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What else can I do after I beat the game besides capturing all Pokemon?

Question asked by Guest on
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Question for Pokemon Crystal

What else can I do after I beat the game besides capturing all Pokemon?beating the game includes the elite 4, capturing entei, suicune and Lugia, getting all the badges everywhere, and beating red and blue.

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Ninetailed Fox answered:

Thats pretty much all you can do in this game. You could go to the Ruins of Alph and solve the puzzles there. Other then that I don't think theres anything else to do. Unless you wanna spend your time hunting for shiny Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon that are a different color then normal.

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Guest said: 2nd Jan 2017 | REPORT
You try to get Ho-OH
Guest said: 20th Apr 2018 | REPORT
^ he's right, his schnitzel is pretty juicy
Guest said: 27th Jun 2018 | REPORT
What is even going on here!!!???
Guest said: 8th Aug 2021 | REPORT
Mmm schnitzel..
Guest answered:

You can train your Pokemon, evolve the Pokemon you have with evolution stones, breed Pokemon in day-care, fight the dojo master in mt.mortar(if you go through the center passage), cathsing unons in the ruins if you have solved the puzzles save others phone numbers and do rematches, trade with friends.

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Guest said: 21st Mar 2018 | REPORT
If you had a L80 or higher you could just transfer it to another game to be a powerful trainer in that game. But make sure you beat the elite four.
Guest answered:

You could start the game over with another starter. :p

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Guest said: 12th Dec 2018 | REPORT
I finally figured out how to use the clone cheat but I don't have a master ball
Guest answered:

Apparently after beating red you can go back through the game, rebattle the gym leaders, elite four and red 3-4 times. The last battle red has all level 100 legendaries. A glitch puts him with level 100+ Pokemon that he had in the anime show.

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Guest said: 1st Jul 2015 | REPORT
you could breed pokemon
Guest answered:

You can catch all 250(251) Pokemon (with help of trading with others), get all TMs, train your Pokémon, get all in-game traded Pokémon, all special hold items (Berserker Gene f.e.), get another Master Balls, play casino, go for Battle Tower and much more. And of course - you can battle your friends.

If you are playing on GBC, you can connect to N64 Pokemon Stadium 2 - there are lots of things to do either (I really recomend pkmn school).

Guest answered:

You can still go back and look for shiny Pokemon, level up, or try to defeat The Elite Four and Red as many times as allowed. Although, Red does get stronger every other time you battle and in the end has all legendaries to battle with.

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Guest said: 30th May 2016 | REPORT
Doesn't really happen
Guest answered:

RED can be battled several times? I have 16 badges, defeated the E4 30 times and RED once, but when I go back to Mt. Silver, he isn't there. What should you do to make him reappear? I ied everything (talking to the professors and things)...

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Guest said: 23rd Mar 2014 | REPORT
every time you beat the elite four you can face red have to beat elite four then red then elite four then red again ect ect...
Guest said: 22nd Sep 2014 | REPORT
everytime you defeat the elite four you can go and battle Red. This is how you get your whole party lvl 100.

Guest said: 9th Mar 2017 | REPORT
Well, that and get 6 exp shares to give all your pokemon with a gameshark code that let's you buy them, lol.
Guest answered:

You can clone & glitch breed just about any Pokemon/move combination.

It is possible to clone in Crystal but it's tricky and the margin for error isn't as forgiving as G/S. An initial word of caution... NEVER do this by changing boxes. You might get lucky and survive it a couple/few times but keep testing your luck and you WILL corrupt your game.

Okay... That said, you deposit the Pokemon you wish to clone into a box just as you would in G/S but then completely back out of the PC. I generally save facing the computer just before hand unless it's an event I'd like to repeat. After depositing the Pokemon and backing out, I face left and go through the motions of saving. I shut the power off in the half-second immediately after it has finished saying, "Saving. Don't turn off the power."

The timing is difficult at best and even with lots of practice I don't always get it right. If you pulled it off correctly, you will be facing the computer with the Pokemon both in your party as well as the box. Too late, you'll be facing left when you come back in with the Pokemon only in the box. Too soon, facing the computer, Pokemon only in your party.

