10 Pokemon We Wish Could Be Shiny

Can you believe that there are presently over 800 Pokemon? It’s almost hard to fathom when you consider the franchise first began with no more than 151 of these unique creatures. And out of all of those Pokemon, do you know that over 95% of them can be found in their Shiny Forms? That’s right! In a World of Pokemon where practically every single Pokemon can be Shiny, there are still a select few that the Pokemon Company has decided to prevent from being Shiny. Whether the Pokemon Company has done this deliberately or it’s just how things happened to fall as time has passed, almost all Pokemon Fans agree that they want these remaining Pokemon to finally have the chance of being found in their Shiny Forms.

And because of this unanimous desire, we here at SuperCheats have decided to compile a list of ten Pokemon that are currently Shiny-Locked that all players wish to have. We will try to keep things short and too the point, picking with what we know rather than what we personally would like to see, and we think we did pretty good in terms of showing no bias to any particular Pokemon. If at any time you would like to voice what you think of our list, you can do so whenever you please in the Comment Section below. If you think we nailed one of our selections, tell us about it! If you think we missed the mark on one of them, tell us about it! If you think we forgot a certain Shiny-Locked Pokemon, tell us about it! No matter your thoughts, don’t forget to express them in the area provided below!

So without further delay or hesitation, here are the ten Pokemon fans of the franchise wish could be shiny. We truly hope you enjoy this article!


Ever since the 6th Generation, Zygarde has got to be one of the more desirable Pokemon that players wish they could obtain in its Shiny Form. It appeared for a while that it would be released in its Shiny Form when Xerneas and Yveltal were released as Wi-Fi Events in their given Shiny Forms, but, unfortunately, it was overlooked by the Pokemon Company at that time. And it didn’t make things any better when Zygarde was later given multiple forms, the same that still cannot be obtained as Shiny. To this day, all Zygarde Forms still cannot be found or obtained in their alternate Shiny Form.

In its Shiny Form, Zygarde replaces its slime-green scaling with pure-white coloring and its darker spots with aqua instead. To some, Zygarde looks incredible when Shiny. But for others, they tend to think it’s more uglier than not when Shiny. There is a bit of divide among Pokemon players on their overall satisfaction with its Shiny Form appearance, but one thing all players agree on is that they would still like this final piece of the XYZ Trio to no longer be Shiny-Locked. In a World of Pokemon that presently only sees roughly twenty Pokemon without legitimately being found in their Shiny Forms, it goes without question that no Pokemon should Shiny-Locked any longer, and that includes this stellar Pokemon.


Ever since Victini and its Shiny Form was released to the world, most players wanted its Shiny Form over its regularly colored form. Nothing against its regular form, but there’s just something about Victini being completely white with its bold red v-shaped ears and bright blue eyes that just pops off the screen. Much like Mew and Celebi when in their Shiny Forms, Victini just looks all the more appeasing. And when it was leaked that players would be able to find Victini within Pokemon Black and White through an Event Item, many thought they would be able to find it within its Shiny Form. When the Pokemon Company did this before with the Event Ferry Items back in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, players were able to find Lugia, Ho-Oh and Deoxys all in their Shiny Forms. So why wouldn’t the same be true for Victini when using the Liberty Pass Event Item?

Low and behold, unfortunately, the Liberty Pass Victini was also Shiny-Locked. Even though it was found within the wild of the main game of Pokemon Black and White, the Pokemon Company forced this Victini to only be encountered in its regular form. And ever since then, Pokemon Fans have been waiting patiently to obtain Shiny Victini. Two Generations have since passed, and there is still no sign of such a thing to come. It’s all the more difficult since Victini is a Mythical Pokemon, meaning it can only be obtained via an event. And since it is this way, the Pokemon Company would literally have to release it in its Shiny Form. That would be rare, but it wouldn’t be unheard of since they did the same for Genesect. At least there’s an ounce of hope.


Out of all the Ultra Beasts (not counting UB Burst, UB Assembly, and UB Adhesive at the moment) presently found in the World of Pokemon - which all of them, of course, are Shiny-Locked - most players would probably agree that they would like to have Pheromosa as a Shiny Pokemon compared to the rest. It’s pretty clear as to why most would feel this way, and that reason rests solely upon its design. Just look at it! Compared to its regular form, as well as against other Ultra Beasts in their given Shiny Forms, Shiny Pheromosa clearly stands apart from most of them. A few of the other Ultra Beasts in their Shiny Forms come close, but none of them can hold a candle to Pheromosa.

In its Shiny Form, Pheromosa is looking as elegant as ever with a pitch-black lower extremities and brilliant-white found everywhere else on its body. But don’t be fooled by its great looks, because Shiny Pheromosa is as lethal of a striker as when in its regular form. This beauty has a bite to her, she’ll steal your heart and rip it right out of your chest within the same moment. Players love it when a Pokemon has power and appearance to them, especially when in their Shiny Forms, and Shiny Pheromosa checks off all of the boxes. And that’s why, more than ever before, players are praying to the Pokemon Gods that Pheromosa will not be Shiny-Locked within Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.


