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Corruption 2029 Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for Corruption 2029

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Corruption 2029 Walkthrough and Guide
Corruption 2029 Walkthrough and Guide

Corruption 2029 is a turn based stealth and tactical RPG that is set in a near-future dystopian America. The objective of the game is to lead a squad of three elite soldiers who are trapped deep behind enemy lines after their dropship has been gunned down and complete missions using their limited resources and without the hope of backup. Most of the mission range from eliminating enemies, securing areas to disabling enemy equipment to make the passage easier for your own troops waiting on your mission success. These missions are tough to complete as you will not be able to overpower the enemy with explosives or special abilities alone and a single missed shot can result in an enemy calling reinforcements and making the mission a lot more difficult. Check out our Corruption Walkthrough and Guide to get help in the game.

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Understand the Keys

Corruption 2029 is not an easy game to play and to give yourself the best chance of being successful in the various missions it is essential that you understand how to use the keys that control the soldiers in your squad.

• Press F and re-group or split up.

• Press Tab and change your commander.

• Press left mouse and hide with the group.

• Press (green) left mouse and sprint (will end turn for the player).

The Squad

Your squad in Corruption 2029 is comprised of three members and each is outfitted with cybernetic augmentations and a personal cloaking device that gives them the ability to penetrate enemy lines undetected. The former allow for feats of superhuman strength, the latter for exploring the map and positioning all three operatives in advance. Once a shot has been fired the cloak disappears.


In Corruption 2029 there are two types of abilities you can perform on the battlefield. These are basic abilities that are available to everyone and special abilities which have recharge rules that require you to achieve a certain number of kills before they become available again.


Each of the different types of weapons used in Corruption 2029 has a specific tactical niche and has is defined by three characteristics.

• Damage and Critical Damage.

• Attack Pattern - Whether it attacks in a cone, deals AoE damage, or just hits one target.

• Ammo Capacity - How many shots it can get off before requiring reloading. More powerful weapons typically require reloading every other attack.

Check out our Best Weapons Guide to find out everything you need to know about the weapons that are available for your squad in Corruption 2029.

Use Silent Weapons

You will not be able to overpower the enemy in Corruption 2029 so make sure you use silent weapons while sneaking around so you can take down isolated enemies without making a noise. It is vital that you take down enemies silently and leave behind no survivors to alert others of your presence.


In Corruption 2029 equipment is everthing your squad can carry that doesn't damage the enemy like weapons do. It does however include remote explosives and grenades which damage indirectly and can provide other benefits.

• Explosives

Remote charges if timed right can be set to kill numerous targets in a large radius.

• Grenades

Explosive Grenades are indirect tools of destruction that affect targets within its radius. To use them you pull the pin, count to three, throw. Wait.

• Medikits

Allows you to replenish health on the battlefield.

Find Medkits

Searh for the Medkits that are scattered around the battlefield as these can be used to heal your party when they take damage and and face dying from the game's Bleedout effect. Medkits can be either be used outside of combat in the 'Loadout' screen or during combat by moving closer to the injured soldier and using it within the available turns.

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