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Follow the dark path or use the light
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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough and Guide



This page lists the locations of all 37 kinetoscopes and telescopes in the game.

Chapter 02 - The Welcome Center

Sightseer 001 - Father Comstock's Gift of Prophecy

This kinetoscope is found next to the counter inside Hudson's clothing shop.

Sightseer 002 - Beware of the False Shephered

Head past the aerial parade gate next. There is a Kinetoscope next to a The False Shepherd poster near the grocery store.

Sightseer 003

Moving on to the Fairgrounds after Booker receives the telegram, look to your left for a Telescope.

Sightseer 004 - The Envy of All His Peers

This kinetoscope is is at the gate near the beginning of the street where the carnival game stalls are located.

Chapter 04 - Comstock Center Rooftops

Sightseer 005, 006, 007

These kinetoscopes sit next to each other in the Blue Ribbon Restaurant.

Sightseer 008 - Danger on All Sides

At the Montgomery Residence backyard, keep an eye out for a large white tent off to the side of the grassy area. Check behind that tent for this kinetoscope.

Sightseer 009

Once Booker finally leaves the cultist base (Fraternal Order of the Raven), Continue to a balcony and jump on the police barge in front of you. for this telescope.

Chapter 05 - Monument Gateway

Sightseer 010 - Uncanny Mystery in Columbia...

Upon entering the station, head right to the side without vending machines to find a kinetoscope.

Sightseer 011

A firefight follows soon after so clear the room of hostiles first before checking around for loot, then continue toward the sky lines. Once on the rails, you'll want to dismount on the platform where there are enemies shooting at you. Right on the edge of that platform is a telescope.

Chapter 07 - Battleship Bay

Sightseer 012 - Battleship Bay

Look around the beach for a maintenance building that you can step into. You'll find a kinetoscope in the hallway of that building.

Sightseer 013 - Solving the Irish Problem

At the amusement center in the corridor past the pristine rest room is this kinetoscope.

Sightseer 014

After getting off the trolley, climb to the top of the area to reach an observation deck with a telescope.

Chapter 08 - Soldier's Field

Sightseer 015 - A City in the Sky? Impossible!

before sending Booker to lift the metal gate in the Welcome Center, check the room housing a scale model of Soldier's Field to find this kinetoscope by the wall.

Sightseer 016 - Mighty Songbird Patrols the Skies

This kinetoscope is sitting next to a railing outside Dimwit and Duke's ice cream shop.

Chapter 09 - Hall of Heroes (En Route)

Sightseer 017 - Who Are the Vox Populi?

In the Tickets building, look out front toward the left to find this kinetoscope by the wall.

Sightseer 018 - Who Needs the Power Company?

Just outside the door leading to the Hall of Heroes Interior, turn right to see this kinetoscope at the far end of the porch.

Chapter 11 - Hall of Heroes Gift Shop

Sightseer 019 - Behold the Miracle Child!

After fighting past the Courtyard, head into the Gift Shop where you'll find a pair of kinetoscopes. Both are located near the vending machines.

Sightseer 020 - The Lamb is the Future of the City

After fighting past the Courtyard, head into the Gift Shop where you'll find a pair of kinetoscopes. Both are located near the vending machines.

Sightseer 021 - A City Mourns...

This kinetoscope stands by the gift shop counter.

Chapter 12 - Beggar's Wharf

Sightseer 022

After Booker Elizabeth call a truce and regroup, Step onto the trolley for this telescope.

Chapter 13 - Finkton Proper

Sightseer 023 - The Path of the Vox Populi

When you first step into the area, look to your right for a kinetoscope among the vending machines.

Chapter 15 - Good Time Club

Sightseer 024 - Crime Comes to Shanty Town

As soon as you step into the club, climb the stairs on the left where you'll find a vending machine and a kinetoscope next to it.

Sightseer 025 - The First Lady

On the club's lower floor, keep a look out for a kinetoscope next to a vending machine on the corridor outside the club's rest rooms.

Sightseer 026 - Gun Smith Set Free!

This kinetoscope occupies the spot where Sightseer 024 once was, after you step through the tear into a parallel reality.

Chapter 16 - Shanty Town

Sightseer 027

Traverse along the sky-line, dismount on the section directly below the large green "Fink MFG" neon lights logo, then use the freight hooks to reach a balcony where this telescope is at.

Chapter 17 - Bull Yard Impound

Sightseer 028 - Fitzroy Spotted!

At the beginning of chapter (the spot where the game autosaves), proceed past the gate and turn right into a small room with this kinetoscope.

Chapter 18 - The Factory

Sightseer 029

After destroying the Zeppelin but before entering the factory, turn around and jump on the partition between the two long staircases to find a telescope some ways behind the giant Fink statue.

Sightseer 030

In the area of the factory where you have to fight a large wave of enemies including a Handyman, explore just past the Tesla coil is this telescope by the railing that you can use.

Chapter 19 - Prosperity Plaza

Sightseer 031

Off to the right of the trolley that you must ride to Port Prosperity is a telescope set by the railing.

Sightseer 032 - Lutece's Brother Arrives

Pick open the door to the Salty Oyster Bar and stop by the rest rooms in the back to find this kinetoscope.

Chapter 20 - Downtown Emporia

Sightseer 033

On the bridge leading to the Comstock estate (Victory Square), look at the railings to the side to spot this telescope.

Chapter 22 - Comstock House

Sightseer 034 - Sunrise

This kinetoscope sits next to one of the pillars in the Atrium.

Sightseer 035 - Hummingbirds

Climb up the stairs that was guarded by a pair of gun turrets then head to the end of the hallway (labeled "where we work") to find this kinetoscope.

Sightseer 036 - Battleship Falls

Moving forward to the Security Center, look behind you as soon as you arrive for this kinetoscope.

Chapter 23 - Hand of the Prophet

Sightseer 037

Step on the gunship and look back toward the building behind you. This is the final telescope.

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