When it comes to the Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beasts of the Alola Region, there are very few of them that actually look appealing in their given Shiny Forms. In more of them than not, their alternate coloring just doesn’t go with their overall appearance and structure. Solgaleo, however, breaks this common trend, as everything about its Shiny Form has players excited. From its entire body turning to a bright shade of red to its subtle usage of its primary colors of black and gold to its face interior keeping that cosmic design, Shiny Solgaleo looks incredible from top to bottom.

But much like EVERY OTHER Legendary Pokemon AND Ultra Beast from the Alola Region, unfortunately, Solgaleo cannot yet be found in its Shiny Form. It’s a bit of a shame really, as, like we said, Solgaleo does look pretty awesome in its Shiny Form, but this is to be expected with Cover Legends. For the longest time now, Cover Legendary Pokemon have been Shiny-Locked due to their stationary status and capture at the end of every main storyline. To make things worse, this might continue to be the case for Solgaleo, as it, technically, is still the Cover Legend of Pokemon Ultra Sun. Technically this is actually Necrozma in its alternate form after absorbing Solgaleo - which could give us hope that we will be able to find Solgaleo in its Shiny Form - but it’s still more likely that Solgaleo will be Shiny-Locked moving forward with the upcoming games.


Much like its counterpart of Solgaleo, Lunala also looks pretty spectacular when it is found in its Shiny Form. Just like Solgaleo, Lunala’s Shiny Form sees it red from top to bottom, with gold accents found throughout and keeping its cosmic facial design. Some might not like both Cover Legends having similar colorings when in their given Shiny Forms, but if you actually think about it, you might just find it more fitting than not. Remember, both Pokemon have the exact same Pre-Evolutions, being the only two Legendary Pokemon to have such a thing. The only thing that separates them is the given game (and thus Alolan Universe) said Pre-Evolutions are caught and evolved in. Both Lunala and Solgaleo, if you actually think about it this way, come from the same bloodline, so why wouldn’t they look like fraternal twins when they are both Shiny?

But just like Solgaleo and its Shiny Form status, we don’t know if Lunala will be able to be found in its Shiny Form in the near future. There’s a slight chance that Lunala will be found and obtained separately from the main storyline in Pokemon Ultra Moon, since Necrozma is technically the Cover Legend this time around (in its alternate form when it has absorbed Lunala). But, honestly, Lunala will probably remain Shiny-Locked in these next Alola Region Games. Perhaps the Pokemon Company will allow players to catch Solgaleo in Ultra Moon and Lunala in Ultra Sun after the main storyline so they can finally be found and obtained in their Shiny Forms, doing something similar to what they did with Ho-Oh and Lugia back in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, but this probably isn’t going to happen.


Apart from Pheromosa, there are very few Ultra Beasts that look better in their Shiny Form than in their Regular Form. Xurkitree, however, is one of the few that does look much better when Shiny. There’s just something about Xurkitree being blue over black that just gives the look that this guy will shock you silly. In its regular form, Xurkitree looks a tad lackluster and underwhelming, giving the appearance of a tree or electric pole above anything else. But when it’s Shiny, Xurkitree looks like an electric wave that will zap anything that dares to step before it.

But at least there is some hope with Xurkitree finally being able to be found Shiny in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Unlike Pokemon Sun and Moon, players will actually have to travel through wormholes into Ultra Space to find the Ultra Beasts in their natural habitats in order to find, battle and capture them. This could mean that all the Ultra Beasts will be able to have the chance of being Shiny after all; however, it could also mean that they remain to Shiny-Locked too. All the Pokemon Company would have to do to keep these Pokemon Shiny-Locked is make sure it’s that way in these games’ coding - that’s it! It would be a bush league move, especially since the Pokemon Company should be trying to appease its fans, but it wouldn’t be the first time they decided to do something like this. Let’s hope they don’t though.


Apart from Pheromosa and Xurkitree, only Nihilego (among all the remaining Ultra Beasts) is worth mentioning as having a great Shiny Form. Instead of having its usual blue coloring, this jellyfish Pokemon is nothing but gold in its Shiny Form. Some may think it looks a little too gaudy like this, but most players can’t help but love the shade it takes in this alternate form. Nihilego is probably the only Ultra Beast that actually looks great in both its regular form and Shiny Form is terms of coloring and overall design. Both forms of Nihilego look amazing, one of the few things the Pokemon Company nailed in regards to the Ultra Beasts.

Because it does look so appealing in its Shiny Form, most players are hoping the Ultra Beasts (Nihilego included) will become unlocked in terms of shininess when both Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are released. As we have mentioned a number of times already, this could go either way when these games are released later this year. On one hand, the Pokemon Company might finally let players hunt for Shiny Ultra Beasts when they travel through the Ultra Wormholes with the original Alolan Cover Legends. But on the other, the Pokemon Company might decide to keep these exclusive Pokemon Shiny-Locked simply by keeping it this way in the coding of these games. We won’t know until the games hit the market what the Pokemon Company has decided to do, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that they choose to do the former.

