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Mission 3: The Root of All Evil

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Datapads: 4

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Follow Psycho as you make your way to the elevator. Jump on and the elevator will come crashing down. At ground level, tag the targets. The area is rather large but you don't need to worry about any Collectibles yet at this point. In this walkthrough, I've chosen to go to the left entry point. Hack the first turret by the stream then hack the second turret in the hallway. You'll also find a CELL container here, containing a nanosuit module upgrade. Take the elevator up to the top of the dam.

Clear the enemies and the mines before exiting the elevator. Hack the security door and clear the path. Head to the first tower to the left and hack the laser barrier to enter the building. You'll find a datapad beside a rocket launcher.

Recording: Ceph Technology

Continue downstairs and grab the nanosuit module upgrade behind the terminal. Operate the panel next to shut down the North Hydro-Electric Generator. As a secondary objective, you also have to re-program the CELL Anti-Air units on each tower so don't forget to hack the panel on behind the terminal.

Make your way to the second tower and do the same thing. After weakening the generator, exit the tower and clear the enemies along the way. Jump to the dam and swim to the outflow. Place the C4 there and watch the following scene.

After being swept by the raging waters, you'll be back on your feet again. Continue forth and you'll get a secondary mission. Check that out first. A short distance after receiving the secondary objective, activate your nanovisor to find the Propaganda Poster across the gap, in the corner wall.

Evacuate NYC

From that position jump down to the stream and follow the path leading to the secondary objective marker. You'll find corpses along the way. A Blackbox is found nearby.

Blackbox #03-01

Continue towards the secondary objective until you encounter a cell patrol along the way. Take them out then head to the beacon to find a crashed chopper. Grab the nanosuit upgrade module inside the wreck and grab the mission datapad to complete this objective.

Guide Image

Proceed to the main mission objective. Follow the cavern until you reach the shallow river. Take the path to the right and follow. Open your nanovision to locate the second Blackbox and a nanosuit upgrade module by taking the narrow path to the right.

Blackbox #03-02 and Nanosuit upgrade

Now backtrack from where you emerged from since there's an achievement you can obtain here. Look at the ground to find a yellow floater. Hop on it and press X to use it. Stay on top of it for several seconds until an achievement appears. (White Rider)

White Rider

Follow the river until you reach the base. Tag your targets then head all the way to the left. Jump down the pit there and enter the tunnel. You'll find another Blackbox beside the corpse there.

Blackbox #03-03

Go to the upper level and make your way around to the central shaft. There's an turret drone ahead that you can't hack. Destroy it and open your nanovisor to tag the location of the ammo cache and nanosuit module upgrade in the central shaft.

After grabbing it, take any of the lifts down and open your nanovisor to tag two Datapads in the lower facility. They're both located on top of the consoles.

Recording: Liberty Beam and Ceph Energy Collection Activities

Now head to the mission markers and operate the consoles to restore pneumatic pressure to the regulation assembly. To reach the other control, operate the maintenance crane using the console in the middle. After activating the two consoles, two auto-turrets will appear. You can deactivate them by hacking the central console.

Guide Image

Head to the central elevator and ride it to the top of Nexus. As soon as the elevator stops, open your nanovisor and scan the area for the last datapad in the mission. It should be located on a terminal to the left of the elevator door.

Cell Aspect Data #1121

Kill the guards and head to the main control room to the top. Operate the terminal to login and commence emergency shut down. mission complete.

Guide Image
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