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General Tips and Tricks

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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General Tips and Tricks

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Save your Dragon Stones
We'll tell you this as many times as possible. Dragon Stones are very, very valuable. Save them up so you can Multi-Summon premium characters. If you get the Game Over screen, don't revive. If you struggled damaging the boss that resulted to your loss, that means your party is just too weak at the moment. Spend some time Training, leveling up your party, and or Awakening them. If your Stamina is depleted, don't spend a Dragon Stone to recover it. Stamina is restored at a rate of 1STA/5mins. The game is not meant to be played in a marathon. Again, this tip will make sense only to players who don't want to spend money buying the Dragon Stones. If you can afford to throw money to buy the stones, then by all means disregard this tip.

Keep an eye to the Type Chart
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of different colors/ types is quite important especially when fighting powerful enemies. Consult the hexagon type flow as reference during battle. For boss battles, make sure to bring more characters that he's weak against and don't bring out characters that is weak against him. Be ready to switch your character positions to be able to deal more damage, get more Ki Spheres, and endure more damage.

It all boils down to the character's type
Ki Spheres doesn't affect the damage output of a character towards the target. For example, if your purple character collects red spheres to attack an orange character, your attack will still be blocked because in the end, your character's type is weak against your target. Ki Spheres are there to pump your Ki Meter, which in turn will allow you to perform a Super Attack once filled. If you hit an enemy that's weak against your type, this will even cause devastating damage.

Find the Seven Dragon Balls
Once you've completed collecting all the 7 Dragon Balls for the first time, you'll be given options for your wish. For starters, select "I Want More Allies" to receive 10 Dragon Stones, increases character slots by 10. This is quite helpful for your if you're a new player.

Multi-Summon FTW
Once you've saved at least 50 Dragon Stones, you should be able to perform a Multi-Summon. However, if you can still wait, the developers usually gives a limited period where there are increased appearance rate for Multi-Summons or basic summons using Dragon Stones. If you wait for these offers, you have a higher chance of getting a much-coveted SSR card.

Link Skills
To get the most out of your teammates, consider building a team with multiple members that can link with each other. This significantly increases your damage output almost every turn. Refer to the Link Skill page for more details.

Chain Login Bonus
Even if you don't have time to play the game daily, make sure to log in everyday to get your Daily Rewards. Logging in consecutively will trigger a Chain Login Bonus which leads to better rewards, including free Dragon Stones.

Watch out for Character Events
Watch out for Events that give out free Rs or SRs. Some of them will just require you to complete the stages, regardless of Difficulty. Some events even allow you to "farm" the R character by completing the last stage so you can boost that card's Super Attack level to max. These events are usually limited so make sure to check the event details to know the conditions and duration of the events.

Participate in Daily Events
Seven days a week, the game has a different Daily event active. These Events have different rewards on a particular day of the week but they'll help you out in the long run. You can farm much needed Awakening items, zeni, and Training items from these events as well.

Feed Z-Awakened Normals
Normal characters can be maxed out at LV20 fairly quickly. Once they've reached that level, you can Z-Awaken them to elevate their rarity to R. A max level Normal gives 3,180 EXP compared to a Z-awakened normal (Turned R) that gives 44,670 EXP. If the Z-awakened fodder is fed to a character with the same color, that character gets a 50% EXP bonus. That said, if you're planning to boost a specific character, find a Normal fodder of the same color, max it out, and Z-Awaken it.

Bring Healing Items
Always bring a healing item or two when doing quests or when participating with the event. Even if you have a powerful team but your luck sucks, your HP will still get compromised by traps.

Prioritize Item Tiles
When tackling a stage, zoom out of the map first to see which path has the most loot. Naturally, you'll want to prioritize the loots you want to collect with the number of moves you have available. I would suggest going after Awakening Items/ Dragon Balls > Training Items > Support Items / Witch Baba > Zeni > Power Up tile. Take note of the item's rarity as well. If you need to choose between a normal Awakening Item vs a rare Training Item, get the higher rarity of course.

Move Roulette
When tackling a stage, avoid keeping same numbers in your Move roulette. This will keep your options varied. Also, keep lower numbers. Usually 2 and 1 are recommended since these will mostly allow you to deliberately land on item tiles.

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Apr 29th 2019 Marry3
contact customer support service +1 8OO 648 162O for technical help
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Nov 2nd 2018 pablojones3003
CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER +1-833-272_O777 putting Fused characters next to one another (Gotenks and Vegito) or when putting strong ladies together (Caulifla and Videl). These link skills can sometimes be a lifesaver like when you inevitably don't have good match-ups for your existing squad. Likewise, link skills can also take a strong team over the top since it can highlight an awesome matc
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Mar 25th 2017 Peyton420
Is there a way I could get like 1000 cheated dragon stones or something, if so can somebody do it for me???
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