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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Cheats and Tips

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A large selection of cheats for you to try out including one for getting the Ultima sword.

More Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Gameboy Advance Cheats and Tips

We have 51 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance please send them in here. For more Codes for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance go to:
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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GameShark Codes

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Gameshark Infinite Codes

Master Code

000037AE 000A

10000488 0007

Enter the following codes to enable the corresponding infinite cheat.

Infinite HP (Affects ALL Player Characters)

42000098 03E7

00000014 0108

Infinite MP (Affects ALL Player Characters)

4200009C 0063

00000014 0108

Infinite JP (Affects ALL Player Characters)

42000156 0063

00000014 0108

Final Fantasy: Tactics cheats

Secret Characters

Complete the game once to be able to unlock all the secret characters except Ezel. Babus:

Successfully complete the Left Behind mission before entering a town and clear the With Babus mission


Successfully complete the A Maiden's Cry mission before entering a town


Successfully complete the Mortal Snow mission


Successfully complete all 300 numbered missions


Select Gossip in the Card Shop then successfully clear the Reconciliation mission

Unlock the following characters by having different mission items. It is not guaranteed that these characters will join your clan.


Successfully complete a mission with Wyrmstone as a mission item

Gameshark Codes (Europe)

Master Code (Europe)

9368AC15 8812


91CF78E6 2CC0

Enter the following codes to enable the corresponding effect.

Maximum JP

995FEAAB 104A

389DB78D 6EF6

Maximum Speed

99570A66 104A

389DB78D 6EF6

Quick Level Gain

CE427B36 A581

389DB78D 6EF6

Maximum Clan Funds

843355C1 F002

903B55D5 B6E3

Jobs Galore!


Soldier: Default job

Archer: Default job

White Mage: Default job

Black Mage: Default job

Thief: Default job

Paladin & Fighter: 2 Soldier moves

Ninja: 2 Thief moves

Hunter: 2 Archer moves

Blue Mage: 1 White Mage + 1 Black Mage moves

Illusionist: 3 White Mage + 5 Black Mage moves


Black Mage: Default job

Thief: Default job

Animist: Default job

Time Mage: 5 Black Mage moves

Juggler & Gadgeteer: 2 Theif moves

Mog Knight & Gunner: 2 Animist moves


Fencer: Default job

Archer: Default job

White Mage: Default job

Red Mage: 1 Fencer move

Sniper: 2 Archer moves

Elementalist: 1 Fencer + 1 White Mage moves

Summoner: 2 White Mage + 2 Element..

What Weapon Goes Where?

Knives: Thiefs

Staves: White Mages, Bishops, & Summoners

Rods: Black Mages, Illusionists & Time Mages

Sabers: Blue Mages

Swords: Soldiers, Warriors, & Dragoons

Blades: Fighters, Gladiators, & Mog Knights

Knightswords: Paladins, Defenders, & Templars

Greatswords: Soldiers & Paladins

Broadswords: Defenders & Warriors

Rapiers: Fencers, Red Mages, & Elementalists

Katanas: Ninjas & Assassins

Maces: Sages & Alchemists

Bows: Archers

Greatbows: Hunters, Snipers, & Assassins

Spears: Templars & Dragoons

Instruments: Beastmasters & Animists

Knuckles: White Monks & Gadgeteers

Souls: Morphers

Guns: Gunners

Super Damage!

Hey hi everyone this is my first hint i've given so if you don't like it just rate it bogus....

First you have to make your best character a ninja(2 thief abil.) and give him the weapon that lets him hold 2 swords then equip it on your ability thingy (in Support) if you have Masamune equip it with your other sword!!

When your guy has mastered double sword equip a second Masamune and make sure you have fairy shoes angel ring and 2 masamunes' and if you have any other slots equip anything (best equip something that makes it so they can't break your weapon!) now during a battle with your newly born secret weapon.

(AKA: your Ninja) make him go behind your opponent and attack!!!!!!! With fight!(make sure if you want super damage you have to be lv 25 or higher..

Quick dispatch finish

For those dispatches that take a certain number of battles to finish, you can finish them faster by entering a battle and then fleeing at the start.

For ones that take days, just walk to the top of the map and then to the bottom and ,if need be, repeat it.

Get a morpher

GET a nu mou to learn 5 beastmaster abilities

Put an end to Li-Grim

When you first start the game keep looking for the mission that gives you "The Hero Goal". Complete the mission to get it. Then use it in as many missions as possible to get Lini who already knows Ultima Sword. The sooner you get her the better. Teach her as many things as possible but do not change her from a Mog Knight except to change into a gunner(you'll need to turn her into an animalist first and learn at least one a-abilities). As a gunner have her learn concentrate then switch her back to a Mog Knight. Also by the time you get to Ambervale have her at least level 25 and equipted with all of your best things to get the attack of Lini to at least 300. Now heres what to do, first have some ethers and people who can use item, make sure to have Lini as one of your people. Second have ..

