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The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening Cheats for GameBoy

Cheats and Tips for The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening

Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide
The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening Guide
Complete Mega Guide of Zelda Twilight Princess. Everything is covered from the walkthrough, to heart piece locations, poe guide, enemy and boss guid..
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check out our collection of cheats to find out how to get the Power Bracelet, unlock skeleton holes and how to make arrows explode.

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More musicEnter your name as ZELDA

More music

Enter your name as ZELDA

More musicEnter your name as ZELDA

More music

Enter your name as ZELDA

For the last boss use the boomerang to kill him ..

For the last boss use the boomerang to kill him in one shot

the second cave

How do you get the level two nigtmarekey?

getting killed by the shopkeeper

This works best with the sword.Go into the shop and take an item from the shelf.Make the shopkeeper look up while you leave the store from the door on the bottom.A note will come up saying that you stole.Go back in and the shopkeeper will be standing by the shelf.He will electricute you until you are dead.As soon as you start again you will have that item.You will also be called THIEF by Marin and the owl.

There are two ways to steal items in the shop.Th..

There are two ways to steal items in the shop.This comes in handy when you have to buy the bow.

1.Take the item,then start running around the shop owner.While he is looking at the wall,leave the shop before he looks back at you.

There is a catch though,the next time you go inside the shop,he uses some kind of beam and you lose all your hearts.

2.This one has a catch,too.You have to have enough rupees to take it.Buy the item,and when he starts taking your rupees away,save as quickly as possible and restart your game,and you will have

the item and the rupees you had when you


When i did this,i still had 874

rupees aft..

This is not really a cheat, but i have seen a lo..

This is not really a cheat, but i have seen a lot of requests for this.

First arm yourself with the pegusus boot and sword.

When trying to defeat the third boss, the eye, slash at him untill he almost splits in half.

Then, before he re-groups go through him with the pegusus boot.

Then he splits into two eyes. They will jump up and try to land on you so watch out for their shadows.

Anyways, it takes 3 sword swipes to kill each eye.

In the colour dungeon you can choose either the ..

In the colour dungeon you can choose either the red or blue tunic.

Here's how to get both: beat the to mini night-mares then leave save and go back in, beat them again then beat the nightmare and get the BLUE tunic then leave & save and do all of the above again but choose the RED tunic insted.

If you are trying to beat the seventh nightmare,..

If you are trying to beat the seventh nightmare, (in the Eagle's Tower) you should first get all of the Secret Sea Shells.

After you visit the Sea Shell Mansion (to get to the Sea Shell Mansion you go south of the bridge built by Kiki and his monkey friends) and get the level 2 sword (from the Sea Shell Mansion) it only takes about 4 slashes to defeat the eagle nightmare in the Eagles Tower.

This hint is really true. Trust me I have beat the game before.

This doesn't have to be DX version. 1. Buy 40 ..

This doesn't have to be DX version. 1. Buy 40 bombs and 40 arrows.

2. Do the Super Arrows(or Exploding Arrows) trick and hit the Mini-Boss with them( this one is in Bottle Grotto.)

3. If you don't have enough rupees, then steal something that is part of Super Arrows. Then don't go back in unless...... oh, find out for yourself (not a rude remark).

4.Use them at the BOSS battles.

Try these 4 steps!

USE TWO ITEMS AT ONCETo use two items select the..


To use two items select the two you want to use then press the A and B buttons at the same time. (If you use bombs and arrows at the same time you will get an arrow with a bomb on the end of it)

To get a bomb arrow cofigure the bombs and arrow..

To get a bomb arrow cofigure the bombs and arrows as the 2 button items, then press a+b to shoot.

Pictures and color dungeon not in regular

To everyone who has been submitting stuff about pictures and a color dungeon, those features are only in the deluxe version. To enter that info you should do it in the deluxe versions stuff, which says Legend Of Zelda: Links Awakening DX.

