Men are From Freeport, Women are from Qeynos

It's 4:11 AM and I can't sleep. My parents are visiting for the weekend, so I can't turn on the TV and play on one of my consoles because (A) no matter how low I make the volume the sound of whatever game I play will wake them up, and (B) the only game that I want to play is Borderlands, and playing Borderlands with the sound muted is pointless. The lump on the other side of the bed is making this buzzing noise when it breathes, and I don't dare wake it up because if I do, it will want to play a game with me that I am NOT playing when my parents are visiting.

I decide that the only option is to grab my gaming notebook and my headset because there is no way I will be able to go back to sleep; I am awake now. When I slip off the bed and grab my 'puter I also grab the bag of Sunsweet dried cherries that is poking out of my purse. They are not really dried cherries, they are sorta-dried cherries, being chewy rather than crunchy, which is good. I can eat them and the noise won't wake anyone up.

After carefully plugging in my headset and mic I boot my notebook and, while it does its thing I grab the extra pillows that I keep under the bed and build a comfie nest for myself. I want to play an MMO but as I am not feeling especially space-captainy this morning SWG and STO are out; the idea of riding my horse through flower-filled valleys as butterflies flit through the grass to the background song of birds singing while I bash the brains out of some Gnolls for light entertainment appeals, so Everquest 2 it is!

I remind myself that I should spend some time in Galaxies considering that this December it is shutting down for good, and I know I will miss my characters and the massive amount of stuff I have accumulated in that game. I wish that there was a way to take that all with me when it ends, but then I said the same thing about The Matrix Online. Sigh.

As soon as I run the Station Launcher it tells me that it has to patch; I remember that I have not played EQ2 in months, which means that the game will have to patch before I can log in too. While EQ2 is patching I load Minesweeper and start working my way through the field on expert, and I double-click my email program -- we don't call it an "app" anymore, that's now an Apple thing -- and I see that among the new messages is one from my friend who likes to email lists that she finds on the web.

The patch had a while to go yet so I put on my Ninja slippers and made my way stealthily through the house to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of water and a Diet Mt. Dew from the fridge, and then Ninja'd back to my bed, the click-click-click of my dog's nails on the floor being the only sound, because I am Ninja-silent but Sir George Waggy Tail is not, and he follows me everywhere.

Posted: 22nd Aug 2011 by Heather Savage
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