10 Ways Expert Players Play Pokemon GO

So you want to be a master of Pokemon GO? The very best in one of the biggest games of the century? An expert among all the novices in this very special smash mobile game? Well, you're in luck, because there is actually a way to do this. To be quite honest, there are actually a number of things a person can do be a great trainer in Pokemon GO, a number of tricks that only the best of the best players know and use to be such. And, again lucky for you, we're going to tell you all of these tricks so you too can be a Pokemon GO Master.

In this article, we're going to let you in on ten simple ways you can improve your skills in GO and why each are necessary to become an expert at playing it. Each of these tricks that will be told are used by not just some of the best in Pokemon GO, but all the trainers you see at the higher Trainer Levels nearing the maximum of Level 40. And if you follow these hints and take up on the habits, you too will one day be able to reach this mark, to be able to call yourself an expert as well.

If at any time you think of another trick that you personally use in Pokemon GO that you consider an elite trait, you can tell us (if you so wish in the comment section below). Shoot, even if you want to express something during or after reading this article, you can do so in the same area below. We think we included all the known ways people who soar in Pokemon GO use, and we think we nailed each on the head with perfect detailing why they are used. But even we aren't perfect, even we may have missed a given scheme or two.

So without another moment to lose, here are ten simple techniques you too can use in Pokemon GO that all the expert players use!

Stockpile Stardust & Candies

One of the first things any expert trainer will do early in Pokemon GO is begin saving-up both Pokemon Candies and Stardust. Pokemon Candies are needed in order to both evolve and power-up a Pokemon, while Stardust is needed for only the latter. Some Pokemon will require only 50 Pokemon Candies to fully be evolved, but some will require up to 125 Candies to go from its First-Stage Evolution to its Third- and Final-Stage Evolution. And after a Pokemon is fully evolved and as a trainer continues to grow in their Leveling, a Pokemon will require more and more Stardust (and Candy) to power-up. As you can see, getting a head start on saving both Stardust and Candies can never be done too early.

But as your Pokedex gets closer to completion, and as it takes longer between powering-up your Pokemon, saving up on Candies become all the more important. If a player is ever to reach the unprecedented mark of Trainer Level 40, they are going to have to not only catch many, many Pokemon, but they'll also have to evolve hundreds upon hundreds of Pokemon. And what does it take to do this amount of evolutions? You guessed it: all the more Pokemon Candies.

Throw Curve Balls Every Time

When you first begin your Pokemon GO journey, it will certainly take you some time to get use to throwing Poke Balls and the necessary power needed for each throw. But after a player masters this, in order to truly be considered an expert for this game, they must learn the technique of throwing curve balls. Odds are every young trainer will accidently throw a curveball every now and then to being with, usually by throwing to hard or unintentionally curling their finger when launching their Poke Ball. And though they may get frustrated when this happens at first, they will eventually learn to love and rely on it.

In order to throw a proper curveball, a player needs to hold down their PokeBall and make circular motions with it before throwing it. This will cause the ball to curve midair, which players will need to account for. If a player is right-handed, they need to circle the PokeBall in a counterclockwise motion and throw it more to the right of the Pokemon. The ball with curve ball to the left because of this, how much curve will depend on how hard the ball is thrown. If the player is left-handed, they will need to circle the PokeBall in a clockwise fashion and throw it more to the left of the Pokemon. The same thing will happen, except it will curve back to the right. Each time a player catches a Pokemon using a curveball, they will earn an extra 10 XP. Though this may not seem like much at first, this number will certainly add up as a player strives for Level 40.

Favorite Pokemon You're Going To Evolve

Another trick all expert players playing Pokemon GO use, as they continue to stock up on Pokemon Candies, is to favorite all the Pokemon they are planning to evolve. As a player slowly catches and hatches Pokemon after Pokemon and accumulates Candies as they do, they should favorite a Pokemon immediately after they have enough Candies to evolve them. If they have a Pokemon that requires 25 Candies to be evolved, the player should keep and favorite said species of Pokemon after each multiple of 25 Candies is reached. They shouldn't keep anymore than the number of Pokemon they have enough candies to evolve, but instead should transfer the extras to get to the next multiple of Candies needed quicker.