There is more... Some of it cool, some not so cool. Using this method, the worst I've had happen is rather amusing. If you get a clone whose name, stats, etc are all question marks and symbols, it needs to be released, period. I've successfully fixed them a couple of times but on one occasion, one of them looked so cool I just had to check it out better. Going into it's stats I got stuck and couldn't back out. I kept hitting B and finally my screen went blank.

I turned the game on and off and it resumed normally, but when I went into battle the next time I noticed I'd received a sex change. I'd initially decided on the male persuasion out of convenience but now my gender is true to life. ^_^

Onto my little Easter Egg, I inadvertently came across something a while back that turned out to be quite cool and I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else. I refer to it as "Glitch Breeding". When I first started attempting the duplication trick in Crystal, I used a clone of a shiny Eevee I had bred as I had made plenty of them and wasn't afraid to lose one if something when wrong. After a couple of failed attempts, I had my first success. Then I started using the trick to mass produce nuggets. So, I repeatedly filled my box up with eevees, harvested their nuggets, and released them. Didn't think too much of it until later. I transfered a clone of my shiny Mew over from another game and proceeded to clone it. I went into the box to retrieve the clone and found something weird.

At first I thought I had a lvl5 Mew... But I had what claimed to be an Eevee... Eevee name/ Eevee Pokemon, it just had a picture of a Mew instead. At first I didn't know what to do with it. I cloned it, tinkered with it, and figured out how to fix it, but aside from that, couldn't get it to do much. I hung onto to it in case something interesting presented itself. Later on down the line, I realized something. My little "Mew-ish" Eevee could learn any of the TMs and HMs.

I had fun with that and after much experimentation, I can pretty much make any Pokemon "like" another temporarily for the purpose of cool movesets. My personal favorites are making "Mew-ish" and "Smeargle-ish" versions of just about everything. My current baby is a Mewtwo who I've taught Spore in addition to giving it's clones neat move combinations including Sacred Fire, Lock-on, Guillotine.

You get the idea. Any-who, there are a couple/few ways to normalize a Pokemon after getting the desired moves. I would recommend saving beforehand. If you give it to one of the day care people, they will return it in it's normal state... BUT, if you have leveled it up, and/or evolved it, place it in the computer and take it back out before handing it to them.

Otherwise, it may say they've leveled up however many hundreds of levels and set a price you can never pay, trapping them there forever. If you allow or induce a Pokemon to evolve while in their hybrid state, it will normalize them. Trading them will do the same to them and if you're using stadium2, to any other glitchy Pokemon sharing the same box.

So, yes, you can clone in Crystal and it has some really neat tricks you can do with patience and experimentation... But messing with glitches is inherently risky and that's just something you'll have to decide for yourself if you're willing to hazard it. I hope you find this useful. ^_^

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Guest said: 2nd Jul 2015 | REPORT
WIERDEST THING... I found a Level 95 machamp on the way to victory road... although the wierd lady near whirl pool ilands told me it started as level 35...
Guest said: 11th Jun 2017 | REPORT
No you didnt
Guest answered:

Im having the same problem buddy

I have got one of nearly every specie , some cases 3 of some specie or more as I have silver , yellow , gold , crystal , n64 , transfer pack , 2gbc , link cable and both stadium games and a gameshark

I got the lot of this for £200 after loosing my old Gameboy clour years ago to theifs and red, or ide more then likely of carried on buying more back then

But what I'm saying I s I ave 8 badges in yellow , 151 Pokemon owned

I have in all 3 gen2 games , all 251 Pokemon owned, I didn't even cheat for celebi I just put him in the stadium2 game from a past sav so he comes up like a real traded in celebi would with boosted exp and normal movesets hes allowed to have , similarly with Mew alos though he was obtained without the aid of a gameshark at level 7, stil tradeing down the savs is purification of these hax and the remains of past mews on past games passed down from debug mode are these that are the closest to being legit come this way

But anyways I have al Pokemon owned , many Pokemon , all 16 badges , all trainers rematched , I basically have every item and berry going , ever ball , multiple masterballs , I stil have 2 or 3 in metal case from playing these games so much , traed event pokes , I don't even bother with them when playing as I have tem all , I faint them all