Easy Double Sword & Ultima

At a certain point in the game, you can find two certain dispatch missions: Metal Hunt and Materite.

Metal Hunt takes 15 days and gives you around 4000g, Adamantite, and a random item. Materite takes 10 days and gives you about the same gill, Materite, and a random item.

You can repeat these missions after a few moons and should do them whenever available, because almost every time you do one, your smithing level will rise. When it gets to 15, you get the Nosada, a katana that teaches Ninjas Double Sword!

At Lv.50, you get the Zanmato, another katana that teaches Assassins Ultima Masher!!! There are other missions like this also that raise a certain level.

Finding the job thats right for you

Here are how to get some good jobs on FFTA

Key: BLK = black, RED = red, BLU = blue,WHT = white, DFT = default, ACT = Action




Wht Mage:Dft

Blk Mage:Dft


Hunter:Archer Act Ability X2

Paladin:Soldier Act Ability X2

Fighter:Soldier Act Ability X2

Ninja:Thief Act Ability X2

Illusionist:Blk Mage Act Ability X5 Wht Mage Act Ability X3

Blu Mage: No Info sorry


Wht Monk:Dft


Dragoon:Warrior Act Ability X2

Gladiator:Warrior Act Ability X2

Bishop:Wht Monk Act Ability X2

Defender:Warrior Act Ability X2

Templar:Wht Monk Act Ability X2


Wht Mage:Dft



Materia blade

Hey yourstruly the materia blade teaches the mog knight ultima charge and teaches the gladiator ultima blade. The first and easiest time you get it is mission 20 present day. The mog knight holds it as a secret weapon so kill everybody ecept the mog knight. But don't put him to sleep or he wont change blades after you still the first wepon just keep stilling the blades till you get the materia blade.

3rd Angel Ring

There is a way to get a third Angel Ring. First beat all 300 of the numbered missions. Then you can start extra missions and get Judgemaster Cid for your party. In one of the missions you will face a Judge (yes, like the kind that enforces the laws) who will have the Angel Ring equipped. Simply steal it from him to obtain it.

Missions Beyond the Numbered 300

After completing the 300 numbered missions there are about 10 extra missions to fight in. You will get Judgemaster Cid at the start of these. The enemies are around Level 33 and bosses in the later missions will get an ability called Blank Card, which allows them to change the laws. You even have to fight Judges, who can give your units yellow cards at will, so be careful.


1.Rather than making marche a ninja I have a stronger build for you

Fist make him a archer then a hunter, master the ultima shot, sidewinder, and especialy sonic boom, after wards make make him a soldier and learn combat combo, a fighter for strikeback, then finally a paladin learn all skills you can learn for paladin. Then equip him with 1. Mastersword 2. Diamond helm< or any high def. Helm> 3. Adaman armor 4. Mastersword< for the meantime if your sequence is not that strong yet> 5. Dashboots, and angel ring.

What makes him strong is the hunter skills esp. Sonic boom is AOE without using MP for the skill your damage will e 200+ all the time. And Ultima shot it could go 600-900 Smile

Get Angel Ring

There are two ways that I know of to get Angel Ring

1.In the Lutia Mop-Up Mission there will be a Black Mage with a angel sign over his head. Bring a thief who can use Steal: Acess. And steal his Angel Ring. (Thief Armlets Recommended)

2.Level up your clan until you get it as a reward


If you want to capture a monster here is the best way to do it

1.teach a hunter capture(using a special green bow)

2.Teach a nu mou how to control the monster you want to capture the battle control the monster and keep weaking it until you can catch it.

4.catch it

The Zeus Mace

The Zeus Mace is a hard item to obtain that gives a Sage the Ultima Blow ability. The easiest way to get it is to steal it from the Alchemist in the Golden Clock mission. You will need to use Sensor or Mog Peek in order to find it, then steal the other weapon that he is holding first.

Okay if you can't find any new missions or you c..

Okay if you can't find any new missions or you can't do the missions, you got 2 reasons.

You have either discarded the mission item or you haven't looked at the rumours.

Most likely you haven't looked at the rumours

This is the easiest way possible to kill zombies..

This is the easiest way possible to kill zombies and vampires. Get a summoner and teach her to summon pheonix. Holy attacks damage them as opposed to healing them, and pheonix is holy. It does the exact opposite and normally healing spells always have a 100%

Hit rate. So summon pheonix is a one-hit KO with a 100% hit rate against zombies and vampires. This is incredibly useful in one quest (I can't remember which one) where you have to defeat a level 40 something vampire, or the battle where you have to take Jagd Ahli back when people try to take it over.

