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Job Guides

by skitzoparanoiaxx

<center>Final Fantasy Tactics Advance</center><br>
<center>[[Jobs]]</center><BR><right>By: <a heif=>Skitzoparanoiaxx</a><BR><center><u>=================================================</u><BR><BR><center><u>====================</u>Humans<u>===================</u></center><BR>Totema � Mateus<br><BR><u>
Job                | Required A-Abilities</u><br>
Soldier                                   N/A<br>
Paladin                               2 Soldier<br>
Fighter                                2 Soldier<br>
Archer                                    N/A<br>
Hunter                                 2 Archer<Br>
Thief                                       N/A<br>
Ninja                                    2 Thief<br>
White Mage                            N/A<br>
Black Mage                            N/A<Br>
Illusionist           3 White Mage / 5 Black Mage<br>
Blue Mage         1 White Mage / 1 Black Mage<br><BR><BR>

<center><u>====================</u>Moogles<u>====================</u></center><BR>Totema � Famfrit<BR><BR>
<u>Job             | Required A-Abilities</u><BR>
Animist                             N/A<br>
Mog Knight                  1 Animist<br>
Gunner                        1 Animist<Br>
Thief                                N/A<br>
Juggler                          2 Thief<Br>
Gadgeteer                     2 Thief<br>
Black Mage                      N/A<br>
Time Mage                 5 Black Mage <br><BR><BR>

<center><u>====================</u>Legal Mumbo Jumbo<u>====================</u></center><br><center>This copywrite by © Skitzoparanoiaxx Zombiesaurus. Do not copy any of this at all! If you want, just email me [[Click on the By: name]] and I will let you use it.

P.S. This is <u>NOT</u> finished.