By favoriting these Pokemon in the meantime, players will save themselves so much time when they decide to evolve all of these Pokemon during a mass evolution session (the only time you should ever evolve Pokemon). Once you are ready to do this, all a player must do is sort their Pokemon by their favorites in their storage system and then start evolving. Right after each evolution, you will be taken right back to your Pokemon Storage organized by your favorites. Players can then literally go from one Pokemon to the the next and evolve them, not needing to rummage through their entire storage to find the Pokemon they are looking to evolve. This will saves loads a time, which is especially crucial if you are using a Lucky Egg during one of these session to maximize XP earned.

Save Up To Mass Evolve

As we mentioned already once, the only time any player in Pokemon GO should evolve a Pokemon is during a mass evolution session. This is when players stock-up on both Pokemon Candies and the Pokemon themselves to evolve all at once in order to gain as much XP as they possibly can. And more often than not, players use Lucky Eggs during these sessions to further gain all the more experience.

But in order to do one of these sessions, a player must slowly save up on both Candy and the Pokemon they are looking to evolve. This will take quite a bit of time to do, as a player must keep catching and hatching Pokemon to accumulate enough Candy for each given Pokemon. These mass evolution sessions should be huge, which means anywhere from 30-75 Pokemon should be evolve during each session to maximize results. This could mean needing anywhere from 750 Pokemon Candy all the way up to 3,750 Candy and more to evolve all of these Pokemon. That's an insanely large amount of Pokemon Candy, explaining just why it will certainly take some time to save up the necessary number to do one of these sessions.

Always Mass Evolve Weekly On 7-Day Streaks With Lucky Egg
So if Mass Evolution Sessions are the only way to go to truly be a master of Pokemon GO, then when is the best time to do said sessions to be considered as such? Should you just do it when you have no more storage for all the Pokemon you are looking to evolve? Or is there a specific day you should do them? The answer is actually perfectly simple, revolving more around the latter of the two scenarios.

If you want to be an expert in Pokemon GO, then you should ALWAYS do a Mass Evolution Sessions weekly on the same day as your 7th Day Weekly Capture and PokeSpot Bonuses. On top of this, you should always do this while having a Lucky Egg activated. The best way to go about this is by going to a PokeSpot first. Usually, most PokeSpots (especially ones at parks) have Pokemon within their given radius, allowing you to kill two birds at once. Simply use a Lucky Egg, catch the Pokemon in the PokeSpot radius, and then spin the PokeSpot. You will gain about 5,000 XP for the 7th Day Streak Capture and an additional 5,000 XP for the 7th Day PokeSpot Visit. After gain the 10,000 XP or so, begin evolving all the Pokemon you saved up on with their appropriate Candy during the week. If you've been catching and hatching as many Pokemon as you could during the week, this number can range from 30-75 Pokemon easy. This number depends on the the given Pokemon and how many Candy each require to evolve (Pidgey works best since it only requires a mere 12 Candies to Evolve). But by doing this, a player will easily make between 40,000 to 85,000 XP weekly, allowing them to quickly level up their Trainer Levels.

Claim 10 Gyms Daily

In addition to catching and hatching Pokemon and doing weekly Mass Evolutions, any expert player in Pokemon GO will willingly have desire to battle and claim Pokemon Gyms on a daily basis, at least ten to be exact. This specific number of ten gyms is the maximum a player can claim with their Defender Bonus, giving the player a free 100 PokeCoins and 5000 Stardust if they capture and claim at least that many gyms. Now the Stardust doesn't do too much for trainers as most expert players already have a huge stockpile of such, but the PokeCoins are more valuable than anything else.

With these free PokeCoins, trainers can either spend them on key items in the shop or save up on them as well. These coins are crucial, as they allow players to buy items found and not found at PokeSpots depending how much they are needed. These items include extra PokeBalls when running low, Lucky Eggs to help gain even more XP, and Incubators to help hatch eggs (among many others). And most of these items, if not all of them, will aid a trainer in their quest to being the very best.

Use Defender Bonus Coins To Buy Lucky Eggs & Incubators
So you do the expertly thing and work your tail off at defeating and claiming ten gyms each and every day, and you earn 100 PokeCoins daily with the Defender Bonus because of it. You're accumulating so many PokeCoins you can hardly believe, but no you have no idea what to spend all of these Coins on. You want to continue doing things as the best trainers do, but with so many options in the Shop, you don't have any idea what items are the best to invest in. So which items are worth their pricetag in the Shop? The answer is two items are better than all the rest to spend on: Lucky Eggs and Incubators.

