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Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle

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Datapads: 3

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Propaganda Posters: 1

Follow Psycho as he leads you to the nanosuit upgrade terminal. Examine the terminal to get four unlock points. Spend it on whatever you prefer/ suits your gameplay. Take note that suit's abilities are even more enhanced by meeting conditions. Unlock the modules you want then store the set in any of the button assignments. This will also unlock an achievement once done. (Perk of the Job)

Follow Psycho outside. Equip your Predator Bow and arm it with the Super-Thermite tip. There's a deer ahead that you need to plant the explosive to. Enter Stealth Mode and get near enough to hit the deer. Wait for it to explode to unlock an achievement. (Bang for the Buck)

Bang for the Buck

The first collectible in this mission can be found in the dead-end straight to the south. Find the Propaganda Poster stuck on a derelict building wall to the southwest. You have to use your nanovisor to download it.

CELL Propaganda

Regroup with Psycho in front of the minefield. Use your nanosuit to hack the mines and disable them. Proceed to the abandoned train tracks to trigger a scene.

Enter stealth mode and tag the checkpoints Psycho marks for you. Make sure to stay low and cloaked as you move along. If you need to replenish your energy, stay behind any cover before moving on. Make your way to the next area where you'll find a Bolt Sniper. Pick it up and use it to destroy the three mounted high-altitude guns on the tower.

Before leaving, turn around check the hills to the northeast of the map. You'll find a datapad there.

Recording: The Skinning Trials

Make your way to the next marker. Be careful of the minefield ahead. Hack them to proceed. Clear the marsh of enemies then proceed to the marker. Head near the warehouse and the overpass. By then, Psycho will inform you about a CELL weapon drop nearby. Head past the overpass and continue past the pond to spot to CELL troopers and a container. Open it to get a nanosuit module upgrade and a datapad on the ground.

Guide Image
Recording: Ceph Stage One

Rendezvous with Psycho and activate your Armor Boost before jumping to the sewers. Follow him through the tunnel until you encounter a CELL patrol. Tag the targets and have a clear line of sight so you can hack the auto-turret in the middle.

Guide Image

Once done, take the stairs to the train tracks then regroup with Psycho. Enter the next area and you'll find a decimated CELL patrol. There's also a Blackbox beside one of the corpses there.

Blackbox #02-01

Continue forth and open the door for a scene. Drop down to the ground and activate stealth mode. Slowly move and pull up your nanovisor to see the stalkers' movements. They can't be tagged so sneak up slowly behind one of them and perform a stealth kill to unlock an achievement. (Clever Girl)

Clever Girl

Open the next door and head to the tunnel. There's also trip mines ahead so hack them as well before proceeding. Follow the corridor to the right and disable a couple more trip mines. Break the next door open and use your nanovision in front of the stairs to tag a nearby Blackbox.

Continue upstairs to exit to the train station. There are several CELL troops guarding the station so proceed as you see fit. Grab the REX Charges on the top floor as well. Don't forget to grab the Blackbox on the ground level, in the corner beside a corpse. Use your nanovisor in case you haven't tagged it yet.

Blackbox #02-02

Clear the enemies and be careful of the deployed turrets. Hack them to make your job easier. There's another datapad in the middle of the station; use our nanovision again to tag it. It is found in the submerged maintenance tunnel under the tracks.

Ceph Colonization Stage One

Make your way to the upper catwalks and fight your way to the zipline. Use it to reach the next part of the station and grab the nanosuit upgrade inside the train car on the ground.

Make your way to the exit and your nanosuit hud will be disrupted. A secondary objective will be added. Open your map to find the location of the jammer. Head there and repel the stalker attacks. You'll find a platform with a small CELL transmitter. Use the panel to disable the jammer. You'll also unlock an achievement for doing so. (Can You Hear Me Now?)

Can You Hear Me Now?

Head to the mission marker and hack the container behind you to get a new weapon. Mount the AGL and repel the stalker attack until you get the mission update. Once clear, regroup and follow Psycho. Make your way to the high explosive train car and watch the scene. Mission complete.

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