Pokemon Violet Miraidon Guide

Pokemon Violet Miraidon Guide

Pokemon Violet is a role-playing game that takes place in an open world, unlike previous Pokemon installments. The game takes place in the Paldea region, based on the Iberian Peninsula. Take a look at our Miraidon Guide to find out everything you need to know about this Pokemon that is exclusive to Pokemon Violet.

Pokemon Violet Miraidon Guide

Pokemon Violet is similar to other Pokemon games in that you obtain creatures known as Pokemon, primarily through catching and trading, and then using them to explore the world and battle other Pokemon trainers. Listed below are Pokemon that are exclusive to Pokemon Violet.

- Ceruledge

- Bagon

- Shelgon

- Salamence

- Iron Treads

- Miraidon

Pokemon Violet Miraidon Guide

Find out everything you need to know about this dual Electric/Dragon-Type Pokemon that can only be found in Pokemon Violet.

  • Where to get Miraidon

    In Pokemon Violet Miraidon serves as the primary means of transportation around the game's vast open world. Miraidon can be upgraded to sprint, swim, jump, glide, and even climb the sheerest cliffs.

    Although Miraidon will join your team early in the game you will not be able to ride it straight away. In order to do so you must visit the Academy. Once inside, you need to continue progressing the story until you are eventually led to your Dorm Room by Nemona. There, she will point out a bed that you can sleep in to get some rest which will trigger a cutscene where at the end you will wake up to a special announcement from the Academy Director. Leaving the Dorm Room and heading to the schoolyard will prompt another cutscene and after that, you are free to explore.

  • How to Ride your Miraidon

    Once you have seen a cutscene with Arven and Nemona you will automatically be shown how to mount Miraidon. When this has happened you are free to call out and ride Miraidon by simply pressing the Start (+) button on your Nintendo Switch controller at any time. You will be able to dismount Miraidon by pressing Start (+) again. This ability will activate as soon as you leave the Academy and talk to Nemona about the Treasure Hunt.

  • How to Unlock your Meraidon's Powers

    When you first get Miraidon it will be in a weakened state and you will only be able to ride it like a bike. In order to unlock swim, jump, climb, and glide modes you must regain its strength to regain its powers. Each time a trainer defeats a Titan on the Path of Legends Miraidon will regain some of its strength. Each Titan Pokemon guards a Herba Mystica, which Miraidon eats to gain a new ability. The abilities unlock based on which Titan you defeat.

    • Open Sky Titan/Bombirdier:

      Miraidon unlocks the ability to swim

      Stony Cliff Titan/Klawf:

      Miraidon unlocks the ability to sprint

      Lurking Steel Titan/Orthworm:

      Miraidon unlocks the ability to Jump higher

      Quaking Earth Titan/Paradox Donphan:

      Miraidon unlocks the ability to glide

      False Dragon Titan/Dondozo & Tatsugiri:

      Miraidon unlocks the ability to climb

  • How to Unlock the Secret Miraidon

    The final mission in Pokemon Violet is entitled 'The Way Home' and you are tasked to go to the bottom of the Great Crater of Paldea. After completing this mission you will be able to activate your rideable Miraidon and add it to your party.

    Catching Miraidon is not easy, even when weakened it has a very low catch rate in Pokemon Violet. If you're not using a Master Ball, you might need to make use of certain Sandwiches and Effect Conditions to improve your rate. Miraidon has a low catch rate of 3.

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