Lucky Eggs allow a trainer to earn double XP for a thirty minute period once activated, and they are essential if a player has any desire to ascend passed Level 30 and beyond. The best value on these are a 25-Pack for 1250 Coins, allowing the expert player 25 Mass Evolution Sessions before needing to reinvest in more. Incubators, on the other hand, allow trainers to hatch additional Pokemon. Unfortunately, these incubators break after three uses and they aren't included in a value pack like the Lucky Eggs, but they are still crucial toward trainers. The more eggs a player hatches, the more Pokemon, Candy and Stardust they obtain; all of which are needed to in order to achieve great success.

Hatch Eggs Incessantly

If you want to be among the best players in all of Pokemon GO, you will have to quickly get use to investing most of the PokeCoins you obtain in Egg Incubators, and, in return, walking all of those eggs as much as you possible can. The more you invest in Incubators and walk the Eggs you find at PokeSpots, the more Pokemon you will hatch from them. Along with going out in the world and finding and catching Pokemon, most of your Pokedex will be filled by hatching eggs. On top of that, players get loads of Candies (anywhere from 10-40 Candies depending on the distance needing for hatching given eggs) and tons of Stardust (x100 of the Candies you receive from the same egg) from hatching eggs. Players will also gain x100 XP of the number of kilometers needed to hatch each egg.

With numbers like this, it's no wonder why the best of the best rely so heavily upon hatching eggs. And if you want to be among these fews, you will begin to do the same. It takes a toll of your PokeCoins and even more so on your legs, but it's a small cost to pay to call yourself an expert GO Gamer.

Try To Catch Every Pokemon That Spawns

When it comes to Pokemon GO, odds are you'll never be able to catch every Pokemon that spawns in the overworld while you're playing. Either the Pokemon's Flee Rate is activated or the Pokemon's Spawn Timer expires or the the Pokemon is just too good of a Pokemon to be captured and refuses to to get caught, you'll never be able to “catch ‘em all”. But if you want to be a master of the hit mobile game, you still have to at least try to catch every Pokemon. You don't have to catch every last one of them, we don't expect anyone to be able to do that, but you still have to try.

Even if you don't capture a Pokemon during an encounter, you will still receive a few free XP if you've thrown at least one PokeBall and the Pokemon still flees. If the Pokemon is a First-Stage Evolution and flees from battle, you will earn 25 XP; if it's a Second-Stage Evolution, you will receive 50 XP; and if it's a Third-Stage Evolution, you will receive 75 XP. Not too shabby for not catching a Pokemon; plus, this number, like throwing curveballs, adds up in the grand scheme of things.

Only Invest In Training The Best Pokemon Found In The Game

And one final thing any expert player in Pokemon GO can do is only spend their time, efforts and resources investing in only the best Pokemon found in all of the game. If you're going to be spending all this time and PokeCoins saving up of Stardust and Candies and investing in Lucky Eggs and Incubators, respectively, there is really no point in not training a Pokemon that isn't considered as one of the best.

Most Pokemon are considered exceptional in Pokemon GO if they have a Maximum Combat Level of 2500, but the greatest Pokemon are the ones that reach at least 3000 as their Maximum Combat Level (or close to). At the present time (not including Legendary Pokemon) these include the likes of Snorlax, Blissey, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Gyarados, Rhydon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Donphan and Heracross. These ten Pokemon are the best Non-Legendary Pokemon in GO, and it is these select few that only the best trainers spend time in evolving and training in. As your Trainer Level gets higher and higher, the cost of fully training any Pokemon becomes very, very costly. So it only makes sense to train a handful of Pokemon, and that these Pokemon are among the few listed here.

Well There You Have It
Well there it is, here you have it: Ten Ways Expert Players Play Pokemon GO! If you follow these simple tricks, even you can turn your Pokemon Go game from sloppy to perfection, from lacking to the very best! We thank you for reading this here article, all the more so if you've expressed your thoughts and your own personal tricks in the comments area below!

Until we meet again, Pokemon GO Gamers!

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