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Cheats, Tips and Strategy

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Walkthrough for Creative Destruction

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Creative Destruction is a sandbox survival game on mobile that has been inspired by games such as PUBG and Fortnite. You are parachuted into an island with only your Destructor with the objective of surviving a 100 player 'battle royale' where the last man standing earns the coveted title of 'Dawn Star'. This will involve collecting weapons, building fortifications and escaping the oncoming storm.

Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Find a Weapon

The type of area you want to parachute into at the start of the game is one that is populated by buildings as your first priority as soon as your boots hit the ground will be to arm yourself as fast as possible which will mean searching for a weapon and you are more likely to find one in a building than an empty field. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a weapon quickly you may even be able to eliminate a few players during these early moments of a match. As well a weapon also keep an eye out for the following items as they will come in useful as you progress in the game.

First-aid boxes



Rare Elements

Check Daily Missions

Make sure you check the requirements of the Daily Missions and prioritise them as the rewards you get from them will benefit you in the long run. Each mission that you manage to complete will reward you with Gold, EXP and Exchange Medals. The Daily Missions will generally involve things that you would do during gameplay anyway such as for example build a number of structures or do a certain amount of damage, knowing exactly what the requirement is will help you reach the target.

Check your Compass

Always keep an eye on your compass, this is the set of lines and numbers at the top of the screen that tells you your character's orientation in relation to the map. It's most important function though is letting you know if you are in danger by telling you where sounds are coming from and displaying an icon with footprints on it to let you know an enemy is nearby. If the footprints are yellow it indicates the enemy is a few meters away and when it turns red the enemy is right beside you. The compass will also tell you if there is gunfire nearby by displaying a pistol icon, this like the the footprints will turn either yellow or red depending on how far away the shooter is from you.

Build Wisely

Your Destructor is a useful tool as it is able to destroy anything in its path and transform it into essential building material. Take advantage of this by gathering up as much building material as you can in areas that are devoid of enemies so you build up a decent supply. These building materials can then be used to construct a pathway to the top of buildings via 'Quick Build' ramps and reach the top of Water Towers which you can then use as a sniping spot to pick off any enemies that enter your cross hairs. Remember though that player built constructions will alert the enemy of your presence so make sure you have enough 'Quick Build' energy remainig to assemble four protective walls around you in the probability you are ambushed as this maneuver will give you enough time to decide your next move.

Close Range Weapons

Make sure you always have an Assault Rifle or another type of close range weapon on hand which you can immediately use to strafe the enemy with if they suddenly appear in front of you as doing so will increase your chances of survival. Just use your long-range firearms and projectiles to take down player built buildings and pick off your rivals from long range atop a high building.

Weapon Rarity

Weapons have a rarity rating that is indicated by a colour, the lowest rating is White (Common) and the highest rating is Gold (Legendary). In between those colour ratings are Green, Blue, and Purple. Basically the higher the weapon rating the better the weapon. Keep an eye on your compass for a shiny icon that indicates a chest full of rare goodies is in your vincinity as being the first player to reach it will enable you to grab a high rarity weapon that will also be inside. You can also acquire these rare weapons by being the first player to reach the airdrops that transport chests onto the battlefield.

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