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Mission 1: Post-Human

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Datapads: 7

Blackboxes: 2

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Take note that you can locate and tag Collectibles too when you're in range. As soon as the mission starts, activate your nanovisor by pressing the UP dpad once. You should find the first Blackbox beside a corpse just down the ramp.

Cell Blackbox

Follow your Psycho and make your way up to the CELL platform. Once inside, he'll ask you to put your silencer on. Press the Back button then press Y to equip the silencer.

Head inside then take out the guard to your left. If you want, you can activate your nanovisor to scan the area and tag targets. Take the stairs to the right and follow the path until you reach the control room. Take the first datapad on the terminal to the right.

Cell Intel

Go downstairs and open the hatch to let Psycho in. There's also an ammo cache beside it as well. Continue ahead and Psycho will give you the Predator Bow. You can press Y to equip your normal weapons and press the Down DPAD to equip the bow. Press the Back button to customize the draw strength and changing the arrow types.

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After the scene, head to the stairs but don't go down yet. There's another datapad on top of the machine in the corner.

Blackbox 1

Head to the next area and dispatch the enemies in the catwalks. This is also a perfect opportunity to test your bow. After clearing the area, head to the mission marker to find Psycho. There's another datapad on the console to the right so don't forget to grab it before moving forth.

Ceph Species Overview

Open the next door and follow the catwalk, leading to a locked door. Peek over the window and use your nanovisor. You should see the next datapad there. Perform a remote hack to open the door and collect the datapad inside.

Ceph Over-Hives and Seeding Ships

Now follow Psycho to the next room where Psycho hacks a terminal. Just beside him is another datapad.

Recording: Out of Test Subjects

Head outside and tag the enemies before moving the catwalks. Once you're detected, a CELL Hellcat will arrive. You can take this attack chopper out using your bow's Super-Thermite tip. You need to land all three shots to destroy it. Activate your nanosuit's armor boost to withstand the Hellcat's hail of bullets, long enough for you to take aim and destroy it.

Who Needs Rockets?

Clear the remaining enemies in the area and head towards the door. There's also an arrow crate nearby to replenish your arrow stocks. Continue inside the facility until you reach the reactor area. Open your nanovisor and tag the enemies as necessary.

Follow the hallway to the right and enter the small room at the end to find a datapad beside the ammo crate. Your nanovisor can detect and tag this after reaching the first corner of the hallway.

Recording: The Liberty Dome

Take out the enemies or get past them then head to the mission marker. There are two paths leading to it but you may want to follow the path to the right so it leads you to a room with two robotic arms. You can find the datapad on the terminal.

Recording: A Cry for Help

Continue forth and tag new targets if you want. Continue to the top right corner of the map and open the door. There are two guards and an auto-turret ahead. Kill the guards then hack the auto-turret. Continue past the next doors and you'll find a corpse on the floor. Pick up the second Blackbox then head to the mission marker.

Blackbox 2

Enter the elevator for a scene. mission complete.

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