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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages Cheats for GameBoy

Cheats and Tips for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages Guide
Complete Mega Guide of Zelda Twilight Princess. Everything is covered from the walkthrough, to heart piece locations, poe guide, enemy and boss guid..
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Check out our cheats to find out how to easily defeat the second last boss and getting the last Essence. We also have link codes from Seasons.

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The last essence is near Crescent Island. In the present the rock-shaped head is the 3rd temple, but in the past it is the entrance to the last essence.
To get in you must have the gem or jewel that the pirate gives you and put it in the hole in the rock. Go in and it will say "prove your courage, wisdom and bravery" or something like that.
In the room there will be some mummies kill them and go to the next room.In the next room there will be one of those spinning things and stuff, realy I don't need to tell you how to get through this room so I'll go to the next room. In here there are invisible tiles so use the cane of somaria and get to the stairs, go down, go through to the end and out, from there on it's easy. When you get to the boss heres how to beat him. . ...


Rickys gloves are at the beach near the tree buried in a pile of dirt.
hope I helped

Blue ring

To get a blue ring, first get a power glove in the last essence, then go to the gale tree in the zora village in the present, then find a cave there and blast it with a bomb.
Go inside and lift all the mummy cases and you will find a box there, open the box and it will be a blue ring.
The blue ring increases your defense times 2 without lowering your attack power.

Hero mode.

Start a new file and type in secrets all capital n's and you get 4 hearts instead of three, and a ring, and a weird name.

When you are going to fight Veran for the last t..

When you are going to fight Veran for the last time make sure you have a potion and then do this.

Make sure you have full hearts and then when you get to the room where Ralph is save the game then go into fiht Veran.

If she kills you instead of saving and starting again with a few hearts turn off your gameboy and then start again you will be in the room with Ralph with full hearts ana your potion.

If you do this you will eventually beat Veran and you have a better chance than when you have a few hearts and no potion.

Good Luck

The Last Boss

The way you beat him has to do with the four methods you use to enter the room. The first method is the sword, which is used to knock his hands back at him, the next is use of the bomb which is put between his hands so when he closes them he hurts himself, and third way is using the see shooter against the back of the wall to hit him in the head, and the fourth and final way is creative use of the power bracelet, which is actually kinda complicated and difficult when you think about it. His hands become two wrecking balls, and when he shoots one at you, use the bracelet to pull on the other until you can't pull it anymore, then let go and it'll damage him.

No warp

When you use the seed that sends you places(forgot the name!!) use the pegasus seeds before hand. When you use the warp seed go any direction except for a diagonal one. You will leave the warp and be in the same area with the whirlwind still going.

Hero mode

To start a hero mode on both oracle of ages and seasons, starts a new game, go to secrets and put all N's in, and it has to be capital. This gives you one extra hear, a weird name and a ring (it's a useless one)

How do you get the cat down from that stupid tre..

How do you get the cat down from that stupid tree I do not know?

Second kast boss

Ok, I see everyone has a problem with this boss with the last essence, well i'll tell you so listen carefully:when you go to face the second last boss(the one where is attacks are based on his hands)for the the first trick hit his fists with your but be sure to send it to him because it attacks him back, then his second trick he has claws and he uses it to crush you, when he is ready to crush throw a bomb right BETWEEN his claws, after that his third trick comes, he has shields to protect him so what you have to do is use your trusty seed shooter and shoot at the corner WHEN he comes(dont shoot excalty at the corner, it has to bounce around and hit him in the back) the final and hardest trick is with his boulders, dodge his attacks and then go close and "grab" his arms and take it all th..


Ok, this isnt really even a hint, but it's kinda funny. After you beat the game, walk into ambi's castle and talk to one of the red guards. He'll say,"You look just like the statue outside... Say! Are You Link?!?
I never thought i'd actually 'get get' to you!"
He says get get... Does ne1 think thats weird?

Level 2 (Noble sword)

I had alot of trouble getting the level 2 sword. And why that was is because I was only 4 or 5 levels in the game, You don't need the noble sword untill well never but it wont make a big difference untill level 7 or 8, so but once you get the cane that creates blocks, go to the guy the fixed the tuni nut, with the broken sword, now it's a freaking pain to do it without the cane, but the second the ritual for the repair starts put a block from the cane on the button, And start hitting the monsters in the whole.

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