I do know in the Japanese game their is another event similar to how the gs ball event is party having to be patched to the retail rom to make it work cause some of the events scripts aren't in the retail rom not the full real life gs ball event anyways, I haxd to get it perfectly onto the eng game bak in the day

I then proceded to jailbreak mobile stadium events where I received data for all the unused maps in the game and all new data for wild pokemons attacks they would get and all the wild locations were changed on the roms image as you could now have a working safari zone,

Them beta maps are event maps , the beta mt silver is actually the back od safari zone where mewtwos awakened , them caves they found the gbc hackers the inside of one of them is this cave funnily it has a door to another area in the safari zone and a pokecentre in

I can confirm time travel via celebi happens in this and it's something Japanese gold was designed to use too as it wasn't the mobile system that patched it was the Pokemon stadium2 via n64 release copy for jap

This is why the guy said red gets stronger hax exist that ppl don't even realise but due to being a preserved patch ersion iterated to uk scripts on uk crystal etc you can if you load certain parts on jap game and use certain techniques get it fully in a usa Pokemon crystal sav but it's pretty long winded as it goes on and on and on and on tbh , I prefer traeing from r/b/y instead but it can be done if you have nothing else to do in the actual retail rom now,

I walked through the wall in lavender town radio and got into an undumped map related to this event and the game actually took some of my badges and pokedex entries away , and I had celebi in my party from the ilex forest shrine event itself tbh in that inscident experimenting with walk through walls to see if I could actually get up to the top floor of lav radio to trigger the event itself for zapdos in anyway to get it on the eng game again bt I kept ending up in a very glitched area,

This was the other day, so I defo don't think them places can be gotten without stadium2

The sylph co and Giovanni etc I mean , I no silvers one is very very difrent and crystals one is putting kanto legendaires in their hg / ss places kinda thing and the viridian forest goes all hg / ss with grass and getting bigger too and has like scizor level 40 , beedril level 40 in the grass their only 1 hour or 2 a week ,

And a shiny butterfree one minuite out of every 2 weks at mt moon and Mew level 99 in trainer reds party and a difrent room in mt silver this time where you see a rare shiny pikachurandomly in the silver cave, te normal 1 I mean not the back of the safari zone ppl are assuming is the beta 1 cause they haven't a clue or haven't even played the demo roms where the events were actually part of the games and you see why the maps were left for an event for the past joking about how the maps are actually what was going to be pocket monsters 2 the game that was cancelled for what we got ?

You must rememberwhen they announced it on the news right ?

Okcket monsters 2 or Pokemon 2 is comeing out soon in japan ,

They are calling the 2 new versions the gold and silver chapter and they showed the dem shots of the pokedex showing slowking and the battle interface more like the old 1 with the items in 1 bag (you can bring up this mode with gameshark stil , it's in the codeing though the code the sites on the old team ocekt based fan 1 is gone)

And no cue about the breeding system they were so busy working on and the time capsule bit they were ordered to use instead of the great hidden events for the end that were planned , the grimers you could move in the near finished demo which you could breed in when they were only half way through changing the maps between what the released game looked like that is , I remember when the leaked roms wer changing online all the time for the jap games , one day youd have the 60 percent done game, then the 90 percent one and the revisions of the version a to d which changed up to the real release and some had the old title screen cause the people translating it liked the old game more like I did they made a pirate eng version of it with the patch included which was epic,

I miss them days when I didn't even know wtf I was doing in kanto and their was a gate going to the ferry from or you could surf out to cianwood direction but it wasn't a gym , it was just the whirl islands and a big cave with the karate king training in their with the saffron dojo lot ,

This is where chuck stemmed from

And btw the 7th badge was the voltorb badge

Their wasn't an ice path , their was a dragons den but the lake of rage gyrados was their and you didn't get the dragon fang for the badge their how you did to get you last badge and your speech or dratini, you had2 win1 or be very lucky and see 1 , and you used to see articuno fly away at the bottom left corner which probably influenced the ice paths existence and it's reference to he removed significance and existence of the legendary events for zapdos , articuno and moltres, the fact you even have to go talk to the 3 beasts to free them into the wild referances the fact they can flee and they also did in the originals , randomly into the wild just like how you would hunt for the legendary beasts , though the legendary beasts were in the game , and ho oh and Lugia though their sprites were beter in the final , and cyndaquil nearly was a red Pikachu pmsl !!!!

