How To Easily Catch Solgaleo In Pokemon Ultra Sun

After you defeat Kahuna Hapu on Poni Island in Pokemon Ultra Sun - thus completing your Island Challenge as a whole - you will be able to find Solgaleo with Lillie in Mahalo Trail back on Melemele Island. Not being able to properly take care of Solgaleo like a true Pokemon Trainer would, Lillie will ask you to battle and capture Solgaleo so it can continue to travel alongside you.

Like so many other Legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo makes for a very difficult capture. To start, odds are it will be at a level equal or higher than most of the Pokemon on your team, sitting at a pretty decent Level 60. It will also probably be faster than most of your Pokemon, having a 97 Base Speed Stat (one of the highest speed stats for all Alola Region Pokemon). And let's not forget the offensive and defensive strengths it has, plus its exclusive ability that prevents its stats from ever being lowered. Yeah, unless you're using a Masterball on it, which is never recommended, Solgaleo will be one tough capture.

Since Solgaleo sits at a manageable Level 60, you should definitely only try using Ultra Balls on it, but only after getting its HP as low as you possibly can. This can be incredibly difficult to do, since it won't have any problem crushing all sorts of holes in your team as you try to do this. And that's why you should make sure to have more than the average amount of Ultra Balls, Revives and Max Potions when facing it.

The move known as False Swipe is also a nice attack to have on one of your Pokemon, guaranteeing that Solgaleo will be left with at least one HP after being hit by it, should you have the TM or a Pokemon that knows this move. Thunder Wave also works best as a status conditioning to make Solgaleo easier to catch, since it's permanent (unlike sleep) and it doesn't cause Solgaleo to lose any HP. If you have the Rotom Power that makes it easier to catch a Wild Pokemon, then you should definitely consider using it here as well. And don't forget to ALWAYS save before facing Solgaleo. It's a safety precaution, one that has worked since the first generation of Pokemon, so definitely make sure you do it before facing this former Cover Legend.

Posted: 11th Apr 2018 by Warrior13
Pokemon Ultra Sun, Solgaleo