Exploding Arrows

To do the exploding arrow trick you have to equip the bombs to one button and the arrows to the other button.
To work it,you have to press both the A and B buttons at the same time and you should see the arrow with a bomb on it and when it hits anything,it will explode.
Hope I helped.

Kill final boss in one hit

First step is to open the cave wall on the beach relativly early in the game. After the 6th level a dog like person will be in the empty cave. Put the shovel in your B slot and talk to him to exchange it for a BOOMERANG!!!!!
Now then, get all the insturments and open the windfish egg. Enter and follow the maze based on the directions in the book from the library (complete trade game to get magnifying glass).
Jump down the hole and face the multi-form boss. His forms include a blob, aganhim, snake (first boss), ganon, floor shadow, and the hardest form... The giant shadow eye!
Now the final phase of this plan. Normaly this guy would take 20 arrows in the open eye to win. BUT if you use the boomerang.... He'll be in his grave within 1 hit!

unlock skeleton holes

First go to the forest.Find the screen with the monster holding a sword and shield.Pick up the rock in the corner and go down the stairs.(must have power bracelet for this)powder the hole inbetween two skeleton heads and a bat like creature will come out.This one will let you hold more powder.Thre is another one near the house by the bay.It will let you hold more bombs.

Slow Moving FrogsGo into the that guy's villa. I..

Slow Moving Frogs

Go into the that guy's villa. If you pick up a pot using the strength bracelet, his frogs will move really slow. This doesn't contribute to the game, but it's cool to see.

How to Defeat the WINDFISH EGGThe creature in th..

How to Defeat the WINDFISH EGG

The creature in the egg has several forms.

Blob--use magic powder on it

Caterpillar--use same techniques as on first boss.

ninja--use sword...but beware of throwing axe!

wizard--use sword to reflect bolts back at him.

chain-eye--use bow and rocs feather. shoot his eye when it opens... and jump the chain-balls!!

Help me(How To Get The Seventh Key)

You need the flying turkey for this!!!
Here's how to get the seventh key.
First,go in a t.booth.then he will tell you.go by the chicken man and you will a cave rigt outside his house.go in it.
Try to clear the path of those round thing.after u did get a feather out.u will have to jump.
Then get your braclet out.pick up the turkey and fly acroos the room above the one with those round things.
After you make it go left one screen.there will be a it will be the seventh key.
Can somebody help me? I can't beat the 8th level.
P.S. Please help me beat the 8th level!!!!!!!!!!!

Screen Warp

When you walk to another screen or room, as you are crossing right in between both, press select to bring up the map. If done correctly, when you exit the map screen, you will be on the other end of the screen you moved to.
This can get you over barriers to finish levels easier, or you can use it to glitch to places you aren't supposed to be. Be warned that you can mess up your game by doing this, and/or get stuck in walls and have to restart.

The secert tree

Ok there is a tree next to one of the telephones you need to have the boots!ram the tree and there a shell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cave before mushrom

If you do the screen skip when you enter the last room in the cave you get a power bracelet lv.1 then if you do it again you will get a power bracelet lv.2

old lady glitchGo to the town you start off at g..

old lady glitch

Go to the town you start off at go to the space above the game shop and do the screen skip to the other side.

If you did it right you should beon a tree by the game shop.Then walk south and you should jump off of the tree and you will see old ladies with brooms.

They fire stuff at you though.

(WARNING) if you do not know how to do the screen skip code do not do this.

How To Get The Power Braclet

Heres how u get the power braclet.
1.after you beat the mini boss that throws bombs, go to the next need a key, if u have one, your ok.have a sword and powder ready.after you go past the room with the red flashing hole,there will be a flying bag and two bats.get the bag if your low on powder.go in the room that you had to unlock.there will be two boo's (or ghost).hit the ghost's with your sword.then they will fast as you can,like the two baskets.after you do that they will disappear and a chest will pop the chest will be the power braclet.

Beat the first boss very easy

First you need to get the ability to jump then as go to the boss and comes at you jump and swing at his tail. I did this and won in about 3 to 5 hits!!!!!!!!!!!


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