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Species determined by name cheat for Pokemon Red

Species determined by name

If you do the Missingno cheat, and then continue surfing, you will run into over level 100 Pokémon. The Pokémon depends of your name in the game.

The 2nd, 4th and 6th letter determines the level and 3rd, 5th and 7th letter determines the Pokémon. 1st letter does nothing. Example: If your name is "ABCDEFG", there comes L129 Golbat, L131 Snorlax and L133 Missingno. Note: If in your name is not 7 letters, the last letters are "empty".

Letter: level: Pokémon

Empty: 0/80 'M
Space: 127 Missingno.
A: 128 Golduck
B: 129 Hypno
C: 130 Golbat
D: 131 Mewtwo
E: 132 Snorlax
F: 133 Magikarp
G: 134 Missingno.
H: 135 Missingno.
I: 136 Muk
J: 137 Missingno.
K: 138 Kingler
L: 139 Cloyster
M: 140 Missingno.
N: 141 Electrode
O: 142 Clefable
P: 143 Weezing
Q: 144 Persian
R: 145 Marowak
S: 146 Missingno.
T: 147 Haunter
U: 148 Abra
V: 149 Alakazam
W: 150 Pidgeotto
X: 151 Pidgeot
Y: 152 Starmie
Z: 153 Bulbasaur
(: 154 Venusaur
): 155 Tentacruel
:: 156 Missingno.
;: 157 Goldeen
[: 158 Seaking
]: 159 Missingno.
a: 160 Missingno.
b: 161 Missingno.
c: 162 Missingno.
d: 163 Ponyta
e: 164 Rapidash
f: 165 Rattata
g: 166 Raticate
h: 167 Nidorino
i: 168 Nidorina
j: 169 Geodude
k: 170 Porygon
l: 171 Aerodactyl
m: 172 Missingno.
n: 173 Magnemite
o: 174 Missingno.
p: 175 Missingno.
q: 176 Charmander
r: 177 Squirtle
s: 178 Charmeleon
t: 179 Wartortle
u: 180 Charizard
v: 181 Missingno.
w: 182 Missingno.
x: 183 Missingno.
y: 184 Missingno.
z: 185 Oddish
PK: 225 Gary
MN: 226 Prof. Oak
-: 227 Chief
?: 230 Rocket
!: 231 Cooltrainer Male
Male: 239 Blaine
/: 241 Gentleman
.: 242 Gary
,: 244 Lorelei
Female: 245 Channeler

Beware! The trainers may screw up your game! If you catch Missingno, your graphics may screw up! If you only SEE Missingno, your Hall Of Fame in PokéCenter Screws up. You have there level 198 Kakuna, level 999 Rattata etc.

The Pokémon that you catch with the Missingno cheat screws not up your game, but Missingno may do it if you catch it!

If an over level 100 Pokémon wins a battle, it will come back to level 100. You know that you can't give a rare candy to level 100 Pokémon, but you can do this with an OVER level 100 Pokémon.

If you give a rare candy to level 255 Pokémon, it will come to level 0!!! All these codes works in both Red and Blue version.

Added by: Best Player
Aug 24th 2003, ID#2032


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2 comments, latest first.
Oct 23rd 2015 Guest
How the hell do you put in the cheat code ?
ID #618957
Feb 3rd 2013 casket909
In my experience, I encountered something quite different. I would use the name "Axel", which should produce a level 164 Rapidash, but I got one that was level 183.
ID #249760
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