V Advance Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Final Fantasy V Advance

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We have cheats that will show you how to unlock the Bestiary and how to unlock Bonus content.

More Final Fantasy V Advance Cheats and Tips

We have 10 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy V Advance please send them in here.

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Gameshark Codes

Enter the following Gameshark codes to enable the corresponding effect.
Max/Infinite Gil (North America)
B603583D 4982FCD2
ALL Jobs Unlocked (North America)
B65D7114 42EE4690
ALL Jobs Mastered (North America)
21AFDA85 1637547F

Ultimate Attack

I have been messing around with movers for hours at a time getting ABP and ive mastered many things including canoneers and samuries.if you master samuries you get hte abbility zeniage which if you defeat movers can be very useful or if you master canonneers you get the ultamite attack if you have deeated movers in the rift as much as i have you would know how much zeniage you get well i got over 1,000,000 zenis and bought all the ammunition i could find limit is (99) and bought all kinds of items like mallets tents cottages and sold ouy the item shop then when I mastered canoneer i used the abbility combine and used blitzshot and gold needle this attack always does 3000 and atacks each enemy I used this with mimes on Exdeath and when he turns into Neo Exdeath it is the most handy of if youre fighting that robot in the rift the one with no soul that looks like a mecha head remember that this attack does 3,000 on every foe i've met so please use this.

Easy Mythril Items!

Change one of your characters to a thief make sure they can use steal and go to the tower of walse most enemies have mythril items and a chest somewhere I am not telling you where it is because it is very obvious has a Mythril Helmet inside all the Mythril items I have foun are listed Mythril Sword Mythril Dagger
And Mythrill Helmet.Its suggestion time!Suggestions are give helmet and sword
To a knight and give the dagger to a thief because thieves can only use daggers
And knifes while black mages can use more so thats it!
Bye bye peoples!

freelancers and mimes

The freelancers and mimes might seem weak but I just learned something... If you master a job when youre a freelancer you get the traits and stuff like that of that job like a knights strength a black mages magicand inherent abilities like a thieves sprint or find passages are automatically being used so you don't have to set them! Plus you can equip anything and you still have two slots for abilities! If you master all the jobs freelancers and mimes become the strongest jobs of all

Beating the gil turtle

Cast float on your party before the battle because when it's hp runs out the the turtle will cast earth shaker his weakness is ice so have ice based weapon such as icebrand and have strong ice based magic like blizigga

Unlock Bestiary

Save the game after defeating at least one enemy and you will be able to select this option under 'Bestiary' on the Main menu. This will allow you to see the facts about the enemies you have defeated.

Unlock Bonus Content

In the GBA Final Fantasy V release there are some bonus Dungeons and Job classes which were unavailable in previous releases of the game.
Unlock Cave:
Get ALL 12 legendary weapons from Kuza Castle.
Unlock Necromancer Job:
In the Sealed Temple defeat Enuo
Unlock Oracle Job, Cannoneer and Gladiator:
Get when you first enter the Cave.
Unlock Cloister of the Dead:
Get when you earn the Necromancer job.
Unlock Sealed Temple:
Successfully beat the game once.

Gain tons of AP!

Most people think that the three movers in the room before th final fight aren't worth the trouble. They gine you 199 ap per fight and 50,000 per mover. Beware! They use a attack called delta attack, even if there is only one.

Infinate gil without any danger of death!

In world 2, go to the cave between the castle of Bal and the big bridge. Near the bal entrance, go down the first ladder and continued along the path untill you find a metal door.
When a message comes up saying recieved 10 gil, quicksave and walk TWO STEPS before quicksaving again.
Every step will earn you double the previous ammount all the way up to 40,960! But, if you don't quicksave, you will fight one of the hardest boss in the gme; gil turtle. You will fight him every THREE STEPS.
So quicksave every TWO STEPS.

No random attackes

Random attacks come every time you walk a certain number of steps to avoid this.
You can quick save the game which restarts the number of steps avoiding the attacks.
I still do not know how many steps it takes for the attacks though.

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