And we nearly did have pikablu in the end loooooool
But he wasn't marril he ended up being cynaquil , I know quite a bit of accurate information regarding why gold/silver/crystal programming sits how it does and why it has these weird features, and what the reports of the strange stuff when ppl play that patch preserved version of the random wild Mew the guy himself didn't even program in the spot this guy got it in and he encountered , and so have many these accidentally sometimes on the betas like me

And I had2 get instructions to do it again on another sav (the gotta catch em all event)

From this jaoanese guy seing it got turned into a region locked exclusive event for pocket monsters kin/gin/crystal releasecopies through stadium2 and beating that and other trix I wont go into here

But managing to get the actual original rease day special hidden events for the games is about all you can actually do extra in these games now and it's pretty messed up and hard , so don't even bother justkeep hold of your Pokemon on stadium2 like me , cause if you wanna playthrough the story again like I do sometimes you can just restart on version and 6 for 6 swap for a couple of hours and youll have enough to qualify for box load at a time moves on stadium2

Then filling up the entire gen2 pokedex becomes something you can do in under a day without cheating if you play the game multiple times and put in some effort with some exp share and Pokemon needing evolving for dex purposes in your party also time , youll get their in the end , it took me around 200 to 300 hours to get a living dex, I've got multiple copies of some for level restriction reasons also , I have the room on 4 difrent games and sradium boxes, and lets say my battery dies, I know how to fix them , theirs a man who can open the Nintendo screw for me for under 5 pounds and give me the right battery to replace it and I can make it connect just fine so basically it just rolls down to how much you like Pokemon to be intrested enough to play through it multiple times on multiple versions and spend over 200 English pounds on all the equipment so I can get everysingle 251 pkemon as legally as possible whilst playing all the gen2 games supported by yellow play for special moves and stuff

It just depends if you like the game enough to play it when you know forewell you wont be training for perfect Pokemon to be competing , as it's an old game on 1 has it really outside emulation and new devices that support the format don't support the link cable so it's a pretty isolated play of a great classic ,

But that's how Pokemon started right ?

Their wasn't that many Pokemon to actualy find unles you had to and wanted to register them all on all of your games right?

And lets say you only cheated to aess the gs ball in working state then return on the game gameshark free and participate

Then well it's pretty much the same as it was years ago , cause it's not like we had mobile gb to battle ppl in the westurn world , and peoples Pokemon games and handhelds were prime theft targets back then so it wasn't a very social scene , it never will be al the trolls saying I'm or others with great factual and even raw video evidence like me are lying about the history of the Pokemon franchise it's utter madness what some fans do , I respect supercheats though it's always been very informative and straight up to the point so that's it guys hope you enjoyed the truth about Pokemon gold an silver and what probably would of meant no crystal or backwards compat , and some weird system going down with items doing strange stuff like gold leaf and brick piece or slowpoke tail having a mission

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Guest said: 24th Mar 2018 | REPORT
Nobody read that? Yeah, me neither.
Guest said: 17th Apr 2020 | REPORT
how much meth did you smoke before this post? jc...
Guest answered:

BATTLE TOWER!!!!! Duhh. I fight the elite four, red, viridian city trainers hall, your rival (if you get lucky and he finds you on your way to the elite four, youll see what I mean) evolve your Pokemon, COMPLETE YOUR POKEDEX, level some/all your Pokemon to 100, bring bill or whoever it is that asks you to show him Pokemon and get evolve stones in return, bug catching contest. And yeah, like I said, I catch new Pokemon, both low and high levels from everywhere, level them up by training them on mt silver and silver cave (victory road, places with high-level wild Pokemon, etc) and take them through the elite four to put them in your hall of fame. But yeah, all of the above can somewhat allude to completing your pokedex. And then the battle tower is another thing you can do as many times as you want. And go on the SS aqua to and from kanto. Find rare Pokemon level them up, etc. I have fun no matter how many times I play it.

Guest answered:

You never said you caught Raikou. Or Ho-Oh. So I would reccomend catching them.


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