AZ Floette

With the passing days, it appears more and more unlikely that AZ’s Eternal Flower Floette will ever be released. It was passed over in both Pokemon X / Y and Pokemon Omega Ruby / Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and then again in Pokemon Sun & Moon. And now with the upcoming release of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, you get the sense that the Pokemon Company is more concerned with making and releasing games rather than giving players Unreleased and Shiny-Locked Pokemon. And, unfortunately for AZ’s Floette, it falls into both of those categories.

At this point in time, most players would probably take a regular AZ’s Floette over not receiving it at all. Sure, it looks all the more better in its Shiny Form, but beggars can’t be choosers. Besides, if and when AZ’s Floette is ultimately released, it’s unlikely it will even be able to be Shiny since this exclusive form can only be, it appears, from a Wi-Fi Event. The Pokemon Company should shock us all by coding AZ’s Floette into an upcoming Mainstream Pokemon Game, allowing players to find it in the wild as a stationary Pokemon and ultimately in its Shiny Form, but they have never done this before, and it’s not likely they would start now. So, for now, players will have to wait for Eternal Flower Floette to come; they will have wait all the more longer than that for a Shiny Form for Eternal Flower Floette, one that might never come into existence.

Ash Greninja

When Ash Greninja was first revealed with all of its stats and details, the hype for it was real. Sure, it lost its incredible ability of Protean in the process, but it gained so much more in power and also one heck of a sleek design. Greninja in its regular form looks so much like a ninja, but Ash Greninja takes that design to such a greater level. From standing solely on its two hind legs to its shuriken it carries on its back, Ash Greninja’s appearance tells the entire story to any foe that this frog means business. If you haven’t already been able to witness the power it has, then you’ve been missing out on one of the best sweepers the World of Pokemon has ever seen.

And that’s why it’s so puzzling and heart-wrenching as to why Ash Greninja cannot legitimately be Shiny. Well, technically, it can be Shiny when you first obtain it in the Pokemon Sun & Moon Demo Version, but after transferring it to the main games, it will be reverted back into its regular form. It’s sad that Ash Greninja can’t be Shiny, because, much like Greninja in its regular form when Shiny, it looks all the more better in its design. There’s just something about Shiny Greninja’s darker appearance, one that reminds all players alike of a real life portrayal of a ninja. What makes matters all the more worse is the presumable fact that Ash Greninja will never legitimately be Shiny. Aforementioned, Ash Greninja cannot be found outside of the Demo Version of Pokemon Sun & Moon. And since it can’t be found anywhere else, the only other way it will legitimately be able to be found as Shiny is through a Wi-Fi Event.


The last Pokemon that most players, especially the older ones that have been playing the Mainstream Pokemon Video Games since the beginning, wish with all of their hearts to be shiny is that of Celebi. Of all the Pokemon on this list, as well as the other Shiny-Locked Pokemon that didn’t make it, Celebi is the oldest Pokemon known that cannot be Shiny. After Celebi, who was first released back in the 2nd Generation, you would have to jump to the 5th Generation to find the next set of Shiny-Locked Pokemon. All of the 1st Generation, 2nd Generation (outside of Celebi), 3rd Generation, and 4th Generation Pokemon can be found in their Shiny Forms.

During the 10th Anniversary Events where Celebi was also given, there was controversy as to whether the coding could allow Celebi to be received as Shiny. However, after the Pokemon Company finally disputed this, the controversy quickly ended with solid evidence that Celebi couldn’t be obtained as Shiny. Now, with the release of the Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal Virtual Consoles, even more controversy has arisen. This is because you can actually find Shiny Celebi in these games using a glitch hack, as well as during the GS Ball Event in Ilex Forest. But since you will not be able to transfer glitch Pokemon to the newer games (like Glitch Mew from the 1st Generation Virtual Consoles), and since you cannot legitimately obtain the GS Ball Event in the Virtual Consoles, Celebi continues to remain as being Shiny-Locked.

One day, hopefully, players will be able to find their pink, cotton candy Celebi. But, for now, the wait continues. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take another five or so generations for it to happen.

That Is All

Well there you have it! The ten Pokemon we honestly feel virtually all players and fans of the Mainstream Pokemon Video Game Series wish could be Shiny. We aren’t sure if and when these Pokemon will ever be able to be found in their Shiny Forms, but, like most Pokemon Fans, we hope one day they and all other Shiny-Locked Pokemon will be.

We thank you for reading what we have to say, especially if you took the time to tell us your thoughts in the Comments Section. If you haven’t done so already, you can still do so in the area provided below. And while you’re here on our great site, why do you take a minute to explore everything we have going for us? We have loads of Guides, Walkthroughs, Hint and Tips for tons of games, as well as the best Pokemon Pokedex and Forums found online, so go ahead and take a look!

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