Easy Zombies

Easy way to defeat zombies and vampires is to get monk and archer/hunter .. (or anyone who can do holy dmg) .. But with monks their effecting attack is Exorcise; it kills zombies and vampires with one hit and they can't resurrect .. Archers have attack named Burial that acts same way as Exorcise ..

P.S. Don't ever toss Mission items away .. They might be needed ...

P.S.S. To deal high dmg with combo .. Use 1 paladin, 1 dragoon & 1 ninja to deal over 600 dmg when they're at lvl 25-40 (if trained right way)

Strong Starting Team

At the very begining of the game right after you place sprohm somewhere, kick 3 of your clan mates out (veira, nu mou, and bangaa) and make sure you leave your human. After that, contract herb picking. After completing that, go to the pub, and depending on the month there should be a mission called "human wanted" for kingmoon (bangaa wanted-madmoon, numuo wanted-sagemoon, moogle wanted-bardmoon, and veira wanted- huntmoon). Do those and you can sometimes get expert jobs like assasins, defenders, fighters and so on. You may not have the equipment for them right away but deck marche out with the best equipment and tough it out for a few missions. Thats what I did and I have and assasin, fighter, dragoon, and a sage.

Very good team

Ok make marche a fighter with white magic as backup ability,make montblanc a gunner with call backup ability,make youre spare human a ninja with fighter backup ability,make your nu mou a white mage, make your viera a fencer with sharpshoot backup ability.

In the Rescue Professer mission, you'll notice t..

In the Rescue Professer mission, you'll notice the enemys are two blob things, and three zombie creatures.

If you look at their names when it is their turn to attack, you'll notice that their names are Guinness, Colen and... I forget the other.

Anyway, these are the three boys from the school ealier in the game, before the world was turned into the Final Fantasy world.

Clear this mess up !

The lini code is always uncertain I've heard that it concerns your clan level but that's not true.

I did it, my clan level was 24... I got him level 35 I tried again with my clan level 10.

I got him level 25.

P.S.. Ezel is a hermetic, I got him on a mission, the mission said "I'm bored I'm coming to join clan whatever your clan name is" its a dispatch for 5 days!

Get Littlevilli

Beat the misson Brown Rabits and then beat the Finals. If you have room in your clan Littlevilli will join.

To get jobs Human expert jobs Fighter and pala..

To get jobs

Human expert jobs

Fighter and paladin 2 soldier A-Abiltys

Ninja 2 theif A-Abiltys

Hunter 2 archer A - Abiltys

Illusionist sorry no info

Blue mage 1 black and white mage A-Abiltys

Bangaa expert jobs

Bishop and templar 2 white monk A abiltys

Defender,dragoon,and gladioater 2 warroir A abiltys

Nu mou

Illusionist sorry no info

Sage 2 beastmaster and 3white mage a abiltys

Alchemist sorry no info

Easy leveling up

On a target all mission kill all enemies first then keep healing yourselft it use potions on yourself until you reach level 50 or get bored this well work

Strong Weapons

You want to know how to get some strong weapons? Wellll, first, fight a lot of clans and other groups. After you have about 75 missions completed then you will start getting better weapons.

If you defeat the enemy clans last member with a mage..or anything else you usually get the units type of weapon. Ok, time for me to train some monks so I get some more Templers.

They are REALLY strong! Mainly if they have Carabini Mail, I have a few suits of it. I think I got them from Jagd Dorsa. ...BTW, if you have a Templer with high HP this is what you should equip is; Kain's Lance, Carabini Mail, Iron/Opal/Cross Helm, Feather Boots, AND Angel Ring.

My templer is only level 15 but he is super strong and kicks @$$! ..Ok, have fun kid..


Here are the names of the tiles that you can place on the board map:






Baguba Port

*Bervenia Palace


Lutia Pass

Siena Gorge

Kudik Peaks

Roda Volcano



Giza Plains

Deti Plains









Ulei River

Uladon Bog


Jeraw Sands

Gotor Sands

Delia Dunes

Eluut Sands


Jagd Ahli

Jagd Helje

Jagd Dorsa


Tubola Cave

Nargai Cave

* These tiles are placed automatically and you have no say in where they go




White mage

Black mage





Iiiusionist-3whitemage+5black mage

Blue mage 1whitemage+1black mage




White monk



Templar-2white monk








Mog knight-1animist



Time mage-5black mage


White mage

Black mage



Sage-3white mage+5black mage

Time mage-5black mage

Alchemist-3white mage+3black mage

Iiiusionist-3white mage+ 3black mage

Making fast money!! ( for new players )

Ok, so first do a couple missions until you have 9000 gil, make montblac a theif and go to a shop, then search in the theif section of daggers until you find rondell dagger and purchase it, equip it, because the special with it is steal ARMOUR!

