Araquanid Competitive Battling Moveset

Believe it or not, Araquanid is one of the best Pokemon that was apart of the 7th Generation. This is primarily due to its exclusive ability of Water Bubble, which sees it never being able to be induced with a burn as well as all of its Water Type Attacks doubling in power. So, not only can it not have its Attack Stat cut in half due to a burn, but Araquanid can also dish out some extreme power with its Water Moves.


+Water Bubble: This thing is outrageous. Prevents Araquanid from being burned and doubles all of its Water Type Attacks. Because of this, Liquidation has a Base Power of 255 after STAB. Crazy, right?

+Defensive Stats: A Base Defense Stat of 92 and Base Special Defense Stat of 132 make Araquanid tough enough to bring down on its own before factoring in its incredible movepool.

+Movepool: Stockpile, Leech Life and Liquidation allows Araquanid to beef up its stats, regain any lost HP, and wreck opposing foes due to Water Bubble. It's a marvelous combination of moves.

-Attack Stat: It's mediocre at best, which forces players to get creative if they want Araquanid to be absolutely unstoppable, primarily with what Item they choose it to hold.

-Speed Stat: It's downright terrible. However, it gives players a great option for a Trick Room team.

-Typings: The combination of Water/Bug sees Araquanid only having five true resistances, six if you throw in Water Bubble (since it cuts the power of all Fire Type Attacks in half). This isn't that great.

Water Bubble: Cuts all Fire Types Attack used against Araquanid in half, prevents Araquanid from being burned, and doubles all of Araquanid's Water Type Attacks. It's awesome, and should always be used.

Water Absorb: Heals Araquanid by up to 1/4 HP when it is hit by a Water Type Attack. A decent ability for a Defensive Pokemon like Araquanid, but it doesn't compare to Water Bubble.

Recommend Moveset
Weakness Policy Moveset
- Stockpile
- Rest
- Leech Life
- Liquidation
Item Attached: Weakness Policy
Ability: Water Bubble
Nature: Impish
EVs: 92 HP / 204 Atk / 212 Def

This is the only Araquanid Moveset I use, and after using it, it will probably be the only one you will use as well. Some people say that a Choice Band Moveset is best for Araquanid - allowing it to spam other teams with a full powered Liquidation - but this Moveset actually lets Araquanid at its best with even more Attack Power and Defensives. It all begins with using Stockpile three times in a row, allowing Araquanid to absorb virtually every attack a foe can throw at it. The hope is that after buffing up its Defense Stats, or even during the process, a foe will land just one Super Effective Hit on Araquanid to activate its Weakness Policy and double its Attack Stat. From there, you will probably need to get off a Rest to regain all the HP you lost during which time. Leech Life gives Araquanid a move to regain HP without having to use Rest, while Liquidation is Araquanid's main power source against opposing teams.

Taunt Users: Taunt prevents Araquanid from setting up with Stockpile, making it a bit of an easy defeat afterwards.

Haze Users: Haze can reset all of Araquanid's Stat Boosts, causing it to lose its buffs from Stockpile.

Whirlwind Users: Much like taunt and Haze, Whirlwind can send Araquanid out of battle, causing it to lose its Stockpile Increases.

Dragon/Flying Types: The likes of Dragonite, Mega Salamance, Rayquaza and Mega Rayquaza laugh at Araquanid's Leech Life and Liquidation. Plus, they can deal huge blows with their give Flying Type Attacks.