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Class guides

by myparentsarecheap


										/Final Fantasy Tactics Advance    /
										/      Class Walkthrough          /
										/    By: Myparentsarecheap        /
										/[email protected] /
										/	1.0 version               /

									  <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Table Of Contents~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

									         1.  Human Classes-------------[1000]
									         2.  Bangaa Classes------------[2000]
									         3.  Nu Mou Classes------------[3000]
									         4.  Viera Classes-------------[4000]
									         5.  Moggle Classes------------[5000]
										 6.  Ending word meanings------[6000]
			Soldiers are simple fighter that usually sucks. But if you prefer a weak fighter, fine by me�______ Auto Class

			Fighters are one of the best classes. They are strong, when you are at like lvl. 55, you do about 55-60 dmg. ______ x2 Soldier Ability Techs.

			Paladins are ok if you prefer more defensive characters. They have a skill called Parley that can make an enemy leave the battlefield.______ x2 Soldier Ability Techs.

			Thieves are cool; they can steal armor, Gil, a shield, EXP, and even Judge Points!!! ______ Auto Class

			Ninjas are sweet, not only are they quick and powerful, they have awesome ranged techs.!!! ______ x2 Thief Ability Techs.

		White Mages:
			White Mages are the most important class there is. If you don�t have one, change someone�s class now!!! They are mostly the only ones that can heal in high numbers!!! ______ Auto Class

		Black Mages:
			Black Mages are also important; they can hurt enemies far away. So always have at least one black mage. ______ Auto Class

			Illusionists are the best!!! They have spells that hurt your enemy�s entire party badly. Always have like five of them!!! ______ x3 White Mage Ability Techs.

		Blue Mage:
			Blue Mages are So-So. They can be bad, but sometimes good. This class can copy monsters moves sometimes. ______ x1 Black Mage and x1 White Mage Ability Techs.

			Archers are very important. If you get their lvl. high enough, they can do some serious dmg!!! ______ Auto Class

			Hunters are really good. They can capture monsters souls and give them to blue mages and morphers to use for attacks. ______ x2 Archer Ability Techs.


			Warriors are just plain old soldiers with a higher attack. ______ Auto Class

			Yes, the famous Dragoons. If you are a Final Fantasy Freak, than you should know what a dragoon is� shweet!!! ______ x2 Warrior Ability Techs.

			This class is pretty self-explanatory. They have a high defense lvl, with a little more attack than a warrior. ______ x2 Warrior Ability Techs.

			This class is the second best class (Dragoon is the first best). This class is able to hold the heaviest weapons and armor ever!!! ______ x2 Warrior Ability Techs.

		White Monks:
			This class is okay, but famous for their Exorcise Tech. ______ Auto Class

			This class is a mix between a weak black/white mage, but still cool. ______ x2 White Monk Ability Techs.

			This class uses mainly uses long weapons and good armor, sometime Mana. ______ x2 White Monk Ability Techs.

Nu Mou:

		White Mages: Explained in Human Section. ______ Auto Class

		Illusionists: Explained in Human Section. ______ x3 White Mage Ability Techs.

		Black Mages: Explained in Human Section. ______ Auto Class

		Time Mages: Time mages are also self-explanatory. They mess with time, which is cool. ______ x5 Black Mage Ability Techs.

			Wow, this class is just, wow� in a good, very good way� wow� ______ x3 White Mage / x5 Black Mage Ability Techs

		Beast Masters: This class is sweet; they can control monsters for one turn, so you can play them!!! ______ Auto Class

			This class uses the souls of the hunters prey and morphs into the monster!!! ______ x5 Beast Master Ability Techs.

			Sages are sweet too. They can use wicked strong spells and healing spells!!! ______ x2 Beast Master / x3 White Mage Ability Techs,


			They learn all the best powerful techs. ever!!! ______ Auto Class

		Red Mages:
			This class can both use Black and White Magic, they are just plain old sweet!!! ______ x1 Fencer Ability Tech.

		White Mages: 
Explained in Human Section. ______ Auto Class

			This class uses the strongest melee / ranged attack with Mana. ______ x1 Fencer / x1 White Mage Techs.

			This class is able to summon monsters, it is so cool!!! ______ x2 White Mage / x2 Elementalist Ability Techs.

			Explained in Human Section. ______ Auto class

			Snipers are just like advanced archers. ______ x2 Archer Ability Techs.

			This class can kill an enemy in one hit!!! ______ x1 Sniper / x2 Elementalist Ability Techs.


		Black Mages:
			Explained in Human Section. ______ Auto Class

		Time Mages:
			Explained in Nu Mou Section. ______ x5 Black Mage Ability Techs.

			They call on the spirit realm for help in battles. They can really help your party. ______ Auto Class

		Mog Knights:
			This class is the best offensive class for Moogles. ______ x1 Animist Ability Tech.

			One of the best ranger classes, their guns can almost cover the battlefield!!! _____ x1 Animist Ability Tech.

			Explained in Human Section. ______ Auto Class

			This class is not good for Physical attacks, but on status alignments. ______ x2 Thief Ability Techs.

			This class is also so-so. They have a chance of hurting you whole entire party, or your enemy�s party. ______ x2 Thief Ability Techs.

Dmg.= Damage
Tech. / Techs.= Technique / Technuiqes 
lvl.= Level

Copyright by myparentsarecheap (c)