Now I'm a lvl 32 clan and I still use it, because it brings in big $$$ any ways with montblac and the dagger do some missions and challenge other clans but, before you start the battle press L and move around and click status on the other pplz to see who to go for first.

Although clans might have crappy armour, mission pplz have good armour and I have 845 000 gil from doing this :-[)

Secret Unstoppable Weapons

I have a guy who cannot be beat! I took Cheney, the Hunter you get with Ultima Shot, and turned him into a ninja, mastered Double Sword, turned him into a fighter, and equipped him with a Temple Cloth, Headband, Fairy Shoes, Bone Armlets, Ebon Blade, and Adaman Blade. He's level 36, with a 527 attack power, and a 420 defense!!! Also, his react ability is strikeback, so he can't be damaged greatly by other 1-panel weapon. I've been able to beat other clans, even Bloodthirsters, with just Cheney! I also have a Bangaa warrior with an attack of 497, and can deal 437 damage on a toaded enemy. His weapon is the Estreledge, and is equipped with materia armor, acacia hat, ninja tabi, and genji armlets. I've done 437 damage to a level 41 enemy, and he's only level 30! If you want to win quick and..

Leveling up....

Each job has different growth rates, here are the ones I use the most...(when you level up, you get a set of points added to you're stats, the thing is that they are randomly given to you're character when they level up, see below to see how it works and all that, I think I got all of them correct...)


Ninja Assassin Wht.Monk Morpher Juggler

H.P.: 5-6 H.P.: 5-6 H.P.: 6-7 H.P.: 6-7 H.P.: 7-8

M.P.: 2-3 M.P.: 5-6 M.P.: 1-2 M.P.: 3-4 M.P.: 1-2

Atk: 8-9 Atk: 8-9 Atk: 8-9 Atk: 8-9 Atk: 8-9

Def: 7-8 Def: 6-7 Def: 7-8 Def: 7-8 Def: 9-10

Mag.Atk: 8-9 Mag.Atk: 9-10 Mag.Atk: 8-9 Mag.Atk: 8-9 Mag.Atk: 6-..

Ultima sword

On the mission present day or whatever use mog peek on the mog knight or keep stealing his weapons evenutually he will equip materia blade STEAL IT!!! Only chance to obtain so far

Here for your help as always, the noble, the brave...



Yesterday, I read someone that posted that you should make Lini, the mog knight wich you get from doing a quest with "The Hero Goal" item, BUT, He said that she was one of the best persons in the game to kill the Li-Grim, he said: To beat the Li-Grim easy get Lini to 25+ and get a lot of good stuff on her, she can do major damage to the li-grim because that she has one of the ultima skills... (And now I'm clearing this up)


Using Ultima Attacks wheter it's, Ultima Masher, Ultima Blade, Ultima Shot or WHATEVER, That will not damage the Li-Grim, it WILL at any cost HEAL the li-grim, if you don't belive me, you can just go ahead and check for yourself, Ultima attacks do NOT wo..

Easy leveling up

At the very beggining of the game, when you are fighting the 2 bangaas after you bump into one of them, knock out montblanc first. He will heal 1 time when someone gets a judge point but keep at it. After that kill the warrior and try to leave the monk because he is weaker. After that, move as far away from the enemy as you can and use first aid. It will give you 10 experience each time. It takes a while depending on what level you are aiming for but I got to level 30 and it took me and hour and a half. Definatly worth it.

Another way is later in the game when you fave the lilith. The mission is called evil bride or somethin but she is level 26. Surround her and try to blind her so she can't hurt your units. After that, attack her in any way possible. It's best if you hurt he..

Extremely good team

Ok make sure you have the team I mentioned earlier and all you have to do is accept bangaa's into your team make sure you only accept bangaa's into your team and only let five join (if you got rid of your bangaa you start out with you messed this up p.s.i forgot to mention make sure your starting bangaa is a dragoon with spellblade ability)make two of them monks make the other 3 warriors and there you go bangaa army yeah!!!!!

Easy way to defeat 3rd Totema (Ultima)

All you have to do is get a Moogle with 10 JP points use his totema to kill or weaken all the crystals in the room. After that just send Marche or someone and a weak character (Like a healer) in to finish the rest off. Marche is there to kill the crystals, the healer to smack Marche out of confusion or infatuation if he gets hit by the crystals

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Hit a person from the side or from the behind to get better accuracey

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance FAQs

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Walkthroughs