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Disney Frozen Adventures Walkthough and Guide

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Walkthrough for Disney Frozen Adventures

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Disney Frozen Adventures Walkthrough and Guide

Disney Frozen Adventures is a free-to-play match 3 puzzle adventure game based on Walt Disney Animations Studio's 'Frozen' and 'Frozen 2' movies. You join up with Elsa, Anna and Olaf to build and renovate the Kingdom as well as embark on adventures that take you to new and familiar locations around Arendelle and beyond. To do this will mean playing match-3 games so that you can earn snowflakes, the currency of the game. Check out our Disney Frozen Adventures Walkthrough and Guide to get help in the game.

Disney Frozen Adventures Walkthrough and Guide

Create Big Combos
During the early stages of the game you will have no difficulty clearing the board by just using regular combos but to clear the tougher levels in Disney Frozen Adventures you will need to put together big combos to not only clear the stage but also rack up bonus points to get more coins at the end of the level. This means you will need to plan your moves so you set up the pieces to make the combos rather than just clearing the stage.

Use Companions Special Ability
In Disney Frozen Adventures you will be accompanied in every level by a character that has a special ability that charges as you destroy light blue crystals. Once you have managed to destroy enough blue pieces so that their meter fills up this character will automatically unleash their special ability which will create power-ups on the board. Whenever you find yourself in the position where there are no possible moves to clear the objective you can always try to combine blue crystals in the hope that your accompanying character's special ability will be triggered and help you clear the stage. The accompanying characters speical abilities are as follows:

• Elsa
Creates Line Clear power-ups.

• Anna
Creates Blast Snowflake power-ups.

• Olaf
Creates 2 Ice Butterfly power-ups.

Check out our How to Create Power-Ups guide to find out how you make them and also what effects you can expect to get when you combine them together.

Choose the Best Suited Character
Each of the three characters in Disney Frozen Adventures that can accompany you has a special ability and it is important that you choose the one that is best suited for your objective in each stage. For example, use Olaf for stages where there are berries so you can take advantage of his Ice Butterfly power-up which can fly over to the berry and grab it. Use Elsa in stages where you need to spread magic so you can use her Line Clear power-up to easily spread it through the entire stage. Use Anna and her Blast Snowflakes power-up when the spreading of magic is more situational.

Clear the Mist
In Disney Frozen Adventures the Mist hides everything that is underneath it. To clear it you either need to make matches next to it or hit it with power-ups.

Free Crystals Trapped in Ice
To be able to free crystals that are trapped in ice you need to make matches with crystals that are of the same colour. Ice can have 1 or 2 layers.

Activate Monoliths
When you make matches next to Monoliths or hit them with power-ups you will charge them up. Once a Monolith has 3 charges, it will place 5 Crystals on the board of the same colour as the Monolith.

Collect Hot Coals
In Disney Frozen Adventures Hot Coals block Line Clears from shooting past them. You can collect Hot Coals by making matches next to them or by hitting them with power-ups. Each Hot Coal has 1 to 3 layers.

Earn Coins
The currency of Disney Frozen Adventures is Coins and you earn them by completing levels. You will earn 45 Coins for regular levels, and 90 Coins for Hard levels.

Earn Snowflakes
Snowflakes are earned by completing levels. You will earn 10 Snowflakes for regular levels, and 20 Snowflakes for Hard levels.

Clear Ice Blocks
In Disney Frozen Adventures Ice Blocks are big groups of ice that are linked together. To clear them you have to make matches next to them, leaving behind Ice for you to collect. Ice Blocks can have 1 or 2 layers.

Collect Cakes
You will be able to collect Cakes by dropping them to the arrows at the bottom of the level. You can do this by clearing the Crystals underneath Cakes either with matches or by using power-ups.

Collect Carrots
You will collect carrots whenever you make matches next to Carrot Patches. The more squares of a Carrot Patch you hit with a match or power-up, the more Carrots you collect.

Collect Berries from Snow
You will be able to collect Berries by clearing all the layers of snow that is above them. You can remove layers of Snow by making matches next to it or by hitting it with power-ups.

Collect Pinecones
Pinecones can be collected by making matches next to them or by hitting them with power-ups. Each Pinecone has 1 or 2 layers.

Find Troll Statues
Troll Statues hide underneath Clay. When you make matches above Clay you will clear it and reveal the Troll Statues hiding underneath it. Once a Troll Statue is completely revealed, you will collect it automatically.

Change Decorations
You will be able to change any decorations you have placed in Disney Frozen Adventures by tapping and holding your finger over a previously-placed Decoration until the circular meter fills completely. Once full, the Decoration menu will open again, and allow you to select a different style. Note: Not all objects placed in a room allow for customisation.

Get More Lives
If you run out of lives in Disney Frozen Adventures you will either have to wait for them to replenish or purchase an instant refil of all 5 lives. You will recharge 1 life every 25 minutes up to a maximum of 5 lives.


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